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Webs of Deception.|| A Charm Original (Must Read)

<em> You ever sit and wonder about the things that happen around you. Things you are aware of and that your not. Ever wonder whats lurking behind that corner. Ever think about the deceptive reasoning for some peoples actions that causes even more deceitful reactions.? Well I Do. </em>

<a href=”> I </a> sat in my window as I watched my childhood friend pack up to leave. I couldn’t help but let the tears that began to form fall. <a href=”> He</a> looked up at my window and motioned for me to come down. As bad as I didn’t want to say goodbye, I didn’t want him to leave without one.

“You do know that I’m only leaving for the summer, and I’ll be back in no time.” Jeremy said. “Yeah right, once you go there, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to come back to the D” I said pouting and rolling my eyes.

“Stop pouting Charming, you know I can’t leave my bestie in the city too long by herself.” He said as he smiled and hugged me. I couldn’t believe he was leaving. Leaving me in this cold ass little world of mine alone. He wasn’t my only friend but he was my closest. He was the one that helped me, guided me, and took my pain away. Now he was leaving me to. How was I supposed to stop it now? How could I manage for a whole summer? I didn’t know how I was going to make it without Jay,.

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imma need jay to sit his happy ass down
cuz clearly she is over him so move on.!!!
what happened in renee's past that she
wants to forget.???

this baby run was a no no boo lol
run it.!!!

"Well I don't think that it's a bad thing though." I said.

"So what you going to do baby?" Terrance said as he sat his ber down and pulled me onto his lap.

"Nothing, I'm going to let my friend be happy." I wrapped my arms around his neck and planted soft kisses on his lips. His grip tightened and my body leaned in forward closer to him. He started kissing me. I loved how he was making my body feel. He kissed me from my neck to my lips. h put his hand around my neck and I pushed him away. I didn't like it. It took me back to a place that I never wanted to be again. A place that I wanted to forget.


"Rome I am sitting here getting fatter and depressed and all the f*** you do id think about yourself. You cost me my friends and you don't even give a f*** about that." I was so sick of his s***. He act like he got shot in the f***ing face or some s***. He was treating me like his f***ing maid. When it should be the other way around. I can't take this s*** no more.

Jay need to get his shxt together If that is your friend be happy that she's happy! If anything goes wrong be there to catch when she falls! Ughhhhh!

Run It Sug!

*taps foot* we bout to have some problems if you doing run this soon

Smoochess *skips off* :)

"Jay how am I supposed to convince her of anything. She's happy with Kimmi why can't you just be happy for her.?" I was getting sick of his damn crying. I was about to hang up on his ass.

"Ree you know how I feel about Cee man." he said

"I don't actually, Jay you have a WHOLE new girlfriend, like what is the real issue." He was irking me. I was about to just hang up on him but I heard his b**** and he said he would call me back. I didn't understand Jay he literally had years to get with Cee and make something of it and he didn't so why the hell should I help him now. Especially when she is happy. I was wrapped in their madness I didn't even realize Terrance come sit down next to me.

"What was all that about" he asked me opening his beer.

"That was Jay, trying to get me to talk to Cee. I like Kimmi and I don't think that I should." I looked at him and he took a sip of his beer and nodded his head to agree with me.

"Yeah, Kim and Cee are nice together but It's nothing like doing the right thing and being with a man." I looked at him and smushed my face up.

"What you mean 'The Right Thing' whatever makes her happy is the right thing. Just because it isn't what the bible say's doesn't mean it's the wrong thing.

"To each it's own opinion baby, I'm just saying mine.

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run it!


Jay is confused but I dont think he should be calling bulls*** on anybody relationship. If it is your friend you would be happy regardless of who they are you with.

Pluss Kimmie seems like good people.

I hope to see you adding more .. Runnn it :)

goooddd comment..

question , how can she have the balls to shoot someone but yet she can't deal with her past so she cuts . mind blows the fck outta me . maybe kimmi is just what she needed ? not every girl needs a man , maybe it took her to realize how she was attracted to girls ? shelly was mad wrong . & still is . & jay is just jealous . because the girl he claimed to love since he was 12 was falling for a girl . but he messed with her friend ( drunk or not ) . the trust isn't there anymore after he put her on blast .

'Hi Baby' I said as I just smiled. <a href="">She</a> was everything I thought I needed. She made me feel a ease. She was absolutely gorgeous.

'Bae, BAE, snap out of it. Why you staring at me like that.' she asked as she led me to the couch to sit down.

'I was just thinking about you, I just don't know how I could thank you for being here for me and not judging me.' I said reaching for the remote. She grabbed my arm and looked me in my eyes. She moved closer to me and leaned in. Her kisses tasted like sugar and her tongue melted in my mouth. I grabbed a handful of her hair and tried to make my tongue go as far down her throat as possible. The candles she had flickering around the living room were bouncing off of her skin. I was in heaven. I leaned back to look at her and I smiled and Slowly raised her arms to pull her shirt over her head. The light hit her breast. em. that made my pussy pulsate. She was turning me on. She reached over and traced my nipples through the cami I had on. They instantly stood at attention for her. I was burning for her. She pulled my cami over my head and lightly kissed my lips, to my cheeks, chin, neck. emm. followed my her tracing circles with her tongue down my neck to y breast over my nipples. LORD what was she doing to me. She spread my legs with her knees and slid down so she could start tracing her tongue down my stomach. She was teasing me, and I was loving every bit of it. felt her tongue find my clitoris and when she sucked my s*** in her mouth for the first time. The feeling I felt was unexplainable. She was handling my s*** and I had planned on doing handling hers as well. I moaned over and over pulling her head deeper into my pussy as she licked ans sucked my pussy like she never would again. "Baby c'mere" I said. I wanted her. She took off her shorts turned her ass towards me and slammed her face back in my pussy as she slowly sat her fat ass pussy on my face. I grabbed her waist and slowly stared sucking on her opening. emm f***. She was so good. Her pussy taste like honey and watermelons. I was in a bliss I never wanted to leave. She started darting her tongue in and out of my pussy with her finger and I was going crazy. I started flicking my tongue over her pearl as fast as it could go. She started going crazy, It was turning me on. We made love to each other and before I knew it she collapsed on top of me and my juices where flowing down her chin. Yes it was safe to say I was in love for the first time for real and it was with this WOMAN. My life was taking a turn and I was Liking it.

'Damn baby, you sure you haven't ate pussy before' she joked.

'I'm pretty much sure. God that was the s***. I didn't think It would be like that.' I smiled finally feeling at peace.

'Why, cuz Im a girl. s*** i'm better than half of these niggas out here. Believe that.' she said kissing my forhead. I smiled cuz I knew she was right and Im glad I had this one.

'So, I don't think Jeremy really likes me that much.' I looked at her.

'Why, what makes you say that.?"

'I over heard him talking to Ree about how he thinks this is bulls*** , but he has a b****. So I don't see why he tripping anyway. Have yall ever had anything? '

"We never had anything, but this friendship. I cant say virginity s***, I was robbed of that.' I put my head down at a few of the thoughts that ran threw my head about past. They still made my stomach turn, but I was starting to be able to handle my cutting alot more. I did it a lot less than what I was. Guess I had Kimmi to thank for that.

Awwww, I like this story!

(Sorry yall ima skip a few weeks, kinda lost this story so yeah.)

*Three weeks Later*

Its been 3 weeks since Cee has been out of the hospital. She woke up after 3 days to Kimmi right by her side. Her mom brung flowers and let it be known that she wouldn't be in town for a while. Kimmi told her the story about everything that her mom had told them about everything.

"Babee,you okay?" Kimmi yelled from the living room. I was getting out the shower putting my clothes on.

"Yess baby, I'm okay. I'll be down in a minute." I yelled back. I couldn't believe that I was falling for this girl. She hasn't left me since I got out the hospital , only to go to work and then I was always sleep by that time and she was always there when I woke up. She made me feel as if I was the only one in her world. I loved it. Her and Ree where also becoming very close. Ree liked the fact that she was actually genuine and accepted me flaws and all. I spoken to Jay and we talked he expressed his feelings but I only felt for him now as only a friend. My best friend. He also has some new chic now anyways. It always amazes me when someone expressing there feelings then a week later they are with some one. Foolery. Shelly also came by when I got out the hospital. We talked she told us she was pregnant and that she didnt want to raise her child alone. We made up but i still dont like that fact that she chose a nigga who tried to kill her people over it all. Shelly is my girl but things with us will never be the same. I walked out the room and down the stairs and seen Kimmi singing and dancing round to Adorn. I walked up behind her and hugged her tight. She turned around and lightly kissed me.

"Well hello, gorgeous." she said as she smiled and kissed me back.

(BRB my baby is huungry)

Aww cee you gotta pull through honey.!!!
Jay plz chill out she dont want you no more
you shoulda seen that by how far she went
to get kimmy back.!

Run it.!!!

... *tears* that is not how it was suppose to go ...

Runnn It

..nO Love or New Readers

I felt a since of relief when I heard Ree’s voice.
“What the f*** is going on.” Ree said walking up pointing the gun at the big bald guy with Terrance right behind her with his own piece. My heart was pounding I was starting to feel really light headed. I wanted so bad to crawl into a closed corner and just relieve myself but I couldn’t. People I loved were standing right here in my defense. Their lives were also on the line right now.

“Can you please just give me Kimmy, she has nothing to do with this. I did what I did because I was a hopeless young girl. Being molested and traded. I did what I could to protect myself.” I said in tears at this point. “I’m sorry that you lost a son, but your son was a monster and so are you.” Before I knew it I felt my finger push the Trigger towards him and I went blank.

*Renee’s P.O.V*
I heard Cee’s shot and I shot. I shot towards the b**** that was standing by the car. Before I knew it the dude and the girl was laid out and my best friend was lying on the ground.

*Jeremy’s P.O.V*
NO, NO, NO this can’t be happening. Was all I was thinking as I heard Cee and Ree fire their guns. I heard a few guns go off but before mine was even popped they were laid out and my best friend was lying on the ground. My heart sank as I leaned down to her, and Kimmy ran over and dropped to the grown with her.

“Omg, baby, baby please tell me your okay. Please” Kimmy cried as she held Cee’s hand. She was shot in her chest. I walked away and called the Ambulance. I told them where we were and what I had just witnessed and they were sending help. I couldn't believe what just happened. This s*** felt like a f***ing movie.

We were in emergency for about 5 hours , I called her mom and she came and was in the room with her. She came out and sat down and looked at us.
“I haven’t gotten a chance to sit down and tell her what the deal was. I’ll tell you guys. Since you all have become involved I feel like you all have a right to no. --- Her father was into a lot of illegal things for a long time. He had this friend which was the guy you guys came in contact with tonight. ‘She stopped and started to get teary eyed. “When Charm was a little girl her dad used to give her to these guys in change for certain things. It was bad and I should’ve stopped him but I couldn’t I wasn’t as strong then as I am now, but this guy he developed an obsession with Cee and a hatred for killing his son. He made it his business to try and stop our cash flow and he almost did. Her dad started f***ing with out of town cats with better quality work and everything and was back on top again. People didn’t like it. He tried to sacrifice her soo many times but I would always make it my business to do what I had to do take whatever beating he would give just so I could keep my little girl. I knew she was doing terrible things and I knew how bad she was hurt but I just couldn’t stop it. He recently well a few months ago got into a shoot out with Mack and a few other dudes and that was the last time I heard from him. He was in New York and I woke up one morning and I seen the news saying my husband was dead and he started coming for us. I didn’t let her know because I didn’t want to scare her but …” She was bent over in tears as we all sat there without mouths open from shock. I didn’t no they was even in that life. I knew about her abuse and all that but I guess as her friend and from her always being at my house I wouldn’t know. Hell she aint even no.

We all sat around waiting, a few detectives came in and asked us what happened, we all told them what we could recall and they told us that they have been trying to locate the Mack dude for a minute now. I guess his s*** finally caught up with him. I couldn’t help but think about Cee and all of the s*** me and her been through over the years. This was my baby my heart and its sad that it has took me this long to see that. I got to make her understand my love for her. --- I looked up at Kimmy who was sitting in a chair with her knees to her chest letting tears just fall from her face. I shook my head because I couldn’t believe this is who she was dating. Man something has to give.

*Renee's P.O.V*
I was so tired and so worried. I couldn’t believe that this was their life and I didn’t even know. I was a rider for my best friend though no doubt. Her mom made me kind of disgusted because I just feel like I would’ve killed for my baby real talk.
“Kimmy” I called out to her. She was sitting in the corner by herself rocking back and forth crying. She looked at me. Her eyes where blood shot red.

“It’s going to be okay, she’s going to be fine I know it.” I said rubbing her back and trying to make myself believe my own words. She didn’t speak back she just shook her head. I looked over at Jay who was in his own world with his head down in his hands. I wanted to get up so bad but last time something like this happened I ended up pregnant. He was my friend first though regardless and I didn’t hate him as much as I hated him .lol. Just as I was about to get up the doctor came out.

“Okay Mrs. Rodgers , Miss. Rodger has suffered a severe concussion and she has slipped into a Acoma it seems as if the bullet grazed a nerve in the brain that has her non responsive. We have to conduct a few more scans and test to determine the correct treatment to give her and how to go about this situation.”

I couldn’t believe it. I seen tears start falling from Ms.Rodgers eyes as the doctor spoke to her. Kimmy fell out in tears and so did Jay. I felt mine fall down my face.

I cut the doctor off, “Can we go in and see her doctor.” I said wiping my face.

“Yes, sure.” I looked at Kimmy and Jay and held out my hands for
them and we started to walk towards her room.

Oh hell..not a baby O.o!! I shoulda kicked his ass while he sleep. Can I atleast pour hot thick grits on his ass Charm?? Pllllleeeeeasaaassseeee!!! I mean damn he still dealing with the ppl who are after you? That's foul. OAN-->Tyrese FINE ASSSSS

Add coming. !


Oh my word.!
Run it.!


Ohhh my heavens !!!

Runnnn it!!!

We got out and started to walk towards the truck. The women c**ked her head to the side and went over to the drivers window and came and stood right back in the back of the truck. The driver side door opened and <a href="">he</a> got out. Once again I felt my heart drop. All of these faces were starting to resurface. I was beginning to put together what was going on. These people were after me. Not my mom. My mom was simply protecting me. This guy I killed his <a href="">son</a> when I was nine. It was a mistake but I dodnt know what more to do to save myself.

<cited>'Bring yo ass back here lil girl.' He yelled. My dad had always brung me to these places and showcased me like I was some piece of meat. Thats what he called me anyway. His little piece of meat. New money he called me. This time it was a new set of guys. One really big bald guy and a really black bald guy. The really black bald guy was supposed to take me to get some ice cream from the basement, but when we got down there. All I was able to see was a bed with chainz guns and knives on and around it. I got scared and felt my heart about to beat out my chest. I couldnt undertstand why my dad always did this to me. The guy looked at me and smiled. I tried to smile back but the fear showed all over my little nine year old face.

'So little Miss Charm, how are you today.' He asked as he started to walk closer and closer to me.

'I-I just wanna go, can I just go. I dont want ice cream anymore.' I said backing up and backing myself into a corner.

'Nah, you cant go until we get , me and that man upstairs get what your daddy promised us. Fresh Meat.' He grabbed me and through me on the bed. I started to yell and he slapped me. I started crying and sceaming for my daddy to help me. My screams went ignored. I felt this man rip my clothes off and force himself in me. I screamed to the top of my lungs and kicked and screamed till I started getting tired. He wouldnt stop no matter how loud i screamed or how much I moved. He was alot bigger than me and I couldnt do anything. I was raching around for something I cud grab. He looked at me and smile as he was pentrating me. I grabbed the first thing I felt which was this butcher knife he had laying on the bed next to me and I swung it. i watched as he dropped to the ground with a knfe stuck in the side of his throat. I got up and darted upstairs out the door past my daddy and his friend and just ran. I ran until I founf myself at Ms.Joyce's door. She opened it and fell to her knees and started to hug me.

'Its going to be okay.</cited>

Everyone that was coming for me now was alla link to my father. He wasnt here anymore and debt after debt he left. I was a target and I wouldnt let it happen. I looked him in his face and he spoke.

'My look at how you have grown, Filled out very nice. might have to pray and thank my boy for that.' I felt tears well up in my eyes.

'What do you want from me? Just give me my friend so we can go. I dont know what my dad owed you or whatever, but I have nothing to do with this. Just let us go and it will be no problems.' I said looking at Jay. He was just standing there watching and listening.

I heard Kimi yell from inside the car and I jumped. 'Just let her go' Jay said.

'Now, you tell me why the f*** would I let her go. This is someone near and dear to you right.... RIGHT'he yelled . I jumped but shaking my head yes.

'Maybe I should take her life , like YOU took my sons.' he said pulling his gun from the waist of his pants. My heart sunk but just as he raised his. Jay raised his. Which caused the lady to raise hers and for me to point mine.

*Shell's P.O.V.*
I didnt know why I chose to sit here and stay with this dumbass. Maybe because he was hopeless but a good guy in the inside and I was also carrying his baby. He didnt know and I wasnt sure if I was going to tell him. I didnt tell the girls for one Ree thought I was wrong for how I blew up with Cee for shooting Rome. I knew I was wrong. It was a heat of the moment thing and I regret it. She's just so stubborn sometimes and me just a bit to prideful. I wanted so bad to tell her what more I knew, but she was be ing stubborn so was I. I had to worry about me and mines now. Had to figure out what I was about to do. as much as I knew she didnt want to speak with me I had to ask one of my girls what to do. I called Ree and she sent me straighrt to voicemail and Cee her's just rung all the way to voicemail. I gotu p and walked out to the living room to find Rome sleep. I gave him his medication and he was out. I never felt so alone in my life. My man was shot, bestfriends dont like me anymore. but s*** f*** it. Who needs em. I been independent and I will stay this way.

I saw Romes phone light up and a text ran across the screen. The girl is here make that call.

*Renee's P.O.V*
So Im soo loving Terrance, he's the guy I have been longing for. He makes me smile laugh everything. It wasnt our first date but I couldnt help but feel like it was the first date everytime we went out. He was making me feel like no one else has ever made me feel. Im a hard body and its not easy to get threw to me. I was enjoying my time when I seen Shelly call me. I wouldve answered but the way she blew up on Cee wasnt even cool. I aint like it and I frankly aint have s*** to say to her after that.

'Baby you okay?' <a href=",0,214,314_.jpg">he</a> asked.

'Oh Im good, just wondering why my loser ass friend just called.' I said he laughed he already knew who I was speaking about.

'Dondo do that because yall dont know her reasonings, maybe its a reason why she still wit em?' he said I didnt care what the reason was. He tried to set up our bestfriend and have killed. That was enough reason to leave his ass not stay with him.' 'Well baby shes ya friend yall shoul stop being so stubborn and hear her out.' he said.

'Why do you even care so much.' I said kind of snappy. Not that I meant to be snappy its just me.

'It seems important to you, and I know she's important to you so that's why it matters. That's like ya fam. She mean more than yall put out and you know it.' he said. I was quiet I knew he was right. Shelly was like fam. Fam didnt do s*** like that though.

We continued our date and we decided to head to Chapel Park to see a little late night movie. Its a park where they have up Screens showing multiple diferent movies. I just loved it. We were riding past when I seen Cee's car, Cee and Jay at gunpoint with 2 others.


*giggles like a little school girl* ohh I can't wait !!

Addd coming... Its allll coming questions will be answered

oh and why is Shelly still with Rome?? he does not need to be loved. betraying his friends for what?? a couple of dollars smh and then Shelly had the nerve to get mad like he wasn't out for her friend and family.

all caught up!!

She just shot dude like that. triple OG s***!! and poor Jay got the s*** beat out of him. I don't get why they let him go and let s*** die down just to kidnap kimmie. either way they would have met up. Pause these are probably different people Charm's dad had beef with.

What does this b**** want tho?? ole salt face ass

run it

Riiiggghhhttt :D

oh naw shell you shuda.left rome ass alone.!
jay being a littlr extra right now.!


run it.!