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Young Love

hi my name is <a href="">Renee Bryant</a> and all my life i've always done what my parents expect me to. i got striaght As in school, sung in the choir at church, played the violin at school, and i was on the student council. but now that im 16 i think its time i start doing what i wanna do. im going to be in the 10th grade this year and im going to enjoy my last three years of high school with my friends. i know what you might be thinking 'this lil ass girl needs an ass whooping for talking like she grown,' but what ya'll dont realize is that i dont give a fuxk.! lol. but fareal i need to take my life back before its too late.!

~Chapter 1~
first day of school:
i thought i was the shyt walking up in West High School on the first day of school. i wore my black and white Aero shirt with my Aero skinny jeans fitting me oh so right and my black heels. i had my hair down.with a wet and wavy look and to top it all off i wore my platinum 'spoiled' chain. as i walked through the halls i was greeted by all my associates and people i didnt even know. i walked into homeroom and immediately saw my bestie <a href="">kia</a> and ran to her.
"hey boo how was your summer." she asked as we embraced.
"girl it was like i was in jail.! my dad kept me on lock down practicing and making music. now i know how the jackson5 felt." we laughed and sat down and continue sharing stories about our summer.
as the bell rang i looked up by the door and this sexy caramel brother walked in. our eyes locked in on each other and it was magical. right then i knew i had to have him for myself. he came and sat down next to me and kia and when he smile showing a perfect set of pearly whites i was turned on even more.
"hi what's your name?" Kia asked breaking me from my daze.
"my name is <a href="">Tremaine</a> ." he responded with a voice so smooth.
"nice to meet you. my name is kia and this is my girl renee."
"hi." was all i could get out.
"hi." he responded with a smile.
i can already see this is about to be an interesting year and i cant wait.!
Run it or Dump it.??? Its an old story im bringing back but with a twist