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The Background Dancer


"aye CB you better get a sexy ass female dancer, these old ones looking type done" Keeis said walking into the gym where they were holding the audition to be Chris Browns background dancer.
"imma hire who ever is able to keep up with me, weather it's a man or a woman doesn't matter" chris responded.

They stood up and waited for Big Hood to let in the first person. It was a girl. She walked in wearing black vans, gray sweatpants and a black sports bra.

"whats your name?" chris asked her.
"Tash" she said holding her hand on her hips.
"okay tash, i want you to freestyle to one of my songs then imma teach you a quick routine and you'll do that, okay?" Chris asked.
"got it" she said.

Keeis pressed play on the stereo and Bassline began to play. Chris, Big hood, Keeis and 2 of his best female dancers watched as Tash began to dance.

"what you thinking CB?" hood asked as chris watched her closely.
"she got potential, i gotta see how she does on my routine" she answered.

Tash ended her dance and the guys clapped for her. She smiled as she caught her breath.

"you ready? you gotta keep up with me" chris spoke.
"i got it" she said as chris stood in front up her and began to show her the steps. After he finished showing her the steps the music was turned on once more and she performed the routine with ease.

"iight, step through the door on the right and i'll let you know in about an hour" chris said as tash smiled and walked away.

The other door opened again and in walked in another girl wearing Concords, black tights and a white sports bra.

"whats your name?" chris asked.
"Christina" she spoke with a smile.

Chris told Christina the same thing he told Tash and she agreed. Keeis turned on the radio but this time played Turn Up The Music. Christina began to dance and added a more hip hop feel to her dance.

"i like her" keeis said as chris nodded her head.
"yeah she's good" chris said."iight now follow me" chris spoke to Christina. He played on making his routine alot harder for Christina since she was a really good dancer.

"can you doo it first and i'll do it after" she said as chris looked at her like she was crazy.
"you sure?" he asked.
"yeah, i got this" she laughed a little.
"iight" he smiled as he stood in front of her and did his routine as Christina watched him.

"you got that?" he asked when he was done. without an answer she went straight into the dance routine performing it with ease.

"okay, step through that door to the right and i'll get back at you" chris said as christina nodded and walked out.

"what yall think?" chris asked his team.
"she's a keeper" hood said.

"she iight" one of the other background dancer said.
"why you hating Kayla?" keeis asked.
"i dance better then her" kayla spoke.
"you just being bitter" summer spoke.
"whatever" kayla said.

They went though the rest of the girls and guys who were lined up outside and came down to a decision. Everyone who danced for them were now standing in front of them in a line.

"keeis here is gonna tap you on your shoulder, if you get tapped step up" chris spoke as keeis tapped Tash and 3 other people on the shoulder.

"you guys are really good, ut you didn't make it, BUT i do want you guys to stick around as back up for the background dancers" chris spoke."NOW the person who will be filling thethats' shoes for Gui is..." he paused as he walked in front of the line of people like he was a drill Sargent."Chrisina" He said as she jumped up and down and screamed. She ran to tash and they hugged each other.

"i'm sorry" christina said laughing as she calmed herself down.
"yall know each other?" hood asked.
"this is my best friend" christina said.
"thats whats up" chris said."but listen rehearsals start tomorrow at 8am and the back up dancers will be learning it to so be here at EIGHT AM" he said.

(it WILL get interesting as we go along)


Dylan Gonzalez

she needs to stop tryin to fight it n just be with him!
run It

Christina needs to quit stuntin, she know she wants Chris too, friendship my ass. she just scared, time to man up and get at him. Least Chris boldly admitted Christina is what he wants real talk.... And lmao at her sying she can spot a chick that's DTF. So jersey shore lmao.Jasmine Sanders is a good choice for Christina. RUN IT.

Chris is bout it but Christina act like she don't wanna get in her feelings. We all know she want him so she need to stop frontin!!!! But I aint gone knock her hustle though cause relationships usually do last longer if you take the time to build a friendship first. And I like how she went over to homegirl on some straight g s***. My dog a thug!!! Lol. Oh anddddd..... I feel like Chris knows Christina aint ready for the relationship but he's gonna be patient and wait for her. Tht is all.... run it:)))

i like so run it please an thanks....


Run it!!!

Lmao she really is the perfect wing man....but I'mma need her to stop frontin....she know she want chris

Christina super cool, but I wish she would just face facts that she wants to be more than friends...FYI keep Jasmine Sanders as Christina she fits perfectly

Run it

She need to quit flexing. She know she wanna be more than friends...

Run it!


It was their last night in Dubai and the guys were going to he club. The girls wanted to stay in and chill, all except Christina.

"it's gonna be just the guys, you sure you can hang?" hood asked.
"i know i can hang" <a href="">Christina</a> said as she sat in the lobby with Keeis, Hood and Mijo.
"question is will you c**k block?" keeis asked.
"i could be the perfect wing woman, i can spot a chick that's DTF from a mile away" she said.

"DTF? as in down to f***?" mijo asked laughing.
"yeah" she answered.
"to much Jersey Shore for you" he said as they all laughed.
"whatever" she said rolling her eyes and laughing.

"yall ready?" <a href="">Chris</a> asked as he walked up to the crew.
"yeah lets roll" mijo said as everyone got up and walked out the lobby. They loaded up inside the 2 black escalades with tinted windows and pulled off.

When pulled up to the hotel Pat got out the car and opened the door for chris. Chris turned and helped christina out the car as they walked past all the paparazzi. They go to their reserved spot in the club and began to pop open the bottles immediately.

"red head on the left, DTF, her friend not so much" christina said as she looked over railing in their vip section.
"how you know?" keeis asked.
"look at the way she's dancing, she came here specifically for that reason" she told him."watch how a wing woman does it" christina said walking out of VIP and towards the girl.

She was feeling the liquor in her system which gave her the courage to walk over to this girl, otherwise she would have been sitting in the back somewhere to herself.

"what is she doing?" chris asked walking up to keeis and watching christina walked towards the girl.
"watch" keeis said.

"Hey whats your name?" christina asked the red head.
"tammy" she said.
"my friend Keeis thinks your pretty fine, he's up their in VIP wanna come?" she asked.
"sure" tammy said with a smile as christina grabbed her hand and lead her to Keeis.

"whats your type?" christina asked chris as she sat down next to him.
"none of these girls are my type" he told her.
"you don't have your eye on anybody in here?" she asked.
"i do, but she not out in that crowd of people" he said looking at her.
"lets dance" she said drinking the rest of her put and grabbing his hand as his song Bassline came on.

"i think you drank enough" he said in her ear.
"don't worry about me i'm fine" she said smiling and dancing to the music.

"that girl over there has been staring at you for the past ten minuets" christina said as they both looked over that the girl.
"eh, she's not my type" he said.
"then what is. i'm tyna help you out" she said laughing.
"you wanna know my type?" he asked.
"yeah, thats what i said" she said.
"look in the mirror" he said as she stopped dancing and just looked at him.
"you know this is just a friendship right?" she asked him.
"yeah i know, just turn around and dance" he said making her turned and dance on him.

(Short chapter but more in a few hours)
I used Jasmine Sanders as christina
but if any of you think another girl would fit better
let me know.

Run it!!!

I'm happy Chris have Christina there for him

run it!!!!

Awww. Im glad Christina is growing on him. Hopefully she'll help him to communicate on how he feels ab this "soft spot" tht everybody cant seem to let go. I'm glad they're building a friendship before they get into anything serious. Run it.


Run It!!!

Run it

cute i think they oth need each other to make their lives a lil bit better its cute..

run it!!!!

awww run it

Aww I do feel for Chris anytime he tries to be remotly happy, there's always that one person or in his case persons that wanna discuss the past. He cant do anything without someone mentioning the incident. That was three years ago, they need to move on. Im glad Chrstina went and talked to him, he needed that talk. It was cute he asked her where was she two years ago aww. And he wrapped his arms around her waist and hugged onto. This could be the start to a beautiful friendship/relationship. RUN IT!!!

run it


Christina and Chris switched spots in the car and he drove them back to the hotel.

"blonde really does look nice on you" Christina said randomly.
"yeah? same to you" he said looking over at her quickly.
"it complements your skin tone" she added in as he laughed."whats so funny?" she asked.
"nothing" he said shaking his head.
"tell me" he said.
"you're awkwardness is cute" he said.
"my awkwardness?" she asked.

"you act different around me then you do with everybody else" he said.
"i do?" she asked.
"it's like your scared or nervous to be around me" he said.
"to be honest...i'am nervous around you i mean your chris brown" she said.
"and your christina Mendoza we're both human" he said.
"your right" she agreed."maybe it's just because i used to be just another one of your fans and now i work with you" she said.

"how big of a fan?" he asked with a smirk.
"lets not go there" she said.
"no, i wanna know" he said.
"i've been talking about me this whole time, when am i gonna hear about your life?" she asked.
"depending on how big of a fan you are you most likely know everything" he said laughing.

"i'm serous" she laughed.
"i'll tell you anything you wanna know, as long as you tell me anything i wanna know" he said.
"deal" she said already thinking of some questions to ask.
"so how big of a fan were you?" he asked.
"embarrassingly big" she said.
"was there posters on your walls and the whole 9?" he asked.

"yeah, especially in my dorm room, i'm roommate used to hate me because i played Graffiti all the time" she said laughing.
"you liked graffiti like that?" he asked.
"loved it" she said.
"were you one of those fans who knew s*** like my height, weight, birthday, practically my whole ID, by heart because those fan kinda scare me" he asked laughing as christina gave him a serious look."you were weren't you?" he asked as she started to smile.

"i sure do know how to pick the crazy one" he said joking.
"i said not crazy" she laughed as she pinched his arm.
"imma let everybody know if i come up miss to look for you" he laughed.
"stop it!" she laughed."keep messing with me you really are gonna come up missing" she said pinching him again.

They got back to the hotel and drove around back so pat could take the car and park it some where safe.

"uh can we keep the kiss between us?" christina asked before they walked into the hotel.
"i got you" chris said.

They walked into the lobby of the hotel seeing the crew was still hanging there and drew was still on ustream with aaron and timor.

"do yall not have else better to do?" christina asked joking.
"do you have SOMEONE to do?" kayla asked.
"well obviously you don't, you drying then the dubai desert" chris joked as everyone laughed.

They sat with the crew and cracked jokes on each other the whole time. Christina and chris both exchanged smiles as they made eye contact with each other multiply time. Chris got up and over to where crew and aaron were ustreaming to say hi to the people.

"damn the chat going fast as hell now" aaron said.

"chris when are you coming back to US?" drew read.
"i'll be there by January, hopefully" chis answered.
"why did you bea...never mind" aaron said as he stopped reading one the questions.
"yo every time a nigga tryna do good, mother f***ers gotta shove s*** in they face, yall kill me with that s***" chris said into the camera before walking away and going up stairs.

"iight yall this ustream is over, we'll be back tomorrow, maybe" drew said as he turned off the ustream.
"haters gon hate" aaron said as he sat down on the couches with the rest of the crew. Christina watched as chris got in the elevator and made his way up.

"it's sad that people can't see he good he's doing instead they want to keep bring old s*** up over and over again" mijo said.
"somebody needs to go talk to him" tash said.
"naw he just shuts everybody when stuff like this happens, he doesn't talk to anybody about his issues" drew said as Christina got up and walked towards the elevator.

"where are you going?" tyree asked.
"to talk to him, somebody has to at least try" she answered.

When she got up stairs she walked to chris's door and knocked on it slightly. She waited patently for him to opened the door and when he did his facial expression told her everything she wanted to know. He wasn't angry or upset his gave off sadness. She walked into his room and he closed and locked the door behind her.

"are you okay?" she asked.
"i'm just tried of it, the constant bashing of my name" he said sitting down on one of the chairs in his room.
"people are always going to have something to say whether your doing good or bad" Christina said going behind him and giving him a shoulder massage."you just have to get use to it and i know it sounds harder then it seems but it's true" she said.

"it just sucks that i can never have a good day, i can never just keep a smile on my face for one full day" he said."or when i do suddenly i'm not remorseful" he said.
"people don't know the real you, they don't know Christopher all they know is what see and all see is what the media put out and we both know the media is bulls***" Christina said.

"your right" he said agreeing."where were you 2 years ago, i need more people like you around me" he said.
"analyze your circle eliminate the unnecessary" Christina said."you know you said that?" she asked.
"who?" he asked.
"you" she told him.

"seriously why couldn't you have come around sooner" he asked as he pulled her in front of him and putting his head on her stomach as he hugged her.

(Short chapter but more tomorrow)

o she wnt chris

Yay run it!!

Aware RunIt!!

Eeeeeeeeekkk!! Yessss!!! She stopped fronting

run it run it

AWWWWW Chris is so sweet. And lol at everybody teasing them of course. Thing 1 and Thing 2 comical.
That was so sweet of Chris to teach Christina to drive. His expensive ass lambo at that. And she did good. Aww. They told one another there feelings. Chris like her and she likes him. AWww. That kiss was epic. Esp. Chris admitting it first, it was cute. RUN IT!!!

awww teamDoubleChris! Chris was cute im glad he was the one to teach her how to drive
thats sad! she hasnt seen her brother since thats horrible :/
i have a feeling chris is going to find him for her
run it