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The Background Dancer


"aye CB you better get a sexy ass female dancer, these old ones looking type done" Keeis said walking into the gym where they were holding the audition to be Chris Browns background dancer.
"imma hire who ever is able to keep up with me, weather it's a man or a woman doesn't matter" chris responded.

They stood up and waited for Big Hood to let in the first person. It was a girl. She walked in wearing black vans, gray sweatpants and a black sports bra.

"whats your name?" chris asked her.
"Tash" she said holding her hand on her hips.
"okay tash, i want you to freestyle to one of my songs then imma teach you a quick routine and you'll do that, okay?" Chris asked.
"got it" she said.

Keeis pressed play on the stereo and Bassline began to play. Chris, Big hood, Keeis and 2 of his best female dancers watched as Tash began to dance.

"what you thinking CB?" hood asked as chris watched her closely.
"she got potential, i gotta see how she does on my routine" she answered.

Tash ended her dance and the guys clapped for her. She smiled as she caught her breath.

"you ready? you gotta keep up with me" chris spoke.
"i got it" she said as chris stood in front up her and began to show her the steps. After he finished showing her the steps the music was turned on once more and she performed the routine with ease.

"iight, step through the door on the right and i'll let you know in about an hour" chris said as tash smiled and walked away.

The other door opened again and in walked in another girl wearing Concords, black tights and a white sports bra.

"whats your name?" chris asked.
"Christina" she spoke with a smile.

Chris told Christina the same thing he told Tash and she agreed. Keeis turned on the radio but this time played Turn Up The Music. Christina began to dance and added a more hip hop feel to her dance.

"i like her" keeis said as chris nodded her head.
"yeah she's good" chris said."iight now follow me" chris spoke to Christina. He played on making his routine alot harder for Christina since she was a really good dancer.

"can you doo it first and i'll do it after" she said as chris looked at her like she was crazy.
"you sure?" he asked.
"yeah, i got this" she laughed a little.
"iight" he smiled as he stood in front of her and did his routine as Christina watched him.

"you got that?" he asked when he was done. without an answer she went straight into the dance routine performing it with ease.

"okay, step through that door to the right and i'll get back at you" chris said as christina nodded and walked out.

"what yall think?" chris asked his team.
"she's a keeper" hood said.

"she iight" one of the other background dancer said.
"why you hating Kayla?" keeis asked.
"i dance better then her" kayla spoke.
"you just being bitter" summer spoke.
"whatever" kayla said.

They went though the rest of the girls and guys who were lined up outside and came down to a decision. Everyone who danced for them were now standing in front of them in a line.

"keeis here is gonna tap you on your shoulder, if you get tapped step up" chris spoke as keeis tapped Tash and 3 other people on the shoulder.

"you guys are really good, ut you didn't make it, BUT i do want you guys to stick around as back up for the background dancers" chris spoke."NOW the person who will be filling thethats' shoes for Gui is..." he paused as he walked in front of the line of people like he was a drill Sargent."Chrisina" He said as she jumped up and down and screamed. She ran to tash and they hugged each other.

"i'm sorry" christina said laughing as she calmed herself down.
"yall know each other?" hood asked.
"this is my best friend" christina said.
"thats whats up" chris said."but listen rehearsals start tomorrow at 8am and the back up dancers will be learning it to so be here at EIGHT AM" he said.

(it WILL get interesting as we go along)


Run It!!

Awww they're so cuuutttteeee. I'm the same way when it comes to cars. I get soooo nervous when I get behind the wheel. I wonder if they gone make it official after this intimate kiss.... :))) run it!!!

aww run it..!!

Run it!!!!

lol, they're adorable! RUN IT!


glad she finally stopped beating around the bush .


They watched the rest of the movie in silence. It wasn't an awkward silence, it was more of an enjoying each others company silence.

"lets go somewhere" chris said as the movie went off.
"like where?" she asked.
"i don't know, lets drive around until we figure it out, i don't wanna be stuck in this hotel all day" he said getting up off the bed.
"me nether, i'm down" she get getting off the bed. They walked out his room and towards the elevator until christina stopped.
"whats?" he asked.

"my hair, if they see this i definitely won't hear the end off it" she said.
"it looks nice" she said.
"no, it's not that they keep joking about US.." she said."can i just go get a hoodie" she asked.
"come on i'm sure they won't say anything" he said grabbing her had and going inside the elevator.

She pulled her hand away from his before the elevator door opened again, and as soon as they stepped out all eyes were on them.

"mmhm" temika said.
"this one and thing two where yall going?" mijo asked.
"out" christina said.
"yall are to cute, why don't yall make it offical?" kayla asked?
"why don't you shut up" chris joked as they walked pass them.
"i'll shut up when yall stop playing around" she said before they walked out.

"they know they like each other" tyree said.
"it won't be long before they smash" lauren said.
"uh hun you didn't have to go there" kayla said."it aint all about sex" she added in.
"the hell it aint" lauren and tyree both said.

Pat pulled chris's <a href="">Lambo</a> to the front and got out leaving the door open for chris. Chris and christina got in the car and closed the doors, ready to pull off.

"damn this is nice" christina said looking around the car as they pulled off.
"you wanna drive it?" he asked.
"i wish!" she said."but i can't drive" she added in.
"at all?" he asked.
"at all" she said.
"well we gonna have to change that, imma teach you" he said.
"yeahhhh i might end up hitting a wall or maybe even a person and we don't want that" she said.

"then i know exactly where to go" he said."you don't mind a 20 minute drive do you?" he asked.
"no, where are we going?" she asked.
"you'll see" he said.

After a 20 minute drive the heavy populated city turned into less and less buildings and more and more sand.

"A Desert?" she asked as chris stopped in the long 2 way road.
"yuup you can't crash into anything out here" he said."switch come on" he said getting out the car.
"you sure you wanna teach me in your lambo tho?" she asked getting out the car.
"yeah, if you can drive this, you can drive anything" he said as they walked to opposite sides of the car and got back in.

Chris taught her everything from how to start the car to how to drive the car in a straight like.

"55 is the most common speed limit so try to keep it around there" chris said as Christina looked quickly at the Speed o-meter.
"i'm doing it! look!" she said excitedly.
"now break" chris said as she pressed on the break slowly came to a stop.

She leaned back in her seat and stared out the dashboard window with a smile on her face.

"this is the first time in a while that Ive been able to actually have fun on my birthday" she said."thank you" she added in.
"don't thank me, thank yourself for allowing yourself to have fun" he said.
"it's just every year i seclude myself from everyone and blame myself for everything" she said.
"sometimes it's better to let things go, and do whats best for you, trust me i know" he said.

"i've been through lot, these you just can't forget" she said looking him.
"i understand" he said."can i ask you a question?" he asked.
"yeah sure" she said.
"what happened after..that night?" he asked.
"me and my older brother we're split up" she said."i went with this Italian family and i haven't seen him since then" she added in.
"how old was he?" he asked.
"12" she answered.

"was the family you went to a good family?" he asked.
"" she said with an awkward chuckle."but i don't wanna go there" she said.
"do you still talk to them?" he asked.
"not since i became your background dancer" she said.
"can i ask you something else?" he asked.
"yeah" she said.
"this is going to sound cheesy but i like you" he said as christina looked at him wide eyed.

"w..what?" she asked.
"i don't really know what to say women usually come to me" he said with a small laugh."i just want you to know i like you" he said again.
"i like you to" she whispered.
"what?" he asked.
"i don't know, i think i like you too" she said.

"then can i try something" he asked.
"what?" she asked as he turned her face towards his and kissed her. He pulled away after a few seconds and looked at her.
"do that again" Christina said lowly as chris smiled and moved back in to kiss her again.



awwwwwwwww run it

Poor chrisyina. I can't imagine that feeling. I hope Chris really helps her get through this. She needs somebody to be a good comforter for her even though it happend years ago. I want to know more about Christina's back ground too. Who did she live with after the crash??? What was her life like??? Vivid description of the crash and events leading up to the crash. Stuff like tht. Run it:)))

Awwww, they're bonding how sweet. And she even dyed her hair, bet or no bet I wasnt gone dye my hair. That shows she kinda listens to him. Aww so that explains why she doesnt like her b'day. Her parents died when she was 8 and she blames her self. Im glad Chris was there to console her and tell her it wasnt his fault. And she didnt move him away from her when he had his arms around her comforting her. And Tash and Mijo, hmm get it lol. RUN IT!!!

run it

Awww....that was too cute.....and she went blonde for him she know she gone hear about that from the crew.

Aww I'm glad she finally told him!!
Run it!

i liked it run it girl!!


"yo we about to ustream in the lobby" drew said as he and Aaron went to go chill in the lobby with the rest of the crew.

"i'm tired of being in here lets go downstairs" christina said.
"iight lets go" tash said as she and christina made their way down to the lobby.

ONce they got down there Tash walked over to Mijo who was smiling at her from the other side of the room. Christina smiled as she rolled her eyes and went to go sit with lauren and tyree.

"jelous much" lauren said.
"what?" christina asked.
"you girl getting play and you beating around the bush with chris" tyree said.
"chris is my boss, nothing more nothing less" christina said.
"thats not what it looked like last night, it was all in your face." keeis said butting in.

"i was drunk" she defended.
"drunk man never lies" he said as they all laughed.
"yall would be a cute couple to be honest" temika said.
"okay, i'm so done with this conversation" christina said laughing as she got up.
"ohhhh look she blushing" tyree said laughing as christina walked away flipping her off.

She walked to where drew and aaron were ustreaming to be nosy and pop in.

"how many views yall got?" she asked.
"356..57..58" aaron went on before christina cut him off.
"we get it" she said laughing.
"aye yall this is christina, she's one of the dancers" drew introduced."oh and she was on the chair last night" he added in as she waved.

"they wanna know your twitter, tell them your twitter" aaron said.
"Christina underscore Marie" she said."follow me" she added in before walking away from them.

She decided to head back up to her room but stopped midway when she seen chris's room door open. Curiosity took over her as she took it apon herself to walk in.

"how come you aren't with the.." she stopped short when she seen chris in the bathroom with two boxes of hair dye on the sink."what are you doing?" she asked him.
"going blonde what it look like?" he said."since you here you should help me" he said.
"youre gonna go bald one day" she said as he handed her the dye to mix.

"i'll cross that bring when i get to it" he said.
"why do you do this yourself, when theres a place called a salon" he said.
"salon are for girls" he said as she laughed."thats gay" he added in.
"you dyeing your hair with this is a little suspect as well" she said looking at the box of hair dye.
"you got jokes, okay" he said nodding his head with a smile.

"just s*** down, and shut up" she said as he pulled a chair into the bathroom and sat on it. She began to spread the dye all over his hair, and then waited until it was time to wash it out.

"you should go blonde with me" he suggested.
"uh, how about no" she said washing her hands."i did that once, never again" she said.
"rock paper scissors" he said holding out his hand.
"iight" she smiled as they played and he won."wait best 2 outta three" she said as they played again, and he won again.

"you really gonna make me go blonde?" she asked.
"yuup" he said.
"i hate you so much" she said."put your head in the sink" she said as he did and she rinsed his hair off and dried it.
"blondstopher!" she said stepping back and looking at him.
"what?" he asked laughing.
"it what your fans call you when you go blonde, you really need to pay more attention to them" she said.
"i do, i love my fans" he said."hold up, dont try and change the subject, its your turn" he said pulling her down to the chair.

After putting the hair dye in waiting 20 minutes and washing it out both chris and christina were blonde.

"how i look?" christina asked looking in the mirror.
"beautiful" chris said as christina looked at him through the mirror and smiled.
"thanks" she said Turing around to face him."what now, i'm bored?" she asked.
"its your birthday...what you wanna do?" he asked seeing her change in expression at the word 'birthday'.

They walked out the bathroom and chris sat on the bed and turned on the TV.

"you wanna chill here, and watch a movie?" he asked.
"uh yeah i guess so" she said still standing up.
"then sit down, relax" he said laughing.

She walked over to the other side of the bed and sat down. She watched chris as he looked through the movies this hotel offered.

"you wanna watch How High?" he asked.
"i never seen it" she said.
"you never seen how high!?" he asked like it was the end of the world.
"no i haven't" she said laughing."you need to calm down" she added in as he played the movie.

They both leaned back against the head boared and began to watch the movie in silence.

"what is it about your birthday that upsets you?" chris asked really wanting to know about the mystery surrounding her birthday.
"it's a long sorry" she said.
"i got all day" he said as she looked at him.
"why do you wanna know?" she asked.
"i wanna know more about you" he said."and i wanna know why every time somebody mentions your bithday you wince like you just been pinched" he said.

"if i tell you, you have to promise not to tell anybody" she said.
"i promise" he said looking at her.
"it's my parent" she said."they died in a car crash on my 8th birthday" she spoke.
"i'm sorry for your lose" he said.
"all because i wanted to go to six flags on a rainy day" she added in."if i hadn't forced them they would still be here" she said getting chocked up.

"it's not your fault and i'm sure they wouldn't want you thinking that" he said."their in a better place now" he added in as he watched one tear escape from her eye.
"i'm sorry, this is way i don't talk about it" she said wiping her eyes.
"it's okay to cry" he said wrapping his arm around her shoulder and he leaned her head on his shoulder.

Chris consoled her and watched the rest of the movie with his arm still wrapped around her and her head still on his shoulder.


run it..

okay so they strting to get into their feeling or atleast chris really is

now she no she wanted that kiss lol run it

Lol RUN IT!!!

run it!

Damn Christina got it in for her bday. A little too much lol, drunk off her ass. I'm glad Chris didnt take advantage of her aside from the kiss lol. I wanna know what those nightmares are about? What happend to her parents? And Tash and Mijo, say whatttt.

I reaaaallllyyyyy wanna know what's up with Christina and her parents. I feel like it'll bring her and Chris closer together. And I'm glad he cleared up the fact tht he wasn't trying to take advantage of her. Run it:)))

Aww did her parents die on her birthday and Chris is feeling her ooo run it

run it

Aw snap
Run it!!!!


"what was that?" Tash asked walking up behind Chris."I hope you werent trying to take advantage of her?" she added in.
"defiantly not I just wanted to show her a good time" he said.
"i'm just letting you now her birthday isn't usually a good day for her" tash said.
"what? why?" he asked.
"it's not my story to tell, just take care of her" tash said.
"i got her" he said handing tash his drink and walking off towards the way christina ran.

He found her outside sitting on the sidewalk with her head leaned back on the wall of the club.

"is she with you?" one of the bouncers asked Chris.
"yeah" he answered.
"you should take her home or wherever ever, shes far beyond drunk, she's not allowed back in tonight" he said.
"alright, i got her, thanks" Chris said as he walked over to Christina and helped her up.

"I wanna go back in" Christina slurred.
"not tonight, you need to go to bed" Chris said walking to the end of the block and motioning for his guard to get the car.

When they got back to the hotel chris took her to her room and sat her on the bed.

"you want water or something?" Chris asked.
"nope" Christina said shaking her head.
"well get some sleep if you need anything I'll be down the hall" Chris said about to walk back out but was stopped by Christina.

"wait! Stay with me" she said walking over to him and grabbing his arm.
"naw not with you like this" he said turning to look at her.
"I'm fine" she slurred."i don't wanna be alone tonight" she said.
"iight" she sighed giving in."when you fall asleep i'm leaving" he told her.
"okay" she agree with a smile and she kicked of her heels and climbed on her bed.

Chris kicked off his sneakers and sat on the bed with his back up against the bed frame. Christina leaned her head on him and she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep. A few minutes later chris heard light snores coming from christina and took it as his queue to leave. But before he got a chance to move christina jumped up with a loud gasp.

"you okay?" chris said putting his hand on her shoulder.
"oh my god!" she yelled jumping off the bed forgetting he was there and being scared my his voice and touch.
"it's just me" he said.
"i'm fine, i'm sorry" she said rubbing her hand over her face and into her hair."i need you to go" she said clearly sobered up.

As chris stood up he noticed something in christina's eyes, Tears.

"you sure you're okay?" he asked.
"yeah i'm good, please just..go" she said with a crack in her voice. She opened her room door for him and watched him walk out before closing it behind him.

She laid back on her bed and took out a phone looking at a picture of her parents.

"Miss you guys" she said.

--The Next Morning--

Christina woke on her Birthday morning to her door opening and closing. Looked up to see tash sneaking past her her bed.

"where were you?" christina asked sitting up.
"what?" tash asked.
"you heard me" christina said with a smirk.
"i...i was in Mijo's room" she whispered.
"WHAT!?" christina asked yelling."you litte hoe" chris said laughing.
"shut up, what happen to you last night?" tash asked.
"i don't even know all i remember was waking up from a nightmare last night and chris being here" she said.
"did yall..?" she asked

"no, at least i don't think so i didn't ask, i just told him to go i had the that dream again" she told tash.
"again? you see to see a psychiatrist or something tina this isn't healthy" tash said.
"i'm fine" christina assured her.
"okay" tash said."you know yall kissed last night" she said changing the subject.
"who?" christina asked.
"you and chris" tash said as christina gasped.
"no we didn't!" she said in disbelief.
"uh yeah you did" tash aid as christina threw the covers off of her and got up.

"where are you going?" tash asked.
"to go ask him what happened" she said tieing her hair up in a bun and walking out the room.

She walked down to chris's room and knocked on the door and waited but the door never got opened. SHe knocked again harder then time but still no answer. She put her hand on the door knob and turned it to see the door was open. She walked in quietly and saw him <a href="">sleeping</a>.

She stared at him for a moment before clearing her throat to wake him him up. He stretched and rubbed his eyes before he realized who was standing in front of him.

"oh damn, wassup?" he asked sitting up.
"what happened last night?" she asked."did know?" she asked.
"no, i brought you back to your room to sleep you were beyond done last night" he said as she felt a little at ease.
"did we kiss?" she asked.
"..yeah at the club" he said.
"did you kiss me? or did i kiss you?" she asked.
"i kissed you" he said.
"wh...why would you do that? was it because i was drunk and i was a easy target for your mind games" she said.

"it's not even like that, you wanted me to kiss you just as bad as i did" he said.
"whatever" she said feeling herself soften up."what else happened?" she asked.
"thats it, i took you back to your room, you asked my to stay so i did, then i guess you had a nightmare and you told me to go, thats it" he said.

"yeah, sorry about that" she said.
"it's cool, you okay tho you seemed pretty shaking up" he asked.
"i'm fine, i kinda don't wanna talk about it" she said.
"okay, i won't press it" he said."Happy Birthday" he said with a smile.
"don't remind me" she said.
"can i get another kiss" he joked as her stood up with his lips poked out.
"good bye christopher" she said laughing as she ran out his room.

That performance was NICE! He done got her drunk smh