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The Background Dancer


"aye CB you better get a sexy ass female dancer, these old ones looking type done" Keeis said walking into the gym where they were holding the audition to be Chris Browns background dancer.
"imma hire who ever is able to keep up with me, weather it's a man or a woman doesn't matter" chris responded.

They stood up and waited for Big Hood to let in the first person. It was a girl. She walked in wearing black vans, gray sweatpants and a black sports bra.

"whats your name?" chris asked her.
"Tash" she said holding her hand on her hips.
"okay tash, i want you to freestyle to one of my songs then imma teach you a quick routine and you'll do that, okay?" Chris asked.
"got it" she said.

Keeis pressed play on the stereo and Bassline began to play. Chris, Big hood, Keeis and 2 of his best female dancers watched as Tash began to dance.

"what you thinking CB?" hood asked as chris watched her closely.
"she got potential, i gotta see how she does on my routine" she answered.

Tash ended her dance and the guys clapped for her. She smiled as she caught her breath.

"you ready? you gotta keep up with me" chris spoke.
"i got it" she said as chris stood in front up her and began to show her the steps. After he finished showing her the steps the music was turned on once more and she performed the routine with ease.

"iight, step through the door on the right and i'll let you know in about an hour" chris said as tash smiled and walked away.

The other door opened again and in walked in another girl wearing Concords, black tights and a white sports bra.

"whats your name?" chris asked.
"Christina" she spoke with a smile.

Chris told Christina the same thing he told Tash and she agreed. Keeis turned on the radio but this time played Turn Up The Music. Christina began to dance and added a more hip hop feel to her dance.

"i like her" keeis said as chris nodded her head.
"yeah she's good" chris said."iight now follow me" chris spoke to Christina. He played on making his routine alot harder for Christina since she was a really good dancer.

"can you doo it first and i'll do it after" she said as chris looked at her like she was crazy.
"you sure?" he asked.
"yeah, i got this" she laughed a little.
"iight" he smiled as he stood in front of her and did his routine as Christina watched him.

"you got that?" he asked when he was done. without an answer she went straight into the dance routine performing it with ease.

"okay, step through that door to the right and i'll get back at you" chris said as christina nodded and walked out.

"what yall think?" chris asked his team.
"she's a keeper" hood said.

"she iight" one of the other background dancer said.
"why you hating Kayla?" keeis asked.
"i dance better then her" kayla spoke.
"you just being bitter" summer spoke.
"whatever" kayla said.

They went though the rest of the girls and guys who were lined up outside and came down to a decision. Everyone who danced for them were now standing in front of them in a line.

"keeis here is gonna tap you on your shoulder, if you get tapped step up" chris spoke as keeis tapped Tash and 3 other people on the shoulder.

"you guys are really good, ut you didn't make it, BUT i do want you guys to stick around as back up for the background dancers" chris spoke."NOW the person who will be filling thethats' shoes for Gui is..." he paused as he walked in front of the line of people like he was a drill Sargent."Chrisina" He said as she jumped up and down and screamed. She ran to tash and they hugged each other.

"i'm sorry" christina said laughing as she calmed herself down.
"yall know each other?" hood asked.
"this is my best friend" christina said.
"thats whats up" chris said."but listen rehearsals start tomorrow at 8am and the back up dancers will be learning it to so be here at EIGHT AM" he said.

(it WILL get interesting as we go along)




They arrived to Chris's <a href="!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/gallery_635/chris-brown.jpg">LA Home</a> after the 20 hour plane ride from South Africa. Chris had his crew bring in their bags as he took Christina inside to show her around.

"chris likes that girl, and just because you're around doesn't mean he's gonna drop her for you" keeis said.
"please, chris like every girl" rihanna said."she's just another karruche" she added in.
"except i doubt christina will let you run her out" keeis said walking into the house.
"we'll see!" rihanna called out.

"this is a nice ass place" Christina said looking around as she followed behind chris who was showing her around.
"you can stay in here" he said pointing into one of the <a href="">rooms</a>

"chris, i'm heading home" rihanna said walking up towards them.
"iight bye" he said.
"i don't get a hug or nothing?" she asked holding out her hands.
"my bad" he said walking over to her and hugging her.
"when will i see you again?" she asked.
"i don't know, we'll see" he told her.
"okay then, bye baby" she said with a smile as she walked away.

"bye baby" christina mimicked.
"be nice" chris said laughing as he pushed her in the room.
"she isn't being nice why i gotta be?" she said joking.
"shut up" he said laughing.

"chris!" keeis called as chris turned around to face him."let me talk to you for a minute" he said.
"iight i'll be there in a minute" chris said as keeis walked way."make yourself at home, my house is your house" chris said before leaving the room.

Chris walked downstairs and found keeis waiting for him in the kitchen.

"wassup?" chris asked.
"rih up to no good?" keeis said.
"man she's just bitter, i'm not worried about her" chris said.
"she said christina is just another karruche, i'm just saying watch her cause she gonna try and run out every chick you tryna be with" keeis said.
"i this, good looks cuz" chris said giving keeis dap.

"now for on some real s***, why you let that girl stay here?" keeis asked with a grin.
"it aint even like that, she needed a place to stay so i gave her one" chris said.
"mmhmm, it's only a matter of time before she's sleeping in your room" keeis said as chris pushed him and started laughing.
"you a fool yo" chris said as Christina walked down the stairs.

(okay this chapter small as hell but sadly i'm having a case of writers block i will have a nice long add for you guys tomorrow or maybe tonight sorry guys)

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She is gonna cause drama
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She a conniving lil bitter sneaky bixch! Ugh I hate tht heaux!
Sorry I've been silent for a while I just got caught up! Chris and Christina a too stinkin cute!

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Sneaky b****!! Smh


Rihanna's annoying and a lil sneaky ass bysch too. She mad cause Chris and Chrstina are cool, and obviously Chris is falling for Christina. Esp. letting her stay with him. Hmph, she knows its just a matter of time before Chris moves on with Christina. And there lil instagram moment was too cute... RUN IT!!!

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The crew spent their last day in South Africa packing up their things and getting ready to go back home until the US tour.

"why can't you stay with me?" tash asked as she sat on her bag to zip in close.
"tash you live right next door to them, if i stay with you i might as well go back to them, and i can't go back to that hell hole" christina said.
"so you're really going to stay with chris?" she asked.
"i don't know" christina said closing her last bag.
"you still don't know? we're leaving in like 5 minutes" tash said.
"i know...i don't wanna feel like a free loader or something" christina said.

"aye we're leaving!" mijo said popping his head in the room.
"we're coming" tash said as she and christina got their bags and headed down to the lobby.

The crew loaded up into the 2 buses waiting outside the lobby. When christina walked inside the 1st bus she saw rihanna sitting next to chris in the front. She smiled and walked towards the back and sat next to lauren.

"she sure does know how to stick around huh?" lauren asked.
"who? rihanna? nobody's worried about her" christina said.

The buses pulled off and they were on their way to the airport where everybody would be going their separate ways. When the buses stopped in front of the airport the crew got out and grabbed their bags.

"you coming to LA or what?" chris asked as he waited for christina to come out the bus.
"i don't know..." she trailed off as she seen rihanna impatiently tapping her foot of to the side."you sure me coming will be okay with her?" christina asked.
"who rih? she doesn't own me" he said grabbing her hand and walking around the airport.

"where are we going?" christina asked.
"my private jet" he said as they began to walked towards his <a href="">plane</a>

They boarded the jet with his OHB crew and rihanna and sat down waiting for the pilot to take off. Chris got comfortable across of the seats and took out his phone and pointed it at christina and took a <a href="">picture</a> putting it on instagram.

<em>@f***yopicture: Caught in the thought process</em>

He laughed to himself as he sent the picture out and 4 seconds later all ready had 2000 likes. Christina looked at him and turnt up her nose.

"whats so funny?" she asked.
"instagram" he said. Christina looked over a rihanna who looked up from her phone to look at her and rolled her eyes before moving to the back of the plane.

Christina took out her phone and opened up her instagram app and scrolled down her TL and then looked up at him.

"ewww i look her hurt, take that down" she said.
"what? thats a nice ass picture" chris said.

"hot mess" mijo said laughing as he looked at him phone.
"see" christina said pointing at mijo.
"he don't know anything" chris defended.
"i agree with christina" rihanna said."that picture isn't pretty at all" she added in as everybody looked at her.

"you really want me to delete it?" chris asked.
"no i change my mind i like it" christina said as she looked back at rihanna.

Everyone got quite again as they scrolled threw their phone. Christina then turned the camera on her phone on and pointed it at chris taking a <a href="">picture</a> and pointed it on her instagrm.

<em>@Golden_Tee: pay back is a b**** @f***yopictures #LAHereWeCome</em>

Her notifications and followers began to go wild once chris liked the picture and commented.

<em>@f***youpicture: i'm fly as f***</em>

"your suck a goofball" christina said laughing at him comment.

"so you live in LA?" rihanna asked randomly.
"no i live in jersey" christina responded.
"so why are you going to LA whats there for you?" she asked.

"rih chill" keeis said.
"i'm just asking a question she's grown she can answer" she said.
"i'm having some issues and chris is being kind enough to let me stay with him until i get a place of my own" christina snwered.
"so she's staying with you?" she asked chris.
"yeah, whats the problem Robyn?" he asked sitting up.

"theres no problem" she said sitting back in her seat. Just when they all thought this conversation was over she opened her mouth again.
"so you homeless or something?" she asked.
"rih you tripping, chill out" hood said.
"he's just letting me stay with him until i get back on my feet" christina said.

"you sure you don't mean on your knees" she said low but loud enough for everyone to hear.
"b**** you must have me mistaken for you" christina said getting up as rihanna followed.
"who you calling a b**** hoe" rihanna said.

"hold up, chill out" chris said as he held christina back just as she was about to get in rihanna's face.
"chris you really gonna be on her side? you gonna pull her back?" rihanna asked.

"i don't have time for drama, i don't fight" christina said.
"just relax she just another bitter EX" he said low enough so only christina could hear.

He walked over to rihanna and pulled her to the back of the plane.

"what the f*** is wrong now?" chris asked.
"how are you gonna bring this female in here, she's using you can't you see that?" she asked.
"what? i'm letting her stay with me nobody is using anybody" he said.
"we'll see first it's gonna be you house then your money" she said.
"she's not even like that" he defended.
"you like her don't you?" she asked as he stood silent"i know you do, and it hurts me chris" rihanna said getting choked up.

"we are not together, you need to except the fact that sooner or later imma be on to the next one" he said.
"next time don't bring her around me and expected me to be okay with watching the one i love, love somebody else" she said with a single tear dropping from her eye.
"i'm sorry" he said looking her in her eyes.
"it's my fault, i'm sorry" she said pulling him in for a hug.

Rihanna looked towards christina as she hugged him, smiled and winked at christina before letting him go.

Ikr!!! Like Chris better bit tell rihanna that Christina bout to be living with him. That's just gonna cause drama because RiRi gonna want to be round chris even more hen he gone fall back in love with her & kick poor Christina to the curb.

Laws can the boy breathe?! She needs to calm tf down and whether him and Christina are having sex is really none of her concern

Ehhh Rih needs to get tht s*** outta here. Why you jealous and you a ex?!?!b**** you titled EX for a reason!!! Anyway, tht lap dance though>>>>> Christina was trynna put it on him!!! Lol. I think she should move in with Chris but I think we should know more about why she cant stay with tash or any other friends (if she has more). And I think Chris should try to help her find her brother while she's staying with him. We're only on chapter 12 but ik we got a lot more ahead of us and I'm soooooo ready. Run it.

This heffa Ri-Ri kills me, aint nobody got time for that jealous s***, she trippin. Chrstina and Chris aint smashed.... YET lol.But still Ri yall good friends not together yet. And damn that was nice of Chris to offer his home to Christina yeah he wants her lol. But still he knows she doesnt need to be with her foster parents so hes being a gentlemen. I think it was the dance that made him say yes so quick lol. Loved the add RUN IT!!!

*Barbadoas accent* Smh rihanna fall back Hun obviously he wants some of dat Christina love. So you can just eat her c**kiness & her persuasion XD. As for Christina girl stop trynna convince yourself, we all know you want to be with Chris.

Run it

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Aw hell I hope he doesn't try to get back with rih and I feel bad for Christina smh
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christina should def move n wit chris...y not?

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South Africa was where the crew was now. It was the last stop of the Carpe Diem tour over seas. Chris was out doing his sound check as the rest of the dancers were in the dance studio practicing the routines for that night. After 2 and half hours all the dancers left expect Christina. She walked over to her bag and pulled out 2 small speakers for her phone. She hooked her phone up to them and began to play one of her dancing playlist.

"yall ready for the last show tonight?" chris asked the dancers.
"hell yeah, i'm not tryna see you until the US tour" kayla said to him.
"somebody aint about to ge paid" chris said.
"yeah iight don't play with my money" she said as they walked away.
"hold you, tash where christina?" chris asked.
"she's still dancing, she dances alot when she's stressed" tash said walking away with the rest of the group.

Christina watched herself in the large wall mirror as she danced to the music. She began to dance to Beyonce's Dance For You as the door opened and in walked Chris. She stopped as she watched him threw the mirror.

"don't stop cause of me continue" she said as he leaded up against the wall and watched her as she continued to dance. She looked a him again and thought of and idea. She slid a chair into the middle of the room and motioned for him to come with her finger.

"Me?" chris pointed at himself with a stupid facial expression as if he wasn't the only other person in the room. He walked over to the chair and Christina pushed him down in it. She began to dance in front of him, winding her hips slowly to the music. She stared at the way her body moved and watched her every move. She straddled his lap facing him as she grinded on him. She felt him rise underneath her so she got up.

He watched her as she bent over, dropped down the the floor and came up slowly between him legs. the song ended with christina on back on his lap.

"damn is it my birthday?" he asked as she got up.
"stupid" she said laughing.
"can you do that again?" he asked with a smile.
"you wish" she said.
"tash said you dance alot when you're stressed, whats up?" he asked pulling her back on his lap.
"it's my foster parents" she said.
"what happened?" he asked.

"i don't wanna stress you with my problems" she said trying to get up but he held in place.
"you help me with my issues it's only right i return the favor" he said.
"they were.." she began to speak."..abusive in so many ways towards me up until the day i left to tour with you" she said putting her head in her hands.
"are you serious?" he asked."why did you leave?" he asked.
"i had nowhere to go, i had no family or money" she said."i really don't wanna go there" she added.

"then don't" he said
"i really don't have a choice, tonight the last night of the tour, tomorrow imma be forced to go back home" she said.
"stay with me" he blurted out as she looked at him like he was crazy."just until you get on your feet" he added in
"i don't know, they would literally kill me" she said standing up.
"who gives a f*** about them, your a grown ass women" he said standing up as well.
"i'll think about it" she said."we should go get ready it's almost show time" she said packing up her things and walking out the dance studio with chris.

The show that night in South Africa went well. The crowd showed mad love to chris and he ended up singing one more song for them. After the show everyone hung out back stage for a little as chris met with his fans for their Meet and Greets.

"Christopher!" he heard is name being called and knew exactly who it was.
"here come the bajan drama queen" temika said.
"who?" christina asked as <a href="">she</a>

"wassup rih" chris said hugging her.
"you killed it tonight boo" she said hugging him tightly.
"thanks, what are you doing out here?" he asked.
"just thought i'd surprise you" she said."surprised?" she asked.
"very" he said with an awkward laugh.

Christina watched how chris and rihanna interacted with each other.

"you smoke, i think you smoke lets go" tyree said pulling christina out the room and out towards the back of the venue.
"why are we out here?" christina asked.
"tryna get you out that awkward situation, we know you like him" lauren said.
"why dose every one keep saying that we're just friends" christina said.
"who are you trying to convince us or yourself?" kayla asked.

"look i don't feel awkward at all like i said before chris is my boss and my friend thats it" she said as as she walked back inside.

"oh she's new" rihanna said as christina walked in.
"yeah this is one of my new dancers, all so one of the best" he said smiling at christina.
"ahem" rihanna cleared her throat trying to get his attention back."can you guys give me and chris a moment" she asked everyone in the room.

"you f***ing her?" rihanna asked once everyone left out the room.
"what? no!" he said.
"then why were you smiling like you seen her naked or something?" she asked.
"look, what i do is none of your concern anymore rih, we are friends, iight?" he asked.
"okay" she said wrapping her arms around his waist."you know i'm the jeaous type tho" she added in.
"yeah i know" he said.

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