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Her Room: Make It Work (Finshed)

This a small teaser

Heater sat in the hospital waiting still in her blood covered white dress. She she paced the floor barefoot anxiously waiting to hear from the doctor. People were staring at her but all she cares.about was knowing jack was okay.

"Heather?" The nurse said.coming out.
"yes, is everything okay in there" she asked.
"at the moment, I'm afraid not, he has slipped into a coma and she have to take him into surgery" she spoke.
"surgery? Why?" Heather asked.
"the bullet is in deep" she said as heather sat down in one of the seats."don't worry Dr James is the best their is" the nurse spoke.
"what's the chances of him not making it?" Heather asked as the nurse stood silent and looked down.


Aww he cooked for them. Who knew Jack had skills in the kitchen, Crystal's a trip lol. Jack know he loved waking up to Heather in his ned in his arms.VH1 wants her to do BBW wow. Least Jack's cool with whatever she decides to do. Hmm so he has a surprise for Heather. Wonder what it is? RUN IT!!!

Jack always got some stuff up his sleeve lol

VH1 that's exciting but she shouldn't take it that's just gonna crest uneccassary drama in her life and she doesn't need that.

Run it

Aww , jack just going to make me love him :)

Where are they going? Can't wait to find out!!

Runn it!!

Ooooo surprissssseeee.... I like the paste they're going at not too fast not too slow. Basketball wives ehhhhh idk. They hella ratchet heather seem too real for them but idk it might add more to the story run it:)))

Awww!!! Jack has a surprise, i wonder what ot is?
Run it

**5 Part 2**

Jack woke up before heather feeling a sharp pain in his chest. He knew it was because his medication had worn off. He got off the bed slowly grabbed is medication off the night stand and walked down to the kitchen. He poured himself a cup of water and took 2 pills. HE sat down on the counter and rested his head back and waited for the pain to go away. As soon as he was able to breath in and out with out his chest hurting he got off the counter and walked up the steps to check on Crystal.

"good morning" Jack said as he opened Crystals door to see her playing with her dolls on her bed.
"i'm hungry" she said with a sad face.
"come on, lets go eat" he said holding out his hand for her. She grabbed him hand and jumped off her bed.

They walked down into the kitchen and he put crystal into her high chair.

"i wan pancakes" crystal demanded.
"you like pancakes?" he asked her as she nodded her head quickly."you are just like your mommy, lets make some for mommy to okay?" he said.
"make mommmy alot" crystal said holding her arms out wide.
"how much?" he asked her as she prepared to cook.
"mmmmm 35" she said.
"35? mommy can't eat 35 pancakes" jack said laughing.
"how many?" she asked him.
"3" he answered cooking.
"thats to little" she said watching him cook as he laughed at her response.

Heather woke about a few minutes later and sat up in the bed. SHe tied her hair up and looked over to see jack was gone. She got out of bed and walked out the room. As she began to walk down the step she started to smell pancakes. She walked into the kitchen to see jack at the stove.

"you're cooking?" she asked.
"yeah. crystal was hungry and i figured you would be to" he said as she looked over a crystal to she her already stabbing her pancake with her fork."sit down, it almost done" he said as heather sat down at the table and watched jack make the plates.

"here you go, good morning by the way" he said kissing the top of her head as he put her plate in front of her. He sat down on the other said and they began to eat immediately.

"you aren't in any pain?" heather asked him.
"i was, when i woke up but i took two pills i'm fine right now" he said.
"thats good" she said continuing to eat.
"why where you worried about me?" he teased.
"what?" she asked.
"when you didn't see me in the bed, you were worried weren't you?" he asked again.
"no" she said with a smirk on her face as he gave her that 'tell the truth' face."okay a little so what?" she said laughing.
"i'm not judging you" he laughed.

They finished eating in silence and heather was sitting in the living room as jack was up stairs washing crystal. Heathers phone vibrated and she noticed he had an email.

<strong> Hello! Heather Sanders VH! is working on a new show, "Basketball Wives New York' and we want you to be apart of our cast. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email us back at this email address.</strong>

"whats that?" she heard jack ask as he walked in with crystal on his shoulders.
"i just got a email from VH1" heather said with a confused look on her face.
"for what?" he asked.
"that want be to be on their new Basketball Wives New York show" she said.
"you not with a basket ball player" jack stated.
"yeah, nether was Evelyn" heather pointed out.
"true, you gonna take it?" he asked.
"i don't know, i'm not up for the whole world being in my business" she responded."what do you think?" she asked.

"it's whatever you wanna do, i'm fine with whatever decision you want to make" he said.
"i gotta think about this a little more" she said.
"okay think about it later, right now i want you to take a shower and get dressed" jack said.
"what for?" heather asked."i don't even have clothes here" heather said.
"yes you do, in my closet" he said."go...go..go..go" he rushed her.

Heather did as she was told and went up stairs looked in his closet and found some of her clothes she left there. She pulled something out and grabbed a clean towel and hopped in the shower.

"i gotta surprise for mommy" jack said to crystal.

Run it Runit...!!!

Trell's lucky Jack didn't die. Other wise hed be doing more then 10 yrs. I dont care what he was thinking. He aint have to shoot Jack. And awe Jack wanted Heather to sleep with him cause he has sleeping alone issues. She even made him put his arm her after her nightmare. He still got some making up to do tho. RUN IT!!!

They need each other throughout the night awwww how cute:))) I wanna slap the s*** outta trell ass!!! I don't feel sorry for him at all. But oan, I hope the love continues to spread between jack and heather. P.S. I thought the whole thing ab him not being able to sing in the last add was cute lol.

trell aint no it!!

Love them. But he still needs to prove himself. And Trell smh I have no words for you sir except to stay away!!

Run it


Awwww i so love them. Jack betts make this good.

Or im bailing out Trell and leading him to jack personally.

Awww !!

Still not here for jack and heather but it is growing on me !

Runnn It !!


Heather washed crystal up and put her in some PJ's. A soon as Crystal laid down she drifted off into sleep. Heather turned off the light and closed her door half way. Walking down the steps he remembered the last time she sleep in jacks house, it wasn't a happy time.

"i hope your guiding me in the right direction god" heather spoke as she walked into the living and sat at the table. It was only 9pm and she felt like it was 1am in the morning. She put her head in her hands and sat there in silence. Minutes later her phone rang, she looked at the caller ID to see a unknown known number but she picked it up anyway.

"hello?" heather picked up hearing a automatic machine speak on the other end.
"Rikers Island Inmate..Trell Smith..would like to speak with you do you want to take this call...yes or No?" the voice asked.
"Yes" heather spoke wanting to know what he wanted.

"i'm glad you decided to talk to me" his voice rang through the other side.
"what do you want?" she asked him calmly.
"i just want to apologize for what i did"
"is he okay?" he asked.
"he's fine" heather spoke.
"good" he said as there was an awkward pause."i never meant to hurt him, or you" he poke again.
"what do you think was gonna happen when you shot him? he almost died Trell" heather now standing up.
"i sorry heather, he deserved it after everything he's done to you" he said

"how long you got?" heather asked.
"10 years" he answered.
"they should have given you life" heather spoke.
"heather i said i'm sorry, i really am" he said to her.
"you weren't sorry when you pulled the trigger" she said before hanging up.

Heather put her phone down on the table and walked up the stairs to Jacks room to check on him. She poked her head in to see his snoring with his mouth open. A small smile crept across her face as she walked further in. Why she cared so much about him? she doesn't even know the answer to that. She covered him with his covers and turned off his light.

"heather?" he asked with sleep in his voice.
"yeah it's me" she answered."i was just checking on you" she added in.
"can you lay with me, please?" he asked still half sleep.
"i uh..not tonight" she said.
"please, i promise i'll give you your space, you know i hate sleeping alone" he said as heather let out a small chuckle.

It was true, he never like sleeping alone. Heather remembered all the time when they were young when he climbed into her window. Or the times in College when he suck into her door room just to lay next to her.

"just for tonight" she said giving in. She walked over to the empty side of his bed, kicked off her shoes and climbed in.

"thank you" was all he said before she felt him get comfortable and fall back to sleep. She so after fell asleep herself. All the hours she stood up watching jack in the hospital finally caught up to her.

She jumped up out of her sleep in the middle of the night and looking around the dark room.

"you okay?" she heard jacks voice ask.
"yeah, just a bad dream" she said laying back down.
"punk" jack said with a chuckle.
"sure such an ass" she said back smiling to herself.

Heather reached behind her and grabbed jacks arm and draped it over her side and fell back to sleep.

(Typing a 7 page paper for school so ill add a part 2 for this later sorry)

if this dont change jack I dont know what will!!! run it!

Just Love it,
. Heather no she love that guy. She might as well just quit faking the funk.

Sequel yay. thank god he made it. Yeah Jacks gone try his damndest to get Heather back I see. Already tryna get her to stay with him and take care of hint hmm. Loving it.RUN IT!!!

Jack think he slick. "I might need your help" my ass!!! Lol but for real though I'm glad they're coming along good but we never found out what happened with tress (I think Thts his name).......... run it:)))

(Redo, I HATE THAT THEY TOOK AWAY THE EDIT BUTTON) Sneaky sneaky Jack, lol. Using Crystal to get Heather to stay.. I hope he really learned his lesson from all of this. Run it!

Smell sneaky Jack, lol. Using Crystal to get Heather to stay.. I hope he really learned his lesson from all of this. Run it!


A week pasted and although Jack was still in minor pain the doctors allowed him to leave as long as he took his pain medication twice a day.

"Just sign here..and here and you're ready to go" the doctor said handing Jack his discharge papers."just give it to the front desk when your done" she added in.
"thats doctor" heather said as the doctor walked out the room.

"you don't know how happy i am that i finally get to leave this place" he said filling out the papers.
"i can guess" heather responded.
"thanks for coming to pick me up and bringing me clothes" he said as he fished filling out the papers and stood up from the bed.
"no problem, what are friends for" she said smiling as he smiled back.

They walked out of the hospital room and heather handed the discharge papers to the front desk before walking out the hospital. They walked out to heathers car and they both got in.

"damn i can't even get into a car properly" jack said holding his side where is wound was.
"your medication should be kicking in soon" heather said as she pulled off out the parking lot."remember no drinking" she reminded him.
"i know...MOM!" he joked.
"shut up, i'm just looking out for you" she said.
"you gonna be my in home nurse wearing the uniform and everything?" he asked joking.
"HA! you wish" heather laughed.

"if i had one wish, one wish, one wish, one wish" he started to sing.
"oh no, that is not your thing" heather said shaking her head.
"stop playing you know i sing better then R Kelly himself" jack said.
"bulls***" heather laughed.
"iight, i see you tryna play me, it's cool" he said nodding his head."wheres my princess?" he asked.

"with abby" heather answered.
"you gonna bring her by, i miss her little big headed self" he said.
"yeah i'll bring her, but don't be talking about my babies head because your the reason for that" heather said pulling into Jack drive way.
"chill i got a normal sized head" he said getting out the car after Heather.

Jack walked up to his front door as Heather walked behind him smiling from ear to ear. He looked back to her her grin and stopped in his tracks.

"okay, whats up?" he asked.
"what?" she asked.
"why you smiling like that?" he asked.
"i was thinking about something, thats it" she said.
"for some reason i don't believe you" he said laughing as he opened up his front door to see a whole bunch off people jump up of of nowhere.

"well come home" they yelled as Jack looked back as heather with a smile on his face.
"i knew it" he said shaking his head as he walked further inside to see his team and all their friends.

"DADDY!!" Crystal ran towards as he bent down and picked her up."i missed you soooooooo much" she said.
"yeah? well i missed you, give daddy a kiss" he said a crystal pecked him on the cheek.

"bro you good?" Victor asked shaking jacks hand and puling him in for a hug.
"perfect" jack responded.

The welcoming party went on for a few hours, everyone was excited to see Jack healthy.

"is he gonna be okay, you know with not being able to play this season?" jazzy asked heather as the girls stood off into their own litter corner.
"he's defiantly sad i know that" heather responded as she starred off to where Jack was laughing and talking with his boys.
"aye over here" honey snapped her fingers in heathers face.
"you better focus" alicia said."remember what you said, let him prove to you that he a better man" she added in.

Jack sat with his boys as they got him up to date with whats been going on with the team. He looked passed them and looked at Heather across the room with widest smile ever. They locked eyes for a moment before both looking away.

"i'll be right back" jack said as he got up and went to the bathroom. Closing the door behind him he looked at him self in the mirror and put his head down. He took his prescription pain killers out his pockets and took 2 like the label said.

He leaned up against the wall and held on to the side of his chest where his wound was located. He stood there for a moment as he heard to light knocks on the door.

"are you okay?" he heard her voice on the other side of the door. He opened the door to see a worried look on heathers face.
"i'm just in alot of pain" he said.
"did you take your medication?" she asked.
"yeah i just did" he said.
"okay so you go lay down and i'll tell everybody it times to go" heather said.
"nah, yall can chill, just let me know before you leave" he said as she nodded her head.
"okay, go get some rest" she said as he walked out the bathroom and up to his room.

Heather joined the rest of the people and decided to tell them it was getting late so they could leave.

"he's in alot of pain so he's upstairs resting" heather spoke.
"no problem, we don't wanna bother him" James said.
"thanks for understanding" heather said as everyone hugged her goodbye and left.

"wheres daddy?" heather heard crystal ask behind her.
"in the bed, which is where you should be so we have to get you home" heather said.
"i wanna stay here" crystal said.
"sorry crys lets go say bye bye to daddy" heather said picking crystal up and walking up the stairs as crystal began to to wine.

"what you doing to my baby girl?" jack asked as heather walked into his room with a crying crystal on her hip.
"she doesn't wanna leave" heather spoke.
"so don't she still have a room here you know" jack said as crystal bounced on his bed.

"tell mommy to let you stay" jack said.
"can i mommy? can i?" she asked.
"how are you gonna take care of her?" heather asked.
"you can stay to, beside i might need you help around here" jack said. Heather looked at jack and Crystal as they both looked up at her with the same pleading light brown eyes.
"okay" she smiled giving into them both."but you...have to go to bed" heather said picking up crystal and carrying her out the room.

Awww:)))) heather still loves him but she doesn't wanna be hurt again. Jack better not mess this up again. Run it.

It's good that they still have that best friend type of relationship and can goof around. Friendship comes first in a relationship

Run it :)

It's good that they still have that best friend type of relationship and can goof around. Friendship comes first in a relationship

Run it :)

Run it

Omg crystal so cute and Vic is not ton have him a football player Levi Von b a doctor please lord give him brains instead of strength or athletic abilities lol and heather and jack so funny she abusing him run this again!


After Jack told Heather everything he had to say the room feel silent. He sat back down feeling the pain in the side of his chest as he got into a comfortable position. Heather took her spot in the chair next to his bed just looking down at her hands. As much as she wanted to be with him again, rushing into a relationship with his again is the same reason why they keep falling apart.

"can you prove it?" Heather asked.
"prove what?" jack asked.
"prove to me that you changed" she asked.
"i can, and i will" he said looking at her.
"if you prove to me that you've changed than i might consider us getting back together" heather spoke as jack nodded his head.

"are you tired?" he asked changing the topic.
"no" heather said as a unexpected yawn escaped her lips.
"come here" jack said moving over on the bed and patting the spot next to him.
"jack no, i'm fine" she protested."beside i gotta make sure you don't fall asleep" she added in.
"i won't, i promise, just rest for a few minutes" he said
"only a couple of minutes, okay?" she said.
"okay" he agreed as she climbed onto his bed next to him.

He motioned for her to put her head on his chest and she did what she was told. She immediately began to drift off into a deep sleep as Jack played in her long hair. He kissed the top of her head as he began to hear light snores coming from heather.

"i'll prove it to you" he whispered as he watch heather and crystal sleep.

-Hour and a Half Later-

Heathers eyes shot up as she realized she slept longer then she wanted to. She looked up to see jack was still awake and was watching TV. He had a sad facial expression on his face and heather didn't know why until she looked at the TV. Football season started.

"you'll be back out there soon" heather said sitting up and seeing Crystal drawing on a piece of paper.
"not soon enough" he responded.
"don't think like that, this positive" heather said.
"it's hard to think positive when everything you love id being taken away from you" he said looking at her.
"your gonna be outta this hospital soon enough, your gonna train and your gonna play ball again...and me and crystal aren't going anywhere" she told him.
"you sound like my coach" he joked.
"well i gotta talk some sense into you some how" she responded laughing.

<em>*Knock Knock*</em>

Abby walked in with her son Levi in his stroller. She closed the door behind her and put Levi off to the side.

"how you feeling?" she asked jack.
"i'm good still sore" he said.
"well i'm here to pick up Crystal, you coming?" abby asked heather.
"nah, im gonna stay here" heather responded.

"is that levi?" jack asked as abby nodded."he got big" jack added.
"yuup, Vic wants him to be a football player like him" abby said.
"and what did you say?" heather asked.
"hell know, my baby is gonna be a doctor" she said as they all laughed.

"thanks for watching crystal" heather said.
"no problem" abby said."come on Crystal" abby said holding her hand out as crystal grabbed it.

"bye mommy bye daddy" crystal said.
"bye" jack and heather both said as the same time.

They walked out the room leaving Heather and jack behind. Heather turned her attention towards the game as Jacks attention was on heather.

"have you been staying here every night?" jack asked her.
"mostly" she admitted.
"you don't have to.." she cut him off.
"i know i don't have to but i want to, i do care about you and i like to know that your okay" she said.
"okay, okay calm down" he said pushing her a little.
"don't push me fool" she said.
"what you gonna do? you can't hit me i got a boo boo" he said in a baby voice.

"wanna bet?" she asked as he plucked him on his nose.
"imma remember that, watch when i get outta here" he said as they both laughed.
"your b**** made ass aint gon do s***" heather joked.
"you right" she said nodding his head."but you know what i will do when i get outta here" he said.
"what?" heather asked.
"imma give you the world" he said with a wink.

"you're so cheesy" she said plucking his mosey said.
"you know..." he said said as he started to tickle heather.
"jack stop...oh my god...STOP!...i don't wanna hurt hurt you" she said as she started to squirm.
"tell me i'm king" he said still ticking her.
"oh my god no...jack stop" she complained.
"call me King" she said again.
"your the king" she said laughing as he let her go.
"i know he said" laughing.
"a**hole" she laughed as turned around and punched him in the arm.

"oh so you gon punch a dude in thats in the hospital?" he asked.
"yuup" heather responded.
"i'm telling my nurse" he said as they both laughed.
"see, you b**** made" she said.

Ugh he better not f*** up this time if she gives him a chance.

Run it