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Past Lives*Short Tale


<a href="">He</a> sat on the throne looking out in deep thought soon there was a knock upon his door and in walked his two guards."Hatsheput as you've requested"they said as they bowed after walked in a girl no older then 19."leave us"he said never taking his eyes off of her.The guards bowed once again and left."Hatshepsut"he called."Yes brother" she answered."as you know upon father's death i have become the new pharoh"he said."Yes Brother"she said looking down at her feet."look at me when i talk to you"he said with contempt in his tone.She looked up at him right away."as i was saying i have become the new pharoh and i feel its time i took a wife"he said."do you want me to find someone for you"Hatshepsut asked."no there's no need i've already fond someone"he said."who"she asked curious to know who her brother planed to marry so soon."you"he said looking directly into her eyes."Me...but...but"she said flabbergasted."I know what your thinking but we must keep our blood line royal"he said grasping her hands."ye...yes brother"she said now looking down again."from now on call me by my name"he said still holding her hands."yes br..i mean Thutmose"she said.:::END:::<em>

"shay...shay..b****!" <a href="">Danielle</a> said snapping her fingers in her face."huh ...what"<a href="">Shay</a> said coming out of her daze."damn were we boring you"asked <a href="">Toni</a> laughing."no..i'm sorry what we're you guys saying"Shay asked trying to shake off her confusion."had another one of those daydreams huh"ask <a href="">Kayla</a> looking concerned.Shay nodded her head."I'm telling you it has to do with those artifacts you came back and gave us"Danielle said knowingly."you guys still getting them too"Shay asked a little relieved that she wasn't alone.They all nodded."I don't mind mines so much" <a href="">Mialey</a> said flicking off a piece of lint."I wonder why"Toni said laughing.

"hey girls"Shay said dropping her bags outside the airport running up to her friends."omg we missed you sooo much"Kayla said hugging her tight."i missed you guys too i brought you all back something"Shay said smiling widely."well come on get your stuff so we can go get caught up"Danielle said gesturing towards her bags.Shay grabbed her bags and walked over the car and got in."Shooo i can't wait till we get to the house what you get me"Mialey asked."<a href="">This</a>"Shay said pulling it out her bag with a big smile."oh gosh its so pretty"Mialey said taking it."it once belong to cleopatra"Shay said with a smile still plastered on her face."s*** if you got her that what you get me"danielle.Shay handed her gift and hoped she'd like it."what is it"danielle asked smiling a little."it belong to the pharoh Khufu its her you like it"shay asked a little uncertain."i love it"danielle said hugging her."now me"Kayla said bouncing a little in her seat."here you anxious as hoe"Shay said laughing handing her <a href="">gift</a> over "it belonged to Nitrocris"."they're beautiful"Kayla said gleaming.Toni pouted as she held her hands out waiting for her <a href="">gift</a>.Shay laughed and handed hers."that belonged to Nefertiti"shay said."thank you so much:Toni said giving her a hug."and this here is mines"Shay said placing <a href="">it</a> on her head smiling even harder."oh b**** the nerve"toni said waving her away ass they all laughed.:::END:::<em>

"i swear they seemed harmless"shay said shaking her head."well we could always get rid of em"Kayla said bitting her lip."the hell"mialey said screwing up her face."that'll probably make it worse anyways"danielle said rolling her eyes at mialey."so what should we do"asked toni."i say we just wait and see how things turn out"mialey said.everyone thought it over and agreed little did they know that would be the biggest mistake ever.....



<strong>Author's NOte: the next add won't be until halloween but still run it i just want time to finish up my other story before i give this a go :)<strong>


Oh Gosh!!! Can't wait until Halloween for the next add..
Where DID she get these things??
I'm so ready to hear everyone's story of what is happening..


aw hell where the hell shay get these artifacts
from bringing us cursed jewelry and sht

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