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Her Room: Make It Work (Finshed)

This a small teaser

Heater sat in the hospital waiting still in her blood covered white dress. She she paced the floor barefoot anxiously waiting to hear from the doctor. People were staring at her but all she cares.about was knowing jack was okay.

"Heather?" The nurse said.coming out.
"yes, is everything okay in there" she asked.
"at the moment, I'm afraid not, he has slipped into a coma and she have to take him into surgery" she spoke.
"surgery? Why?" Heather asked.
"the bullet is in deep" she said as heather sat down in one of the seats."don't worry Dr James is the best their is" the nurse spoke.
"what's the chances of him not making it?" Heather asked as the nurse stood silent and looked down.


i hope she dont see nothin bad..jack be on yo best behavior!!! RUN IT!

Ooooo I hope jack don't f*** up!!! If he don't heather better put it DOWNNNN!!! Her sending him tht good luck txt was cute:))) I hope they work it out. Run it!!!

please let jack stay in his room! i have a feeling heather tryna test his words out...
jack dont go! at least wait til she come thru so yall can go toether

run run

awww yay they workn it out run it


That night changed heather and jacks relationship for the better. Although they still weren't together they were much more closer and the trust between them was getting better as well.

1 Month Later

Jack was in greenbay getting ready for his first game since getting shot. He was in the locker room gearing up for the game when his phone rang. He looked at his phone to see a text from Heather.

Heather: wishing you luck

She texted with a picture of her and crystal smiling with their thumbs up. Jack smiled at him phone and replied....

Jack: thanks, love you both.

Jack put his phone back into is locker and continued to get ready as his coach walked up towards him.

"are you ready?" his coach asked
"I'm more then ready" Jack said.
"we're happy to have you back, make me proud" his coach said patting him on his back.

Jack put on his helmet on and joined the group in a circle for a team prayer.

"god thanks for helping us get Jack back, we hope you lead us in the right direction to win this game against the greenbay packers. Give us the strength to do our best out there on that field. Amendment" the coach said.
"amen" the rest of the team Said.

"Who are we?" the coach asked.
"Giants " the team yelled
"what do we do?" the coach asked.
"win!" they yelled as they made their way out to the field.

Heather sat in abbys house getting ready to watch the game with the rest of the girls.

"ahem" jazzy cleared her throat as she waved her hand out showing off the huge rock on her finger.
"what the hell" alicia said.
"when was this?" Heather asked.
"while youwere smooching your boo" honey said
"shut up, this is not about me its about jazzy" Heather said.
"anyway spill the details" abby said.
"well it was like a week ago and he cooked me dinner, which he never does, and then out of nowhere he asked me and I Said yes" she said.

"after all that s*** you put him through you better had said yes" alicia said.
"what? He put me through some s*** too, HE's lucky I said yes" jazzy said.
"true" Heather said.

The game started and the girls turned their attention too the TV. The first half of the game the packers were in the lead by 6 points. The game turned around when james through Jack the ball and he ran to the endzone twice.

"oh s*** look at heathers boo" honey said
"honey why you messing with Heather you know that ain't her boo" abby Said.
"thank you" Heather Said.
"that's her hubby" abby added.
"shut the f*** up all of tall" Heather said laughing.

By the bed of the game the Giants won by 4 points. It was a close game the whole game but at the end the giants took it home. Heather pulled out her phone and walked to the kitchen.

"who you about to call?" baby asked.
"her boo" honey said.
"her man" alicia said.

Heather laughed as she sat on the kitchen counter and dialed jacks number. He picked up the other end after 3 rings.

"congrats!" Heather said
"thanks" he said."you remembered what you promised me?" Jack asked.
"yeah, ill be there in 2 days" Heather said with a smile.

Heather had a bet that if the giants won she would fly over there and visit him. She had no doubt in her mind they were gonna win, it was all part of her plan.

"iight well I gotta go, ill call you later" Jack said.
"Kay bye" Heather said as they both hung up.

"abby can you watch crystal until y'all come to greenbay on monday" Heather asked.
"sure but, where you going?" baby asked.
"greenbay but I'm leaving today" Heather Said.
"oh you going to surprise you boo!" jazzy Said.
"no...I'm just going to back sure he's down for me like he say he is" Heather said "abby everything you need for crystal is in her bags" she added in.

"okay, see you Monday" abby as Heather grabbed her bags and walked out. They all planned to leave together but Heather wanted to see something for herself.

Jack was back at hotel room getting ready to go to the club later with his boys from the team. When it was around time to go vic knocked on his door and told him they were about to be out.

(more later, I'm in class)

yay the sequel!
run this

awww run it

that storm effed his car uppppp! but im glad they are getting this time to be together and talk or whateva..and sort through it all ..RUN IT

Aww they weathered the storm together. Waking up in each others arms cute. Jack left a hickey on Heathers neck hmm mm. He did that on purpose. Damn tho, Jacks car got totaled. Thank goodness hes rich lol. He can buy a new one. Them feeding each other was cute. And the fact that they both cried after Jack admitted he misses her and wants her back, So sweet. I really hope they make it work now. They deserve happiness, Jack better not FCUK it up either. RUN IT!!!

soooo are they getting back together!! Jack is so emotional and crying. he really has reached his lowest point and needs her.

I hope you're staying strong out there in NY. I know there are still some parts that are still going through a serious struggle.

Run it


Awwwwwwww, RUN IT!!!

Lol tht was cute. Thts crazy what the storm did to his car though. But I got a question.... when they gone get back together?!?! I think you should like skip ahead a fee weeks or months and then show how they get back together. Keep doing what you do cause this story is hella gooodddd. Run it girl:)))


The next morning Heather woke up and felt jacks arm wrapped around her. She instantly began to remember what almost happened last night. Although she was relieved that it didn't go pass kissing a part of her was yearning for that kind of male attention.

Jack laid behind her also awake thinking about what happened last night. His arm was wrapped around her and to him it felt right, it felt like this was where he was supposed to be. He felt heather relax a little and lean back into his body.

"good morning" he spoke with a raspy voice.
"morning" heather said back.

It was quite for a moment until heather sat up and got up off the bed.

"you okay?" jack asked her as he sat up.
"yeah, i just need to use the bathroom" she said walking out the room and down the hall into the bathroom.

She tied up her hair, washed her face, and brushed her teeth. She looked at herself in the mirror and noticed the hickey on her neck.

"damn" was she said as she traced over it with her fingers. She walked out the bathroom and into the living room to check if the lights were working, but they weren't.

Jack got up from heathers bad and found his shirt on the floor, he didn't even remember taking it off. He tossed it on and then her Heather call out his name.

"JACK, YOU SHOULD COME SEE THIS!" she yelled from the other side of the house. Jack walked out the room and met Heather by the window.

"what happened?" he asked.
"look" heather said pointing out the window. Jack looked out the window to see his New, All black Maybach crushed by a tree.
"oh s***!" she cursed staring out at his car."damn that s*** was brand new" he added.
"maybe we can get it fixed" heather said trying to lighten up the mood.
"i doubt that's fixable" jack said with a chuckle as he looked back out the window.

Heather went to go check her phone to see if she had gotten any calls or texts. She turned it on and waited for it to load up. She had about 15 missed calls all from Abby. Heather tried to call her back knowing she might be worried about her but not only did the storm knock out her power, it knocked out her signal as well.

"abby's probably, worried as hell" heather said turning off her phone and throwing it down.
"why you say that?" jack asked.
"i got 15 missed calls all from her" heather told him.
"damn, and she lives all the way in jersey" he said.
"i hope they okay with the baby" heather added in.

-Three Days Later, Thursday Night-

Still no Power, Heat, or Hot water throughout most of New York and New Jersey. The city had issued a 6 O'clock curfew for everyone due to the fact the people were looting and women were being rapped.

Jack was going to leave Tuesday but heather told him he could stay. Half of the reason was because she didn't know how he was going to get home and the other half because she wanted him there with her.

"mommy i'm bored i wanna watch dora" crystal complained for the 10th time.
"sorry baby girl but the TV isn't working" jack told her.

Heather was walking around the house lighting the candles because the sun was beginning to set.

"it's almost time for you to go to bed anyway" heather said.
"i'm not tired" crystal said.
"you will be" heather said lighting the last candle.

Heather heated some Chef Boyardee Spaghetti and meat balls on the Stove since the stove was the only thing working. She put some in a small plate for crystal and sat it at the table with a cup of juice.

"come eat" heather said to crystal. Crystal hopped off the couch and ran to the kitchen to eat.

Heather brought her and jack's food and drinks to the living room and put it down on the floor where they both sat.

"this reminds me of something" heather spoke.
"what?" jack asked as heather picked up a meat with her hand and fed it to him.
"that awkward moment" he said laughing.
"it wasn't awkward" heather defended.
"i tired to feed a meatball to you and i ended up smashing it on your cheek" he said.
"you can always retry it" she said giggling.

Jack picked up a meatball from his bowl and held it out towards heather.

"don't put it on my cheek" she leaned back joking.
"you got jokes huh" he said as she tried to eat it but he pulled it away.
"stop!" she said laughing as he kept doing it.
"okay here" he said feeding it to her."greedy" he laughed.
"shut up" she said hitting his arm.


Crystal was asleep in her as Jack and heather sat at the table playing card under the candle light.

"youre cheating" heather said looking at her cards.
"how am i gonna cheat at gold fish" jack laughed.
"i don't know you tell me" she said."you got a 6?" she asked.
"nah gold fish" he said as she sucked her teeth."you got a 7?" he asked as she threw the card at him with a smirk on her face.
"your such a sore loser" he said.
"no i'm not, your just a cheater" she said.

"no i just beat people at everything" jack said leaning into the table.
"really?" heather asked."i bet you can't beat me with these hands" she said making a fist.
"are you serious?" he laughed.
"imma heavyweight UFC fighter, you aint know?" she asked laughing.
"your crazy" jack said laughing as he leaned back in his seat.
"don't back out now, lets go" heather said standing up.

"you don't scare me" he laughed as heather walked behind him and put him in a head lock.
"i got you" she said laughing.
"you know all i gotta do is stand up" he said as he stood up and heather dropped right off him. He grabbed her arms and back her up against the way.
"now what were you saying about UFC fighter?" he asked as he stood face to face with heather.

Heather bit her lip noticing how close they were. she got one hand lose, pulled away jabbed him in his side so she could get away.

"i said i was a heavyweight champion" he said giggling as jack stood in place.
"did you really just jab me?" jack asked laughing.
"yuup" heather said bouncing up and down like she was a boxer.
"you wanna play, lets play" jack said running towards her as she took off towards her room.

"i don't wanna fight" she said running in her room and locking the room.
"i thought you were a heavyweight?" jack asked on the other side of the door.
"i lied" she said laughed.
"okay so open the door" he said
"no, i don't trust you" she said
"i don't wanna fight anymore" he laughed."imma walk away and you come out" he said as she heard his foot steps go down the hall.

She opened the door and walked out the room and jack wasn't in site.

"you're being creepy right now" she said walking slowly.
"am i scaring you" he asked from behind her making her jump. She tried to run again but he grabbed her by her waist and lifted her up and over his shoulder and walked back towards the living room.

"oh my god, put me down, or i'm gonna throw up on you" she threatened. He put her down so they were face to face but he never let go of her waist. They stood there for a moment staring at each other until heather pulled away and turned away from him.

"heather..." jack said as he got closer to her and wrapped his arms around her waist."I'm sorry, for everything i did, everything i put you through, i know i said this before and i ended up hurting you again but i swear this time i'll do right by you, i won't every hurt you again, you are the mother of my child and my soul mate, i love you with all my heart." he spoke.

Heather looked down as she listened to what jack was saying, trying to hold back her tears not wanting to look weak. She felt moisture on her shoulder and realized jack was crying as he spoke.

"i don't wanna lose again, i'm nothing with out you, i literally and sleep without you" he said as a small smiled crept across her face."I love you" he said again.


run it


lol jack popped them eyes open when she asked did he wanna come to the room...RUN IT!

O_o Good thing Crystal said somehing, cause i sure wasn't bout to. That was such a tease, I thought they were gonna do what Jack wanted to do, but NOOO!!
Run it!

Jack is dumb lmao because drinking alcohol is totally gonna take your mind off of stripping heather out of her clothes. smh foolish man.

they were about to get bussssayyyyyyyyyy lls

run it

Ats what Im talking bout, a little liquid courage always does the trick lol. Made them admit they miss each other and other things lol. Damn I bet if Crystal hadnt woke up her parents would have been on the way to giving her a little sibiling lol. And knew Jack wouldnt turn down Heather offer of sleeping in her bed with him. Cant wait to see how they react when theyre awake and sober. LOVED IT, RUN IT!!!


Damn I thought they was bout to get it innnnn!!! I'm kinda happy she didn't give it to him(again) yet. He aint earned it yet. Oan I hoe you're adding again later today??? :))) Run itttt.


They both sat there making small conversation bored out of their minds. The candles she lit and put in random places lit the room up enough for them to see clearly so they turned of their flash lights.

Jack looked over at Heather who was wearing a T-shirt ans some shorts exposing her legs all the way up to her thighs. The candle like flicked off her skin like something out of a movie, all he wanted to do was touch her legs to see if it was as soft as it looked.

Shaking the thoughts from his head he leaned his head back and closed his eyes. Heather starred at him as he laid back on the couch with his legs out and open. She bit her lip and looked away. She couldn't help but feel a certain tingle rise in between her legs.

"umm you got something to drink like...alcohol?" Jack said clearing his throat.
"yeah...wait aren't you on medication?" heather asked.
"not anymore" he responded as he got up and went to go search through her kitchen."ahhh he we go" he said grabbing a bottle of Bacardi and two small glasses and walked back into the living room.
"you do know crystal is here?" heather asked.
"yeah, but she's sleep and were not gonna get DRUNK just a few shots" he said sitting down.

He put the 2 classes on the coffee table and began to pour some shots form them, hopping it would get his mind off of stripping the clothes off heather.

"bottoms up" jack said as they both took their shot together. They winced at the taste off the alcohol and put their cups down.

"no chaser? i need juice or something?" heather said patting her chest.
"chaser for the weak" jack said pouring another shot for them to drink.

They began to fell the liquor in their systems as they took a shot every 5 minutes.

"i'm done, i can't drink anymore" heather said waving off the shot jack was giving her. They weren't drunk but they defiantly weren't sober. Jack laughed drank his last shot before leaning back on the couch.

He looked at her legs again, clearly drinking wasn't helping his situation. To make matters worse the drinking gave him the courage to put his and on heather's thigh. He looked at his hand as he walked his fingers up and down her thigh.

"what are you doing?" heather asked as she laid her head back with her eyes closed.
"your legs are really soft" he said rubbing them softly."should i stop?" he asked.
"nah" she said simply.

He continued to rub her leg each time getting closer to the center. Heather bit the corner of her lip getting chills from jack's touch. Heather opened her eyes and looked at jack who had his eyes closed. She stared at his lips thinking about how thick and kissable they looked.

"jack" heather spoke.
"yeah?" he asked.
"i miss you" heather said. She didn't know if she was only saying this because she was drinking but ether way it was true.
"i miss you too" he replied opening his eyes.

They looked at each other for a minute before leaning in and kissing each other. Heather through herself over him and straddled his lap making sure not to break their kiss. Small moans escaped her mouth as his hands trailed under her shirt and up her back.

"damn i missed you much" he said as heather began to kiss and suck on his neck leaving small hickies. She grinded slowly on his lap and he began to kiss and sunk on her neck like she had done him. His hands slowly continued to go up her back lifting her shirt along with it.

"MOMMY!" they both crystal call out causing them to stop.
"I'm coming!" heather called out towards crystal. Heather looked back at jack and felt herself sober up immediately.
"i think this was a mistake" heather said.
"yeah, maybe you should get up" jack said tapping her thigh.

Heather got up off Jack's lap and fixed herself. She grabbed her flash light and walked towards crystal room. Jack let out a sigh at he tried to push the the erection he had going on in his pants.

"whats a matter princess?" heather asked crystal picking her up from the bed.
"it's to dark" she said.
"aww okay i'll bring you out here with me where theres a little bit of light" heather said as she walked back out into the living room.

"daddy!" crystal said excitedly the moment she saw her father.
"whats up baby girl" jack said as heather hand crystal to him.
"it's dark, i got scared" she said.
"well it's okay now, daddys here" he said as she laid her head on his chest as he laid back.

A hour later it was almost 1am and Jack was laying across the couch with his head on Heathers lap sleeping with crystal on his chest who was asleep as well. Heather was fight back the sleep that was creeping up on her. She grabbed a pillow and got up playing the pillow under jacks head. She picked crystal up and took her back to her room.

She walked to her room down and then turned back around and walked back in the living room.

"i'm going to sleep?" heather told jack as he moved him a litle.
"mmhmm" he mumbled still half asleep.
"you want me to leave you here or you wanna come with me?" she asked as he opened his eyes.
"i'll come with you" he said sitting up.
"i figured" she said.

She blew out all the candles and they walked to her bedroom. They got in the bed both facing different ways but as the night progressed they ended up getting closer and closer together.

(i feel like this chapter was BLAHHHH lol)

turn off the lights and light a candle s*** is bout to get freaky over there

Jack was wrong for trying to make Heather wait, even though it was working lol. Damn Sandy was no joke, I cant believe Jacks ass drove over Heathers through that storm. Crazy ass. So cute Heater still had some of his clothes there. "Free Ball" Jack, but hmmm something tells me there gonna have some fun in the dark lol. RUN IT!!!

I'm glad that he was safe over all.

Jack is stupid for not calling her but at least he did go over to her apartment when the power went out. I hope they work out this time. Run it:)))

they about to make shadow puppets like s*** lls
give me more!!

run it

**8 part 2**

Heather put the items away in her kitchen as Crystal sat on the couch watching Dora. It was close to 6pm and the News alerts that were being set to her phone started to freak her out. She looked out the window to see the wind had sped up heavily and the trees were bending in ways they shouldn't be. A few hours later a the rain began to crash against the windows. Heather put her phone and her laptop on the charger to make sure they were both at full battery just in case the power went out.

Heather put Crystal to bed and sat in the living room watching the news reports all night. It wasn't until 9:59pm when everything in her house went out at the same time. She lit some candles and turned on her flash light making it easier for her to see. She checked on Crystal to see she was still sound asleep in her bed. She walked back out into the living room and checked her phone to see she already had a few messages.

Abby: <em>My power is out, please be safe</em>
Jazzy: <em>hope you and crystal are okay</em>
Alicia: <em>Let us know your okay, we have a back up generator, i'll come get you if you want</em>

Heather was getting a text from everyone expect the one person she was waiting to hear from the most.

Just as jack was about to charge his dead phone so he could call Heather the power went out. He missed hearing her and talking to her and at that moment he regretted waiting so long to call her. He looked out the window to see it was raining heavy and the window was blowing about 75 MPH.

He turned back to face his pitch black house and searched for his car keys which he laid on the table. When he found them he ran out to his car and started it. He was barely able to see out in front of him but some how he made it to Heathers apartment. Turing off his car he got out an ran inside heathers building.

Heather sat quietly on her couch with her flash light in her hand. There was nothing for her to do except stare at the wall. She began to hear loud foot steps coming up in her hall way and shined her light on her front door.

She heard a loud knock and jumped. She got up from her couch and walked over towards her door.

"who is it?" she asked not being able to see through her peep whole.
"it's me" she heard his voice said and quickly opened the door and shining her light on him to see he was soak and wet.
"how did you get here?" she asked him as he walked in and she closed and locked the door behind him.
"i drove" he said simply.
"that was dangerous" she said smacking his arm."you could have gotten into an accident" she said.
"but i didn't" he said.
"you're lucky you didn't" she said."why did you come?" she asked.
"i was worried about you and my daughter and i was gonna call you but my phone was dead" he told her.

"come on, lets get you out of those wet clothes" she said grabbing his hand and leading his to her room.
"hold up, i'm not about to where YOUR clothes" he said laughing.
"calm down, i have a pair of your sweatpants her and a T-Shirt that belong to you" she said as they walked into her room.
"you wear my clothes?" he asked.
"don't get all souped up" she said."here point this over here" she said handing him the flashlight and he pointed it at her dresser.

She searched for his stuff, gave it to him and grabbed her flash light back.

"what am i supposed to do about underwear?" he asked.
"free ball, i don't have that here" she said.
"iight well get out" he said.
"what? this is my room you can't just kick me out" she said.
"okay then stay" he said taking off his shirt.
"i'll be in the living room" she said after catching a glimpse of his body leaving jack who was smiling to himself.

Moments later jack stepped into the living room and tapped heather on her back, scaring her.

"boy you wanna get punched in the face don't you" she said.
"chill my face is to perfect for you to be hitting it" he said.
"ewww you wish" she said."here" she said handing him a flash light.
"so what do we do now?" he asked
"stare at the wall, thats what i was doing" heather said as she sat down on her couch and jack sat next to her.