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The Background Dancer


"aye CB you better get a sexy ass female dancer, these old ones looking type done" Keeis said walking into the gym where they were holding the audition to be Chris Browns background dancer.
"imma hire who ever is able to keep up with me, weather it's a man or a woman doesn't matter" chris responded.

They stood up and waited for Big Hood to let in the first person. It was a girl. She walked in wearing black vans, gray sweatpants and a black sports bra.

"whats your name?" chris asked her.
"Tash" she said holding her hand on her hips.
"okay tash, i want you to freestyle to one of my songs then imma teach you a quick routine and you'll do that, okay?" Chris asked.
"got it" she said.

Keeis pressed play on the stereo and Bassline began to play. Chris, Big hood, Keeis and 2 of his best female dancers watched as Tash began to dance.

"what you thinking CB?" hood asked as chris watched her closely.
"she got potential, i gotta see how she does on my routine" she answered.

Tash ended her dance and the guys clapped for her. She smiled as she caught her breath.

"you ready? you gotta keep up with me" chris spoke.
"i got it" she said as chris stood in front up her and began to show her the steps. After he finished showing her the steps the music was turned on once more and she performed the routine with ease.

"iight, step through the door on the right and i'll let you know in about an hour" chris said as tash smiled and walked away.

The other door opened again and in walked in another girl wearing Concords, black tights and a white sports bra.

"whats your name?" chris asked.
"Christina" she spoke with a smile.

Chris told Christina the same thing he told Tash and she agreed. Keeis turned on the radio but this time played Turn Up The Music. Christina began to dance and added a more hip hop feel to her dance.

"i like her" keeis said as chris nodded her head.
"yeah she's good" chris said."iight now follow me" chris spoke to Christina. He played on making his routine alot harder for Christina since she was a really good dancer.

"can you doo it first and i'll do it after" she said as chris looked at her like she was crazy.
"you sure?" he asked.
"yeah, i got this" she laughed a little.
"iight" he smiled as he stood in front of her and did his routine as Christina watched him.

"you got that?" he asked when he was done. without an answer she went straight into the dance routine performing it with ease.

"okay, step through that door to the right and i'll get back at you" chris said as christina nodded and walked out.

"what yall think?" chris asked his team.
"she's a keeper" hood said.

"she iight" one of the other background dancer said.
"why you hating Kayla?" keeis asked.
"i dance better then her" kayla spoke.
"you just being bitter" summer spoke.
"whatever" kayla said.

They went though the rest of the girls and guys who were lined up outside and came down to a decision. Everyone who danced for them were now standing in front of them in a line.

"keeis here is gonna tap you on your shoulder, if you get tapped step up" chris spoke as keeis tapped Tash and 3 other people on the shoulder.

"you guys are really good, ut you didn't make it, BUT i do want you guys to stick around as back up for the background dancers" chris spoke."NOW the person who will be filling thethats' shoes for Gui is..." he paused as he walked in front of the line of people like he was a drill Sargent."Chrisina" He said as she jumped up and down and screamed. She ran to tash and they hugged each other.

"i'm sorry" christina said laughing as she calmed herself down.
"yall know each other?" hood asked.
"this is my best friend" christina said.
"thats whats up" chris said."but listen rehearsals start tomorrow at 8am and the back up dancers will be learning it to so be here at EIGHT AM" he said.

(it WILL get interesting as we go along)


run it

Uh oh lol


Uh oh lol


I kinda feel like he was taking advantage of her:/ like he was trynna see if he could get it in if she had a few drinks in her system..... I hope this situation clears up in the next add. Still loved it though <3 run itttt:)))

i liked it....

run it girl!!..

Well damn Chris knows how to show a girl a good time for they bday. But damn yo, I thinbk Christina had too much to drink. Homegirls done got sick on a brotha. Can you say embarrasing....


After the show the crew went back to their hotel to get ready for the after part at cabali night club. Christina was in her room that she shared with tash pulling out clothes to wear. She was in nothing but a towel as she debated or not if she should even go.

”stop think and just have fun" tash said laying across her bed already ready.
"you know I don't celebrate my birthday" Christina reminded her.
"I know but we're in dubai! I'm sure they would want you to have fun" Tash said sitting up.

Christina thought about what tash said and a few moments later there was a knock at the door.

"get that, I'm not decent" Christina Said as tash signed as she got up and opened the door.
"Christina in here?" Chris asked.
"yeah" tash Said pushing the door open wider.
"uh hello I Said I wasn't dressed" Christina told Tash.

"I just wanted to see if you were still coming tonight?" he said walking in.

"imma be in the lobby" tash said smiling as she walked out the room.

"this is new to me, I never been to a club before, I don't even drink" she admitted.
"damn really?" he asked as she nodded her head yes. "well theres a first for everything" he said looking her up and down.
"okay okay it's time for you to go, If you want me to go I need to get dressed" Christina said pushing out the door.
"meet the crew in the lobby" he told he.
"okay" she said closing the the door.

Christina lotioned up her body, got dressed and let her hair fall straight down her back. She looked in the mirror as she put on her red lip stick on and smiled at herself. She grabbed her bag and walked out her room and and went down to the lobby were the rest of the crew was.

"damn can I holla" hood said laughing.
”nigga you know that's Chris's property" mijo Said.
"I am nobody's property, I am not an item" Christina said.
"okay ms Christina, lets go get turnt up" keeps said as the they walked outside the hotel.

Everyone hopped in the two escalsdes that were waiting for them outside. The driver pulled of and headed towards the club.

"wheres chris?" christina asked.
"why you wanna know?" mijo asked.
"dont go there, im just asking" she said.
"if you must know he's already at the club" keeis answered.

the crew pulled up, got out the cars and walked into the packed club.

"we going up there" hood said pointing two the VIP section up on the balcony.

They made their way up to the VIP section and the guys began to pop open the bottles.

"you look nice tonight" christina heard chris say behind her as she turned to face him.
"thanks, you don't look to bad yourself" christina said smiling.
"you want a drink?" chris aasked.
"i don't drink" she said.
"not even 1/ just to lossen up a little" he said putting his hands on her shoulders and shaking her a little.
"only 1" she agreed with a smile.

"got anything in mind?" he asked.
"surprise me" ahe said as he smiled and nodded before walking away.

"yall feeling each othwe" lauren said more as a statment.
"what makes you say that?' christina asked.
"the way yall looking at each outher, it all in the face" she answered.
"he's just cool" christina said."he's my boss, nothing more" she added in.

Bandz A Make Her Dance started to blast through the speakers and everyone in the club went crazy. Everyone started dancing and Christina was looking over the balcony winding her hips a little. She felt a body get close up to her and then a drink was in front of her.

"here you go" chris said handing her a drink.
"what is it?" she asked.
"classic Patron and Coke" he said as christina hesitated to drink it.
"don't be a baby" he said in her ear, his bodt still close to her. She took a sip of her drink, the patron burning on the way down.
"that burns" she said
"that means its working" chris said.

After drinking the first cup and another after that Christina got used to the way the liqor felt going down and sipped on a few more.

"christina turnt up" mijo told chris as they both turn around to see christina and tash dancing on each other.

"patron will do it to you" chris said laughing."what time is it?" he aasked.
"2:43am" mijo said looking at his watch.
"hold my drink, i'll be back" chris said handing his drink to mijo.

Chris walked up to christina wrapped his arms around her waist and got her away from the group.

"happy birthday" he said with his arms still wrapped around her.
"thank you" she said smiling.
"i got a gift for you" chris said.
"you didn't have t..." he kissed her on the lips cutting her off. He pulled away looking at her trying to read the expression on her face but it was blank.

"you okay?" he asked her but she didn't answer.
"i don't feel well" christina said running off with her hand on her mouth.

(blah chapter, i'm at my sisters house i'll give you guys more tomarrow)

run it

Chris has her ass hoooooottttt!!!! Lol. It wouldn't let me watch the routine though:/ I wonder what's gonna happen at the club for Christina's birthday??? Hmmmmm. Cant wait. Run it:)))

run it

run it..!!

Well damn Chris that was too cute how they got her on stage and Chris did take you down with her, holding on a lil longer then he should lol. Yeah he know he want Christina bad... Im glad the girls told him it was Christinas bday, now Chris is gone show her a good time, hoefully ending in his hotel room lol. RUN IT!!!

Yeah that was umm...that was maddd aggressive...Christina wanted the DDDDDDDDDDDDD lmao!

Run it!!



The 'Carpe Diem' tour had already started over seas. They performed in places like Berlin and Paris just to name a few. The dancers were practicing as chris was out on stage doing a sound check with his fans.

"have you gotten used to doing that end routine to 2012?" kayla asked.
"you would think so but i still get nerviou when he's climbing up those steps" christina said.
"sounds like a crush to me" tash said.
"no, shut up" christina said pushing her a little.
"i wish i was doing that part, i'm not even gonna lie" temika said.
"you are to aggressive" lauren said laughing.
"true" temika said laughing.

"guess who's birthday is tomarrow!" tash said putting her arm around christina's shoulder as chris and his crew walked in.
"tomorrow's your birthday?" tyree asked.
"who's birthday tomarrow?" chris asked.
"christina's" tash said as christina shot her a look.
"you wasn't going to tell us? we turn up on birthdays" chris spoke.
"i don't really celebrate my birthday" christina said
"why not?" keeis asked.
"long story" christina said.
"well at least come out with us to the after party" chris insisted.

Christina planned on saying no but the smile chris had on his face made another word come out her mouth.

"alright" she gave in making him smile even wider.
"iight cool now lets get ready for the show tonight" chris said as everyone went on their way to get ready.

"DUBAI!!" chris yelled as he appeared on stage. The crowd screamed back and he got them hype for the show. "yall ready to have some fun?" he asked as the crowd screamed."leggo!" he said as his DJ, Drew began to play Look At Me Now.

After performing a few more songs the lets went off and he got ready for his famous Wet The Bed/Take You Down lap dance routine.

"KEEIS!" chris yelled out."go get christina" he added.
"you sure, Pat got this fine ass chick ou..." chris cut him off.
"nah, go get christina, tell her i said happy birthday" chris said as he ran back out on stage before the the music to Wet The BEd started playing and the lights came back on.

Back stage The rest of the dancers and crew watched the performance on the monitor.

"christina! come with me" keeis said as he walked in the room.
"what? why?" she asked.
"just come on" he said grabbing her arm and leading her to the side of the stage."you going on the chair" keeis said with a smirk.
"wait what? no" christina said as to guys came to escort her to the chair.
"Chris said happy birthday" keeis told her before the guys to her to sit in the chair.

ONce she was seated the song changed to Take You Down and chris looked at her as he sang seeing she was giving him the only death stare. He smiled and continued to sing. Christina watched as he gyrated, humped the floor and ripped off his. She seen these videos on youtube she knew what was coming next.

"I wanna take you down baby nice and slow so bring it lets go baby" he said right before straddling christina lap. He gyrated on her lap and he kissed and licked on her neck. SHe threw back her head and closed her eyes and she could hear him laugh in her ear.

"i wanna take you down, i really wanna take you down" he sang still grinding on her lap. He stood on her longer then he was supposed to but nether one of them cared.

When the song was down he helped her up of the chair and hugged her tightly.

"everybody say happy birthday to Christina!" he said into the mic as the whole crowd said happy birthday to her. He kissed christina on the cheek and set her off back stage to get ready for her set.

"i am going to kill you" she said to keeis when she rushed passed him,
"it was his idea not mine" he defended.

She got in her costume for the set and climbed her way up to the top of the stage set where she needed to be for her part. The music began to play and chris began to sing. Christina danced on the top of the set looking down at chris dancing one by one with the other female dancers. She walked towards the top of the steps and waited for chris as he climbed up. Once he got to the top she grabbed him and they did their end <a href="">routine</a> to 2012.

Her heart was still racing from the lap dance and this dance didn't help it at all. Once she got back stage she took off the hat she was wearing and sat on one of the couches before getting ready for another performance.

"were you angry or something?" mijo asked.
"what?" christina asked.
"you were mad aggressive" he added.
"she probably sexually frustrated" tash said laughing in the back.
"I am not...sexually frustrated" she said getting quieter."he made the routine not me" she said.
"i'm just saying it looked like you wanted it" mijo said saying.
"yall a bunch of fools i swear" christina said laughing as she got up to go get ready for the next song.

Yaaayyy!!! Run it:)))

I haven't really been knowing what to do with this story
But I will try to give you guys a update ASAP
Thanks for the love.


is this story gonna be ran because i just cant wait to see the next part!!

run it please yhu cant stop yet yhu just started this

Damn I just seen this story and I really like it!!! I don't think they should get together just yet. I feel like something should happen with her and one of the other dancers and she quits so it wont be mixing business with pleasure when her and Chris get together:))) run it.

run it!!

run it

She know she want that nigga

Ruuuuunnnnn ittttt

run this please!
i like it so far


I dont know why they both fronting tho!

Run it!

Christina trying to frunt like she don't like Chris when she know she want that man. Run it!!!!!

Yeah Chris is feelin Christina. Its showing so obviously. Christinas a bad ass dancer tho. Christina know she felt that spark too lol. RUN IT!!!

Run It.....I'm Really Feeling This