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Her Room: Make It Work (Finshed)

This a small teaser

Heater sat in the hospital waiting still in her blood covered white dress. She she paced the floor barefoot anxiously waiting to hear from the doctor. People were staring at her but all she cares.about was knowing jack was okay.

"Heather?" The nurse said.coming out.
"yes, is everything okay in there" she asked.
"at the moment, I'm afraid not, he has slipped into a coma and she have to take him into surgery" she spoke.
"surgery? Why?" Heather asked.
"the bullet is in deep" she said as heather sat down in one of the seats."don't worry Dr James is the best their is" the nurse spoke.
"what's the chances of him not making it?" Heather asked as the nurse stood silent and looked down.


Nice proposal, lmfao! RUN IT!


They walked back into party to join everybody else and hang out for awhile.

"jack you getting all famous and s*** can't hit a nigga up" sean said standing up and giving jack dap.
"i've been busy" jack said."but my number never change, the phone works both ways" jack added in.
"you right, you right" sean said as jack gave mike dap as well.

"wheres crystal?" jack asked.
"asleep in Levis's room" heather said.

Jack sat down on the couch and pulled heather down on his lap and wrapped his arms around her.

"lets toast to the winners of tonight's game" jazzy said sitting on James lap holding up her drink."the GIANTS!" she added in.
"who won 48 to 30!" Keith added in as everybody drank.

"and toast to jazzy being my fiance" james said kissing jazzy on the lips as everyone drank again.
"wait! how come we aint know about this before?" jack asked.
"i wanted to tell everybody at the same time" james said.
"we already knew" alicia said pointing to the girls.
"figures, jazzy can't keep a secret" james said laughing.

They went on laughing and having a good time talking about everything from the game to old times.

"i wanna take you home" jack whispered in heathers ear causing her to smirk."can i take home?" he asked with his voice full of seduction. Heather shook her head yes as she bit down on her bottom. "i missed you...alot" he said pushing himself up so heather could feel his erection threw his pants.

"okay!" heather said loudly jumping up."ummm we need to head home" she said clearing her throat as she looked down at jack who was smiling.
"yeah it's about that time" jack said standing up."go get crystal" he said to heather as heather bit her lip and walked way towards the bed rooms.

"yall nasty" victor said."i was you whispering in her ear" he added in.
"why you so damn nosy?" jack asked laughing."it's been a minute and yall know the deal" he said as heather came out holding crystal in her arms.
"imma see yall another day" jack said as they said bye and left out the house.

"i get to drive the new car?" heather asked as jack took crystal and put her safely in the back.
"yuup, it's yours right" he said as she excitedly walked over to the drivers side and got in. Jack got in the passenger side as she started the car.

"you staying at my house tonight" he said as she pulled off.
"why?" heather asked.
"because it's Christmas and i want you to be with me, if you don't mind" he joked.
"you lucky it's Christmas" she said smiling.

The drove in silence as jack put his hand on heathers thigh and began to rub up and down getting closer and closer to her center.

"if i crash, its your fault" heather said lowly.
"if i could i would stop the car and take ou right now" he said.
"well to bad you're gonna have to wait until you get home" heather said with a smirk.

When they got to Jack's house, jack got Crystal out the back as heather walked into the house and straight up to jacks bedroom and into the master bathroom. She was prepared for this, she stripped down to her red lace bra and panty set and waited for jack to come up.

"heather i..." jack cut himself off as he walked into the room seeing heather standing there with her hands on her hips.
"what were you saying?" heather asked with a smirk.
"nothing" jack said closing the door and pulling his shirt over his head.

He walked up to heather and started kissing her passionately and lustfully.

"you missed me to i see" she said looking at her lace set.
"mmhmm" she said kissing him and biting his lip softly."lay down" she said pointing at the bed and he did what he was told. She unbuckled his pants, pulled them down and threw them to the side. She straddled him and began to kiss from his lips to his neck down to his chest and stomach until she got to the top of his boxers.

Pulling off his boxers she gripped his d*** and wrapped her lips around it causing jack to get out a groan of pleasure. She began to move up and down speeding up the pace gradually until he reached his climax. Heather sat up and looked up at him with a smiled on his face as he sat up and pushed her down on her back.

"your turn" he smirked as he liked his way down her stomach and pulled her underwear off with his teeth. His tongue spread her lips apart and began to lick on her center gripping her legs stopping her from moving away. Loud moans escaped her mouth as she grabbed onto his head. Her legs began to shake uncontrollably as she reached her climax.

He kissed his way back up her body and lifted her up so her could unhook her bra. They were now both fully naked and jack positioned himself in between heathers legs. He placed his head at her entrance and kept int there for a minuted at he kissed her.

"please don't tease me" he moaned as he pushed himself inside her causing her to gasp loudly. She gripped on his back as he began to stoke inside her fasted and harder.
"damn baby i missed you" he moaned in her ear.
"i miss you to, oh f***!" she moaned as he went harder.

"let me get on top, baby" she said as grabbed onto her and rolled over so she was on top. She sat up and began to bounce on his hard making him close his eyes and bit on his lip hard.

He sat up with her still bouncing on him and pulled her hair hard. They both wrapped their arms around each other as they reached their second climax at the same time.

"marry me heather" jack said with his face buried in heathers neck trying to catch his breath.
"okay" heather said catching her breath as well. Jack pulled away and looked her in her eyes.
"forreal?" he asked.
"yes" she said with a smiled as he wrapped is arms back around her and put her on her back.

"god i love you" he said kissing her as she giggled.
"i hate you" she joked.
"oh yeah?" he asked as she nodded her head yes."well see" he said as entered himself back into her and they went for round 2.

I stroll up in here ready to read and the first thing I see is "Jazzy should have beat sam ass" and i'm like ohhhhhhh shiiiiatttt lls

but yeah, Tina it's like you know me lls That's exactly what I would have done and said. I don't have the time for fighting unless you put your hands on me mhmmm *2 snaps* lol

run it

Jazzy should've slapped the s*** out of Sam. But I guess since her son was there. Good thing Sam didn't jump stupid and try some s***.
Run it

why would sam even show up..smh not smart! that was so cute what jack did with the reporter and the whole car thing.. RUN it!!!

Damn jazzy shut Sam's ass DOWN. I hate when b****es try to act like s*** aint happen and everything cool..... uh no b****. Get that s*** outta here. But anyways back to Jack and Heather. Tht shout out was too cute. Jack trynna get in all the brownie points he can lol. I hope they work out this time. Run it:)))


Run It...

run it

Not that this ho ho ho Sam had the nerve to show up and try to apologize and it was a sucky apology at that lol. The girls wasnt having that, Lord Im just glad they aint let Abby kick her ass, that would've been bad... Some of the old homies showinh up Mike and Sean awww. And the fellas won there game Giants baby lol. Jackkkkkk, that was a bad ass Christmas present. A ferrari, go Heather, and yeah Heather aint the type that want him for what he has, she likes him for him. But again a gift of love doesnt hurt anybody lol. Theyre so cute. yEAH ITS time for them to get married. Loved the add. RUN IT!!!

Awwww. I read tonight but I'm sooooo sleepy. I comment in the a.m. with my thoughts. Run it.


Chapter 26

The girls were putting the last minute touches on the Christmas decorations up in Abbys house for the party they were having later on. Crystal and abby's son levi were both putting candy canes on the bottom of the tree.

"guess who's coming" alicia said
"who?" heather asked.
"Samantha" she answered.
"who the f*** invited her?" jazzy asked."no, i don't wanna be around her" she added in.
"apparently she heard about the party and she wants to fix things" abby said rolling her eyes.
"why do i feel like this is gonna be one drama filled night" heather said shaking her head.

They guys had beat Dallas a week ago which meant they had to play the Christmas eve game which started at 8pm. They were in NY playing against the patriots.

"as soon as this game is done i'm heading out, i'm not talking to no reporters" victor said.
"i'm down" jack said as he and vic gave each other dap.

They got geared up as it got closer to game time. Their coach came in and made a pre game speech like he did before every game they were about to play.

The people began to arrive a abbys house and one of the first people to come was Honey.

"yall better have the game one" she said walking into the living by passing everybody.

"well hello to you to" abby said laughing.

Some of Jack and heathers old friends like Mike and Sean came though.

"H MURDER!" sean said hugging heather."long time no see" he added ing.
"i know i been busy" she laughed.
"busy doing what?" sean asked.
"taking care of of my child if you must know" she said.
"child? heather you don't tell us anything anymore do you?" mike asked.
"alot of things have been going on, you wanna meet her?" heather asked.
"of course" sean said.

"Crystal! come here!" heather called out as crystal ran over to her.
"damn she's big, i was think newborn, how old are you?" sean asked crystal.
"three!" she said putting up her fingers.
"me too!" mike said playing.
"no you not, you old" crystal said making them laugh.

"where jack? i hear he doing big things on the football filed" mike said.
"thats exactly were he is, on the football field" heather said pointing to the TV as they went to go watch the game to see jack.

Jack and Victor were on the field playing their heart out trying to win and get the game over with. Victor made touchdown after touch down and jack blocked others from making touchdown and interfering with victor's touch downs.

"wow, jack is niiice" sean said watching the game closely.

"look who's here" alicia said as they both turned to see Sam standing by the door holding her son's hand.

"hey ladies" sam said walking up and hugging both heather and alicia.
"hey" they both said awkwardly.
"oh who's winning?" sam asked seeing the game was on.
"giants" heather said.
"oh yayy" she said.
"i'm gonna go get abby" heather said.
"me too" alicia said as they both walked away.

Heather and alicia found abby and jazzy in the kitchen sipping on their drinks.

"hoe hoe hoe we know" jazzy said as they walked in the kitchen.
"she just came up to us hugging us like were best friends" alicia said.
"i think she's looking for you" heather told jazzy as they looked at sam who ws looking around.
"she aint got s*** to say to me" jazzy said

They guys were now up by 20 points and they knew they had this game in the bag. 2 quarter was done and they were getting ready for the 3rd.

"oh there you are" sam said walking into the kitchen finding the girls.
"what are you doing here" jazzy asked.
"jazzy be nice" abby said lowly nudging jazzy.
"i wanted to make things better, you know like old times" sam said.
"like before i knew you were f***ing my man" jazzy asked.
"well, yeah" sam said."it's not like it was good anyway" sam said.
"abby, heather, alicia one of yall better remove this b**** from the area for she will be leaving on a stretcher" jazzy said.

"look i didn't come to fight" sam said.
"that sucks" jazzy said.
"i just wanted to apologize for..." jazzy cut her off.
"for being a hoe?" jazzy asked.
"for sleeping with your man" she said followed by a silence."well i'm gonna go i can tell i'm not wanted here" she said walking out the kitchen and getting her son.

"merry christmas HOE HOE HOE" jazzy yelled out as sam left.
"JAZZY!" alicia said."you so mean" she added in.
"f*** her" jazzy simply said as they walked out the kitchen and into the living to watch the rest of the game.

BY the end of the game the giants won 48 to 30 they piled up on the middle of the field and celebrated their victory.

"aye jack, lets go" victor said pulling jack aside. They both ran off quckly off the field but Jack was stopped by a reporter.

"how does it feel to win against the patriots knowing they beat you last year?" the reporter asked.
"it feels great but right now i'm trying to get home to my girl and my daughter, Heather i'm coming home to you baby" jake said as he ran off again into the locker room.

"awwwww" everybody in abby's house said as they looked at heather.
"cut it out" heather said blushing."it's not that serious" she added.

30 Minutes later Victor had already arrived and so did the all the other guys except Jack. Heater's phone rang, she looked at the caller ID to see it was jack so she picked up the phone.

"that was cute what you said on national television" heather said walking into the kitchen to try and get away from the noise.
"to much?" she asked laughing.
"no, it was cute" she said smiling.
"you wanna know what else is cute" he said.
"what?" she asked as she heard his phone hang up.
"nope, it was cute
"you know what else is cute?" he asked.
"what?" she asked.
"you" he said.
"where are you?" she asked.
"come outside" he said.
"are you out there?" she asked smiling.

"just come" he said as she hung up the phone and walked outside to see him sitting on top of an all white Ferrari.

"babe!" she said running to him and hugging him."i missed you" she said.
"i missed you to" he said hugging her tightly."merry Christmas" he said hopping off the car and giving her the keys.
"jack, you already gave me a car" she said.
"yeah but that one is old, this one is new" he said putting the keys in her hand."take it, and love it" he added in.

"i love you so much, you don't need to buy these things for me" she told him.
"i wanna buy you nice things because i love you so much and you deserve to be spoiled every once in awhile" he said."you put up with my bulls*** and you take care of my child you deserve it" he said kissing her.

"why haven't i married you already?" heather said laughing at herself.
"i ask the same thing every day" he laughed."lets go inside" he said grabbing her hand and walking back inside abbys house.

Run it

Smh! Run it!

Um no! I disapprove! Heather you need to listen to Tamar and GET CHO LIFE!! Why di you get so defensive when Honey said you love Trell? You should've gave her a hell no and walked away. Lord have mercy.

Run it


no maam! how are u still in love with trell after what he did..heather needs to get it together and she betta not let jack know that she still loves him smh RUN IT!

Aww I Hope Heather Gets Over Trell Cuz Jack Is Really Tryin

Aww I secretly want Jack to like so he can spend Christmas with Crystal and Heather. Honeys goofy but she hit the tail on the nose. Wtf Heather why the hell would she still love Trell that niggas crazy. Jacks trying so hard. She needs to woman up and move forward with Jack.

Ewww. Trell??? Love??? Why??? Thts a big no no. Honey need to stop saying tht s*** cause its gone get heather all in her feelings. I think she loves jack though. They just need some time to get their s*** together. Run it:)))

Uh oh..I didn't see that one coming smh


o hell naw heather need to gt her s*** together ugh smh run it

Chapter 15

After a week of chilling and having fun in Greenbay Jack and the team had to get ready to go to Dallas, Texas. Jack helped heather put her bags in the cab and closed the trunk.

"you'll be home for Christmas right?" Heather asked.
"we'll if we win in Dallas we do have to play that Christmas Night game in Connecticut" jack told her.
"well good luck anyway, i'll be watching" heather said putting a smile on her face.
"you okay?" he asked seeing right though her fake smile.
"i want yall to win, don't get me wrong but i just wish you could be home for Christmas" heather spoke.

"i wish i could be home with you and crystal.." he said looking at crystal you sat patiently in the cab."i really do, but i have to be there for my team as well" he said looking her in her eyes.
"i understand" she said."I Love You" she said reminding him.
"I Love You Too" he said back."get home safe" he said as she got in the back of the cab.

"AND CALL ME WHEN YOU LAND!" he yelled out at the driver pulled off.

"mommy why you crying?" crystal asked.
"i miss daddy already" heather spoke with a small chuckle.

A few hours later Heathers plan landed and she and crystal got in her car she left parking in the Long-Term parking lot. Heather pulled out her phone, called jack and put it on speaker.

"wassup baby!" he picked up excitedly
"i'm on my way home, i'm in the car now" she said.
"hows crystal?" he asked.
"she knocked out in the back" heather said looking at her daughter through the mirror.
"i miss you guys already" jack said.
"awwww" heather giggled.
"okay, okay don't make me seem all soft" he joked.

"did the rest of the girls leave already?" heather asked
"yeah, about a hour ago you guys still planing to throw that Christmas party?" he asked.
"yeah i think so, wish you were gonna be there" heather said.
"me too" jack agreed.
"bae i'm in front of my building i'll call you back later" heather said.
"okay" he said before they both hung up.

Heather got her daughter out the back and planned to get their luggage out the car in the morning. Heather carried crystal up the steps of the building and unlocked her apartment door. She walked in and saw all the lights were on. She laid crystal on the couch and was scared when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

"chill it's just me" Honey said laughing.
"what the hell, i almost had a heart attack" heather said.
"nobody told your ass to be so jumpy anyway" honey laughed.
"never mind that, how did you get in here?" heather asked.
"you gave me a key remember" honey said
"ohh i forgot, i thought your crazy ass picked my lock or something" heather joked.
"chill, but i bet you did forget" honey said."jack probably made you forget a lot by making you bang your head against that head board to many times" honey said laughing.

"you are such a idiot" heather laughed.
"no but foreal, how did it go out there cause you know you don't call a b**** no more" honey said.
"thats a lie i hit your ass up all the time" heather defended.
"never mind that right now, whast up with you and jack? yall back together?" honey asked.
"yeah, we working on it" heather said.
"did you let him hit it?" honey asked.
"you are to damn nosy, i swear" heather said.

"that means yes" honey said."now, was it good?" she asked as heather turned to look at her with a serious face but couldn't hold it.
"it was great" she said plopping on kitchen chair.
"I KNEWWWW ITT!" honey said high fiving heather.
"if you wake up crystal i will kill you" heather said laughing.

"what else happened?" honey asked.
"well he found some pictures of my and trell still in my phone" heather said."then asked why i won't marry him" she added in.
"well? why won't you?" honey asked.
"so much has happened between us i just can't jump into marriage" heather said.
"you jumped into marriage with trell, you barely knew him.."honey said.
"okay, about trell..please" heather said putting her head down.

"please don't tell me what i'm thinking is correct heather" honey said.
"what?" heather asked.
"you still love trell..." honey said.
"what? i do not" heather said.
" do...its written all in your face" honey stated.
"can we just drop this conversation...please?" heather asked.
"okay, okay" honey said putting her hands up."conversation over" she said.

Run it!!!


Aww hell! Jack stop being so damn dramatic, Heather delete the damn pictures. Not so complicated when you don't ask her why won't she marry you.
Run it

aww shyt my bad i meant jack must have got confused with another character -__-
anyways run it

run it

the tweets were kinda funny lol but i can see why jack would be mad about the pics run it!