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Her Room: Make It Work (Finshed)

This a small teaser

Heater sat in the hospital waiting still in her blood covered white dress. She she paced the floor barefoot anxiously waiting to hear from the doctor. People were staring at her but all she cares.about was knowing jack was okay.

"Heather?" The nurse said.coming out.
"yes, is everything okay in there" she asked.
"at the moment, I'm afraid not, he has slipped into a coma and she have to take him into surgery" she spoke.
"surgery? Why?" Heather asked.
"the bullet is in deep" she said as heather sat down in one of the seats."don't worry Dr James is the best their is" the nurse spoke.
"what's the chances of him not making it?" Heather asked as the nurse stood silent and looked down.


Jack woke up b****es!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I told yall my nigga was gonna wake up. Heather take his crippled ass back!!
Run it

omg im so happy u did it cus i needed to no wat had happn run it

im happy their words woke him back up..idk bout them gettign back together.. i hooe he really changed but he has said this plenty of times before.. but this is so good.. update please


I can deff. see the live in this story. They are such a beautiful family. Keep the romance going!!! Run it:)))

I think they should take it slow, Jack needs to prove himself. I believe people can change but that doesn't mean she should just take his word for it, actions speak louder. RUN IT!

As much as I want them together, I'm scared too. Jack messed up time and time and time again. I just hope he really changes this time.

Run it

He full of.s*** !!!!
put your money where yo mouth is playa !!


Oh snaps!! My nigga is awake! Now lets hope they can get it together!!!

Run it!!

**2 Cont**

<em>I love him.......Me too</em>

Those were the words that made jack moved a part of his body. His hand moved and touched heathers causing her to look up at him. She seen his eyes were still closed and he hadn't said anything yet.

"is daddy waking up?" Crystal asked making Jacks hand grip a little hard on heathers hands, not to hard that he would be hurting her.

"Jack?" heather spoke. She put crystal down on the floor and stood up to get closer. She used her other hand to touch the side of his face."please open your eyes, i know you can do it" she said as Crystal watch there interaction from behind.

From the outside it would look as if jack was doing nothing but to him he felt as if he was trying to push something off of him. Heather noticed his eyes twitching. His body then stood still again, Heather held onto his hand and put her head down on the side of his bed.

"I love you to" his voice sound raspy and dry. Heather lifted her head to see a small smile on jacks face. She took the oxygen mask off his mouth allowing him to breath on his own.
"you don't understand how happy i am to see you awake" she said.
"thank you" he said.
"for what?" she asked.
"it was you and my baby girls words that pushed me" he said.

"daddys up!" crystal said. Heather picked her up and sat her on the edge of his bed."i missed you daddy" she said sadly.
"you've been sleeping for a really looong time" she said causing jack and heather to both let out a chuckle.
"yes i was, but i'm up now" he said as she hugged him. He winched in pain but didn't care he missed his daughter to much to let the pain get in the way of her embrace.

"okay crystal, daddy is hurting" heather said.
"sorry" she said.
"it's okay" he said laying her head back on her chest softly.

"i should get the nurse" heather said getting up about and was about to walk out the door until jack put his hand on hers and stopped her.

"did you mean it?" he asked."when you said you loved me?" he added.
"i never stopped loving you" she said walking away and out the room.

"Nurse!" heather called out.
"is everything okay?" Nurse Brenda asked coming out her office.
"he's awake" heather said as a smile spread across the nurses face. She walked into Jacks room and they both saw Crystal asleep in her fathers bed.

"she's precious" the nurse said.
"thank you" heather and jack both said.

The nurse began to unhook all the wires and needles jack had on him.

"how do you feel? sleepy?" she asked.
"sorta" jack spoke.
"that's completely normal but you wont be able to sleep for 24 hours so we can make sure you don't slip back into a coma" she said.
"okay" jack said.
"now we need to change your bandage" she said getting the stuff ready."can't you pick the baby up?" she asked heather as heather did what she was told.

The nurse helped jack sit up and you can see the pain written all over his face. He bit on his lip in agony as he sat fully up. Nurse Brenda unwrapped the bandage around Jacks chest exposing the chest on the side of his chest.

"whats this?" jack asked looking down at his wound.
"you had to go into surgery to get the bullet out, lucky it didn't go deep enough to puncture the lungs but it was pretty close, your lucky" Nurse Brenda said as she put on a new bandage and wrapped the gauge around him again.

She lifted his bed up so we would be sitting in the up right position and threw out the old bandages.

"i'll be back soon to check on you, no sleeping" she reminded.
"got it" he said as she walked out the room.

The room fell silent again as Heather laid Crystal on the small couch in the room.

"i'm sorry" heather said lowly.
"you have nothing to be sorry about" jack spoke."this isn't because of you" she said.
"i can't help but feel as though i put you in this situation" heather said."i mean i left you and i got with a guy that i barely knew and i it was foolish but i fell in love with him, almost as strongly as i fell in love with you and i pulled him along knowing i wasn't over you, and now your here" she said tears coming down her eyes.

"you had every right to leave heather, i f***ed up, we both know that i don't blame you for this, i don't that nigga ether, i blame ME" jack said."it's payback for treating you like s*** when you deserved to be treated like a woman, Victor told me Karma was gonna come for me and thats what this is" he went on.

By this time heather was standing closer to his bed. He grabbed onto her hand and looked her in her eyes.

"i wanna make this work" he said. Heather bit on her bottom lip and she looked down and shook her head.
"i don't know" she said afraid of being hurt again.
"i won't hurt you, i'll change i promise" he pleaded.
"i've heard this before so many times jack" she said with tears in her eyes. The sight of her crying hurt him more then a bullet wound to him. Setting aside the pain he was filling from the bullet and stood up.

"jack you.." he cut her off.
"i don't care about anything but you, yes i'm in pain but what hurts more is the fact that i might lose you" he said grabbing both her hands."i'm sorry...for everything" he added in.

Did Alex tacky ass really come to the hospital tho. Move around! I hope Jack wakes up soon!!!

Run it!

I really hope Jack wakes up, the most powerful words 'I Love You' can bring light into a world of darkness and wake up the person in their deepest slumber. A little preaching for today lol

Run iT! <3

Awww wake up soon run it

Crystal is too cute. I hope jack pulls threw..... run it.

Crystal is so precious!! And Alex got some nerve coming in there after a month with his non-child smh

Run it

Awww Crystal just made a tear fall.

He should move and get up just cuz the baby said that.!

Sad she misses her daddy.. and wtf did alex waltz her ass in thier for. b**** he aint got no money for her


The room was quite again as abby walked out the room to take Crystal to use the bathroom. It was silent for a moment until the door opened again.

"oh I'm sorry, I didn't know anyone was in here" she spoke as she carried a little boy on her hip."I'm Alex, I don't know if you remember me or not" she spoke.
"I remember" heather said dryly.
"is he okay?" Alex asked.
"do you really care?" Heather asked."where have you been for the past month?" She added.
"look I understand why you hate me but I didn't come here to fight, we aren't even together anymore" she spoke as heather stood quite."we both know who has his heart" she said turning around about to walk out as abby walked in."I'll come back another time" Alex said to heather.

"is that jacks son?" She asked admiring how big he was.
"no" Alex said quickly as she walked out the door.

Abby looked at heather and heather shrugged. Crystal walked back over to her mom and heather picked her up.

"mommy I used the potty" crystal said excitedly.
"good girl, give me five" heather said as crystal have her a five.
"I'm getting ready to leave, you want me to take her?" Abby asked.
"no I got her, thanks tho" heather said.

Abby hugged heather and kisses crystal on the cheek before heading out of the room. Crystal looked over at her face with a confused expression on her face.

"when daddy gonna get up?" She asked.
"I don't know baby girl" heather said.
"I have to tell him something" she said.
"what?" Heather asked.
"I love him" she said.
"me too" heather agreed

(Small add until I get out of class, second part to this will come later)

this story is def one of my favorites on here..glad u did a sequel.aww i hope jack wakes up soon. his daughter needs him.. what happen to trell? run this nowww

I'm so so happy you decided to continue, I love this story. Hurry up and wake up Jack, run it!

Jack need to wake up!!!!

Run it!

Damn, tht just killed my mood. Crystal is so happy to just be in her fathers presence. I hope heather doesn't fall into some deep depression

Run it

This is my one of my favorites. Jack wake yo ass up!! Physically impossible my ass!!
Run it


<em>Jack Brown of the New York Giants Shot in a Vicious love triangle.</em>
<em>Giant's Quarterback in a coma</em>
<em> 1 month after the shooting and Still no word on whether or not Jack Brown has awoken from his coma.</em>

These were some of the many news headline Heather had to sit through. A month past and Jack was still in a coma. The doctors and nurses insisted on pulling the cord and calling the date but heather pleaded for them not to. Heather parked her car in the Hospital parking lot and prepared herself for what was coming once she left the car.

She opened the door to her car and closed it as reporters bum rushed her with questions.

"what exactly happened on the day of the shoot?"
"are you happy to hear the shoot as 5 to 10 years?"
"do you think it was your fault?"

She finally made it to the hospital and walk in as the hospital security stop the reporters from coming in. Heather made her way to jacks room to vist him like she did every morning since the shooting. She walked into his room the see Nurse Brenda checking on him as well.

"good morning heather" Brenda said smiling.
"good morning, anything yet?" heather asked
"no" she simply said.
"isn't there anything you guys can do to pull him out of it?" heather asked.
"we've tried everything, it's up to him if he wants to push forwards and come back" she said."do you need anything before i leave?" Brenda asked.
"no, but thanks" heather said as the nurse nodded and walked out the room.

Heather stood in the middle of the floor looking at jack. The sight of him being hooked up to so many wires literally made her ill. His heart monitor beeped slowly and the oxygen tube that was taped to his mouth forced air into his lungs and caused his chest to move up and own.

Her phone rang loudly in the quite room causing her to jump. She looked at the caller ID to see Abby's name and picked it up.

"hello?" heather answered.
"Crystal is crying, she wants to see her father"
"he hasn't woken up, i don't want her to see him like this abby"
"she's not gonna stop crying, i know she's young but just explain it to her a little, all this crying isn't good for her" abby said.

Heather sighed and ran her hand over her face and through her hair. She looked at jack before responding to abby.

"okay fine, bring her over here"
"okay, i'll be there in a few"

Heather hung up in the phone and sat silently in the chair next to jack and stared at him. His skin was pale and his skin was cold, it was almost as if he was dead. The only thing that stop it from looking like he was dead was his heart beat beeping through the monitor. Heather leaned back in the chair and stood there silently taking everything his.

Moments later there was a knock on the door and it slightly opened. In walked abby with Crystal walking behind her.

"daddy!?" crystal asked in in excitement.
"yeah, but he's sleeping" heather said.
"oh okay, he's tied?" crystal asked.
"yeah, he got hurt and he has to sleep for a really long time until he's ready to wake up" heather said as she picked crystal up so see could see her father.
"ohhh" he said as she looked at him. She reached up and touched his face.

The only thing they don't know is Jack hears and feels everything that's going on around him but can't physically wake up. She sat there listening the sadness in Heathers voice as she tried to explain what happened to him to crytal with out getting into detail. All he wanted to do at this moment was tell both of them how much he loved hem but it was physically impossible.

"you okay?" abby asked heather.
"i'm fine" she said as crystal continued to play with jacks fingers.
"have you been getting sleep?" abby asked.
"no, how could i sleep, everything thats going on right now is my fault" heather said.
"it is not your fault, you didn't put the gun in trells hand and tell him to shot" abby said.
"but i left him, when i knew i still loved him and he still loved me" heather said looking at jack.
"you both agreed to it, you left because you weren't happy, don't beat yourself up heather, i know everything is gonna be okay" abby said putting her hand on heathers shoulder.

"yeah? how do you know?" heather asked.
"because i prayed for it to get better" she said.

Oh my d--- s--- just got real!!! Run it!!!

Praise God i was mad at the end of the other one runs!

Praise God i was mad at the end of the other one runs!

Yessssssssss!! Sequel!! I'm so excited!! I hope jake is alright and where in the hell in Trell?? I hope they threw his ass in a jail cell. Smh he was suppose to be her happily ever after but I guess we're going to have to give jack another shot....if he makes it that is.

Run it

yesss im so happy u made a sequel.. omg i hope chris make it.. this is crazyyy but please up date asappp

Praise God i was mad at the end of the other one runs

Ohhh s*** !!! It's a sequel *crip walks*

I am sooo ready!! My man Jack a trooper. He going to pull through because if he die imma kill him.

Runnnn It !!!! *walks away, turns around and comes back* Like right now :D