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Her Room: Make It Work (Finshed)

This a small teaser

Heater sat in the hospital waiting still in her blood covered white dress. She she paced the floor barefoot anxiously waiting to hear from the doctor. People were staring at her but all she cares.about was knowing jack was okay.

"Heather?" The nurse said.coming out.
"yes, is everything okay in there" she asked.
"at the moment, I'm afraid not, he has slipped into a coma and she have to take him into surgery" she spoke.
"surgery? Why?" Heather asked.
"the bullet is in deep" she said as heather sat down in one of the seats."don't worry Dr James is the best their is" the nurse spoke.
"what's the chances of him not making it?" Heather asked as the nurse stood silent and looked down.


LMAO at him tweeting silly stuff on Heathers Twiter.Sounds to me like Jack's a little jealous of the Trell situation. It's just pics, he's with Heather now, she doesn't want Trell. And he has to understand where Heather coming from she's had so many failed and f***ed up relationships, she's not in a rush to marry. She wants to make sure things are 100% good with them before taking such a big step in there lives. Jack knows Heather loves his ass so much, Otherwise she wouldnt even be with him right now. Them pics dont mean ish to her. I hope he chills out and they all can enjoy the rest of the trip together happy.

Damn. I can see where jack is coming from though. Heather knew jack a lot longer than she knew trell and she was getting ready to marry him. And she obviously didn't know trell as well as she though she did. Jack is putting his all into making the relationship work and he feels like heather isn't all in. Thts just my opinion. Run it:)))

aww poor james always tryna rush things thats how he be finding trouble
but he do got a point... she should want to delete those pictures..js
lol at james on her twitter
james needa chill and takes things slow they barely got back together
run this

Awwww. Its usually the other way around about the marriage thing. RunIt!!

Ehhhh, RUN IT!

Chapter 14

-Two Days Later-

Heather and Jack were still at the hotel in green bay waiting for the rest of the girl to arrive with Crystal.

you dumb as hell if you think any chick is boutta control me" victor say as they chilled in the lobby.
"i'll let abby know you said that" heather said laughing as she sat on Jack's lap.
"go ahead i'm not scared of her 5 foot 4 looking ass" he joked.
"you know she got your ass in check" james said
"iight maybe a little, but yall don't know she type crazy" victor said as every one laughed."i'm serious she chased me around the house with a pan in her hand one day" he added in.

"if victor come up missing we know what happened" jack said laughing.
"chill i know how to stay on her good side" victor said.

Heather felt her phone vibrate to see it was a text from jazzy.

Jazzy: Just landed
Heather: see ya'll soon

"bae imma go upstairs and take a shower" heather said getting up.
"okay, want me to come up with you?" he asked.
"no, i'm grown i'm sure i can wash my self" she said.
"i know but it's better when i do it" he said winking.
"we are not having this conversation in front of them" heather giggled as she looked at victor, james and keith to see kidish smiles on their faces.
"you right" he laughing.
"i'll be back" she said before walking away towards the elevators.

"yall some fools man" jack said laughing.
"you a fool 'it's better when i do it'" james said mimicking him.
"don't hate nigga" jack said
"all i know is when alicia get here im putting it down" keith said.
"you aint gon last no more then 7 seconds" james joked.
"thats cold" keith said shaking his head.

Jack picked up heathers phone that was on his lap and unlocked it. He felt like being sneaky so he pressed the twitter app and began to tweet from her account.

Love_Heather: He got a big d*** and know how to use it
Love_Heather: Jack is the king!
Love_Heather: I fart in my sleep

He cracking up at all the responses he read in her mentions after he sent out those few tweet. There was a whole bunch from random people, fan and then there was one from abby.

AbbySayWhat: @Love_Heather jack get the f*** off heathers twitter lmfao

He laughed to himself as he exited the Twitter app and went into her picture gallery. She had a few sexy pictures in there, most of them he already saw. He kept scrolling when he scrolled across these <a href="">Pictures</a>. The smile on his face automatically faded.

"The f*** you looking at?" Vic asked.
"nothing" jack said closing out of the gallery and locking the phone.
"okay so you down for tonight?" james asked.
"i don't know yet, i'll let yall know" jack said.
"you good?" keith asked.
"i'm G man" jack said with a fake smile.

Those pictures got to him for some reason. He didn't know if was his hatred for Trell or the fact that heather was happy with another dude. About 20 minutes later heather came back down and sat back on Jacks lap.

"miss me?" she said with a smile as he just looked off into another direction. He couldn't get the image of her and trell outta his head."you okay?" she asked.
"i'm good" he spoke.
"he tripping" keith said.
"i said i'm good damn" jack said as he moved heather off to the side, got up and walked away.

Heather watched him as he walked away and looked back at the guys waiting for and explanation.

"we don't know what happened, one minute he was scrolling on the phone and then...that" keith said pointing off towards the direction jack went in.

"b**** tell your man to stop tweeting on your account" heather heard abby's voice. She turned to see her girl walking in so she got up and went to go hung them and her daughter.

"mommy! i missed you!" crystal said as heather picked her put and kissed her on her cheek.
"i missed you to" heather said.
"seriously tho, jack tweeted saying you fart in your sleep, he lame" abby said laughing.
"jack, is having an episode right now" heather said.

Upstairs jack sat on the edge of his bed trying to calm himself down, not knowing when all this anger was taking over him. A few minutes later there were 2 light knocks on the door and then it opened and in walked Heather with crystal in her arms.

"daddy!" crystal said excitedly as she wiggled out of heathers grip and ran over to her father.
"you okay?" heather asked cautiously.
"why didn't you delete the pictures?" he asked quietly.
"what?" heather asked.
"the pictures of your and that b**** ass nigga, why didn't you delete them?" jack asked.

"i never got around to it" she said."but i'll do it now if you want me to" she said.
"if i want you to? heather YOU should want to delete them" he said.
"i'm not about to argue with you over some pictures, and i'm not gonna argue in front of my daughter" heather said.
"you love him?" jack asked calmly."and tell me the truth" he added in.
"i lovED him, pass tense, i LOVE you" she said."those pictures are old, they don't mean anything to me" she said climbing on the bed and hugging him from behind."trust me when i say i love you with all my heart" she said.

"then why won't you marry ME" he said as he finally realized why that picture upset him so much.
"it's not the right time yet" she answered.

Run ittt

awwww run it


Chapter coming soon
In the mean time read my new story

'The Nanny Affair' if you haven't already

Jack put it down..and Heatheer fell in love..(again)..what a night they had lol..james a fool teasing jack..RUN IT!

Dayummmmm they put it all the way down lls

Run it

Ooooh, la la. RUN IT!

Thats what Im talking bout finally lol. Heather and Jack did the damn thing lol. LMao James is a mess too teasing Jack, but yeah Jack put it down, so did Heather too lol. And I love that John Legend song.

Damn!!! Talk ab putting it down?!?! Round of applause!!! James is crazyyyy!!! Lol. Run it.

**13 Part 2**

Heather sat up as jack got off the bed. He put his iphone on the ihome and played this <a href="">Song</a>. He turned off the lights leaving the light from outside coming in the only way they were able to see each other. Heather stood on her knees on the bed and jack pulled her shirt over her head and unhooked her bra, throwing it to the side.

"lay down" he said to her softly and she did what she was told. He slipped out of his pants and underwear and climbed back into the bed. He pulled heather's shorts and underwear down slowly and tossed it to the side as well. He positioned himself in between her legs and kissed her on her lips softly.

"we don't have to if you don't want to" he said.
"i want you" she said wrapping her legs around his waist.

Jack kissed her again before lifting up and entering heather for the first time in a long time. Heather bit her lip as she got used to his size once again. Jack stroked deep but soft, taking his time and making sure she was satisfied.

"oh god, i love you" Heather moaned as she arched her back and gripped on jacks. He sucked on her neck as he stroked deeper inside her.

Heather lifted herself up and pushed jack on his back. She straddled him and slid down slowly. He grabbed her waist as she began to grind on him. She threw her head back at the feeling of jack being deep inside her.

"oh f***!" she moaned loudly as she began to bounce on him. Their slow love making turned into something much more aggressive as they began to let their frustrations out. Jack let out loud groans as heather rolled her hips on him. Her long hair bouncing with her turned him on even more.

He sat up and heather continued to grind on him and pulled her hair making her lean back.

"damn baby" he said as she began to kiss on her chest and grip on her lower back. He pulled on her hair harder as she bounced harder on him.
"pull it harder" she moaned as he dis what he was told.

She pushed him back down on to the bed and rode him faster as he still held on to her hair. Jack then got up and put heather on all fours and entered her from behind.

"oh s***!" she moaned loudly as he grabbed her waist and began to stroke in her hard.
"throw it back" he said pulling on her hair. She began to push back on him as her legs began to shake.
"jack! oh god i can't" she moaned
"nah, wait for me" he said pulling out of her and laying her on her back.

They went right back into slow love making as they both reach their climax at the same time. They laid next to each other and jack wrapped his arms around heather and held her tight.

"you missed me huh?" heather asked as jack laughed.
"more the you can imagine" he said honestly.
"i missed you to" she said looking up at him."physically and emotionally" she added in.
"how much?" he asked.
"i can show you better then i can tell you" she said sitting up.
"round 2?" he asked.
"unless your tired" she teased him.
"never that" he smiled as he pushed her down and laid ontop of her.


The next morning jack woke up to a knock at him door. He threw on his sweat pants and went to go open it.

"what?" he asked opening the door at James stood on the other side.
"damn how about good morning?" James joked."nah but we gotta be at a meeting in the dinning hall in like a hour" he said.
"iight" jack said as James scanned the room behind him.
"you put it down?" james asked laughing.
"shut up" jack said smiling.
"i know you did, yall was loud as hell" he said as jack closed the door in his face.

Jack called room service to get breakfast for heather and took a quick shower. By the time he was fully dressed the food was here.

"thanks" jack said to the guy and tipped him as he walked out. jack looked at the time he had to be downstairs in 10 minutes.

"bae" jack said kissing heather on the lips to wake her up.
"huh?" she asked rolling over and exposing her naked body. Jack smiled and bit on his lip as he covered her again.
"i have to go to a meeting, i'll be back soon there's some food over there if you're hungry" he said.
"thanks" she said wrapping the covers around her as she sat up.

"love you" jack said."i'll be back" he added pecking her on her lips.
"love you to" she said before he walked out the door.

It about to go downnnnnn lls

Run it

Damn!!! It was just getting good!!! Runnnnnnnn itttttttt!!!



Heather and jack sat as far away from each other as the bed would allow. The sexual tension was thick between the two. Jack had already showered and was now only wearing sweatpants. He sat there shirtless just how Heather liked it and Heather sat in his bed with small shorts and her hair falling straight down her back just how he liked it.

"why you so far away?" jack asked looking over at Heather who was looking more then beautiful.
"I'm trying to control myself" she said honestly.
"control yourself from what?" he asked laughing.
"you know" she said with a smile.
"no I don't know explain it to me" he said pulling her into his lap causing her to giggle.

"you sitting all shirtless and stuff" she said looking at his chest and biting her lip.
"should I put a shirt on?" he asked.
"No...I mean if you want" she said making him laugh.
"I won't" he said with a smile."but you ain't making it easy for me ether" he said rubbing up and down her thighs.
"I'm sorry" she Said in a seductive tone.
"don't do that" he said.
"do what?" she continued to speak seductively.

"why you playing with me?" he asked as she smiled and straddle his lap.
"I'm not doing anything" she Said wrapping her arms around his neck.
"stop playing with me" he Said licking his lips.
"okay daddy" she said in a whisper.

Jack smirked and flipped her on to her back and laid in between her legs. Heather bit on her bottom lip as she looked up at jack.

"I want you" Heather whispered.

(teaser, until I get out of class)


Run it!!!

Ruuunnn it. !

lol Vic is outta control!..too funny..but yay they back together and most importantly Jacak didnt do nothing bad at the club..that shows that he has grown and is making better decisions..he is really proud of him :)

awww yay they back together n lol vic silly but he aint lien lol run it

Aww that was a beautiful surprise. Im so glad Jacks ass didnt ruin it by cheating. And I really love that he text Heather about Blondie lol.He was so surprised to see Heather, she should gone head and smash lol. Like Vic said use protection lmbo. There so sweet together its amazing to see them that way.

Victor is crazy lol. I'm soooo happy she finally let him in now she need to LET HIM IN THEM DRAWS!!! Lol. You teased us with tht bulllll. Thts alright though, they still got time to handle business. Heather know she want it. She trynna stay humble so she don't look easy but we aint got time for tht. We ALL know what the deal is!!! Lol. Run it!!!

lol, RUN IT!!!!

Oh I'm getting married!!! I love heather and Jack I hope everything works out this time. And you gotta love Vic lol

Run it


While Heather had an Hour wait ahead of her before her flight to Greenbay jack was on his way to some after party with his boys.

"we about to get faded tonight!" keith said as they rode in the car.
"chill, i'm not tryna get faded i'll drink with you, but i plan on remembering my night when i wake up tomorrow" jack said laughing.
"aww bro you turned soft on us?" james asked.
"never that.." jack said.
"then all four of us are getting faded" james said.
"hold us, the hell is gonna drive us back to the hotel if we all f***ed up" vic questioned.
"don't worried about that" james said.
"nah, i don't trust you, last time you said that some random homeless dude was driving us back" jack said.

"we got there safely didn't we?" james asked laughing.
"yeah but the car smelt like hot Cheetos and ass" vic said as they all laughed."i'm driving back, i can't drink tonight anyways" he added in.
"why not?" keith asked.
"i need to be able to call abby when i get back, she does like it when i'm too faded" vic said.
"damn you whipped like that?" james asked.
"shut up aint nobody whipped, i like to make my girl happy" vic said.

"iight shut up with all that s***, we were to party, since you driving i'm getting extra faded for me and you" james said to victor as he parked the car.

They hopped out the car and walked into the loud, crowed club as paparazzi took their pictures.

"look at this nigga" jack said as they turned around to see victor to doing his signature salsa dance for the crowd outside.
"VIC! come on!" keith said as victor ran up towards them.
"always showing off" james said pushing him forward.

A hour passed and Heather was on the plane and it was getting ready to take off. The seat belt light went on so she strapped her seat belt on and a few moments later the plane began to take off. once they were at their maximum height she turned on her phone and text jack.

Heather: See you Monday :)

just 2 minutes later jack replied to her text message.

Jack: Can't wait

After a hour and a half plane ride heather landed in Greenbay. She got her bags walked out the airport and hopped in a taxi. She told the driver the address of the hotel and began to drive. When the driver pulled up to the hotel heather paid him, got her things out the back and made her way up to him room.

jack was sitting in the corner scrolling through his phone as the rest of the guys interacted with the fans. He felt the seat next to him, looked over and to some blonde chick sitting next to him.

"wassup" he said simply taking a sip of his drink
"you looking a little single" she said obviously tipsy.
"nah, i'm off the market" he told her as he continued to looked through his phone and decided to text Heather.

Jack: wanna hear something funny?
Heather: sure
Jack: some drunk blond chick is tryna spit game to me, she sloppy drunk.

Jack looked back at the girl who was passed out on the couch next to him.

Heather: and what did you tell her?
Jack: i'm off the market
Heather: you are? hmmm, who's the lucky girl can i meet her?
Jack: look in the mirror, what you up too?
Heather: chilling with the girls, you know :)

"aye, we about to it's dead as hell" james said as jack looked up at him.

Jack: i'm heading back to the hotel, i'll call you when i get there
Heather: okay, are you bring blondie back with you? :p
Jack: defiantly not, i'd rather have you there
Heather: Pray on it 11:11 lol
Jack: cornball, talk to you later
Heather: bye

Heather put her bags off to the side and looked around jack's room. She had no problem getting in because the security knew who she was.

The boys parked in the hotel parking lot and got out the car quickly. They walked into their hotel and got up to their floor laughing and joking the whole way up.

"aye jack where you going, we boutta chill in keith's room" vic said.
"i need to take a shower man, i'll be there in a few" jack said.
"iight" vic said as they walked in to keith's hotel room.

Jack opened his hotel room door and through his phone and hat on the bed and took off his shirt.

"wheres Blondie?" he heard heathers voice behind him as he turned to see her standing behind him.
"somewhere passed out, she ain't my business" he laughed."what are you doing here?" he asked pulling her into a hug.
"surprise!" she said as they pulled away from each other.

"you surprised the hell outta me" he said."where's crystal?" he asked.
"with abby, she's coming Monday with them" heather said.

Jack starred at her as she sat on his bed. Their was silence but it wasn't awkward.

"i say something, but left me finish before you talk" heather said.
"okay" jack agreed as he stood their and watched her facial expressions.
"i thought about us...and i want us to try again, but i refuse to be hurt again, so if your ever feel like cheating on me or whatever just let me know so i can go" heather spoke."i don't move to fast but i'm willing to trust US again" she added in.

"i promise you don't have to every worry about getting hurt, ever again, i got you, i love you" he said.

Heather stared up at him and grabbed his arm bring him closer to her. He leaned down and pecked her lips. Heather pulled him back down and kissed him with more passion. Jack pushed her more towards the middle of the bed and got in between her legs.

"remember what i said, move slow" heather moaned
"your right" jack said getting off her.

"aye jack have you..." vic walked in but stopped when he saw heather fixing herself on jacks bed.
"i'm not interrupting am i?" he asked.
"no" jack said."were just chilling" he added in.
"okay...well have you seen my phone?" vic asked with a smile as he looked at both of them.
"nah, can you go now" jack said
"iight i'm out" vic said walking back out the door."USE PROTECTION!" he yelled before closing the door and wlaking away.