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the cbw auction - closed w/ note -

next auction is cancelled til further

- there will be 2 mystery men and a prize
with every person you win

and that's if yall still wanna play


draya and lola are sold!

i want draya sexy ass to clap her ass on me lol

oooh snapz a milli for Draya! there's 3 minutes on the clock can we get higher?!

15 tho for lola! 4 minutes on the clock for any more bids?!

lmao @dany

15,000 for lola

1 million for draya

@dany how gone go lower than the bidding price for Kae lol SOLD

3,000 for Kae.

sawee keria maybe next time boo ;)

alright the females are up for auction please read the top for rules


eh summer i changed my mind midnight is too far away i might do this again in a few days tho so you'll have another chance

Hold Up it's not midnight and I still have 7.5 million for Tremaine burning a hole in my pocket plus breatfast in bed with a pedi!?

give kirk to lexi i got 5 on it lol

She really is something else *shudders*

Aw yay! Lemme get my camera so I can record them together cause knowing him he aint gon be around for a while.

chris is SOLD to dany lol

nobody for kirko...alright then the females will be put up for auction in about 3 minutes if yall still wanna play lol

Lmao Dany.... Smh. She look like something. She was an ex porn star.

And Awwww Soso let Dany win lol.

Why black Chyna's mom look like a crackhead?

Oh and Can he just be sold to me. I just want him to spend time with his son.




aughhh bree...i make the rules along the way lol

chris is still up for 18.5 trillion

we got 5 million on trey! That's enough for me, SOLD to Miss Kitty

*sips out of my pimp cup*
5 million
*kisses pinky ring*
and breakfast

*Kae voice* Bye baby


lol our friendship is over

Hell nah Soso! You should've made rules! I was gonna sell him to these bum ass b****es lol.

18.5 trillion for Chris.

bree that's a real nice price for my pockets but you can't buy 2 niggas lol

Like I said.... 25 trillion and the rest of the money in the world for Christopher Maurice Brown the singer lol

b**** you stick to tyga the f*** are you doing? now i have to fight to b****es UGH lol


25 trillion dollars and the rest of the money in the entire world for Chris.