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||Charm's Randomness|| @#$%^&*( :)

Oprah called her out on buying guccii flatware and she said she felt belittled. b**** u eatin with gucci thats why you went bankrupt. Now you wanna beef with Oprah. smh

Really chaps my ass that I cant edit my post.

I am all about grammar sometimes, and it bothers me at times.



dtfl !! Her shower curtain attacked her and was tryna choke her out ... Tf you think was going to happen. Your son said "he coming for you" when you threw him in a mental asylum

Nope she think he is mentally ill now .. Just simple minded

Now her niece bugging out, smh

Oh well its something wrong with her..
Does she believe her son is eve possesed?

Exactly !!! This woman stayed and now her son is possessed AND she still denying thag something wrong with the house

Oh im going..! Gimi my money back adn everything. Nope cant do that

There is a remix !! I will look into that most def

Ladies I have a question. If you were moving with your family and you came across an extremely affordable home and you snatched it up no questions asked. Then move-in day comes and you realize it was a funeral home, do you stay or go?

honestly i hate the "i love you" song now that im older its annoying i lik the remix more

Wait .. I thought the teletubbie thing had the purse...

Idk who was who, I wasnt there for nobody forreal I just loved the "I love you" song lol

Man he scared the s*** outta me.. something about a big talking purple dino with a green belly walking around with a huge purse scared me.

busy with the kiddies

but i hate clowns hieghts & the dark

barney was my nigga and baby bop too i hated bj .. ithink that was his name either way i hated him his voice was annoying

Barney was my f***ing nigga wit his gay ass!! Clowns are iight. Ghost I dont f*** with at all !!

Lol lexi whaaaa !!

Lexi Baby...! Where u been

*claps buttcheeks all over this post & runs out*

lol, girl i used to be scared of Barney.. Im b**** made when it comes to clowns ghost and BARNEY

*slaps knee*.ohh that used to be me like s***, but my friends are breaking me

AKA Extra set of Panties cuz ill piss in my s***lol

Haunted house and paranormal actitivity 4 lol aka NO SLEEP

Whats happening saturday.. Haunted house???

True !! Thats a nice chunk of change

They do like no b**** don't go over there !! But they walk Anyway
Cee I am doing this only to prepare myself for saturday.

Ohhh noo i cant watch that by myself... my scary ass.. I wuda beeen noided af and im alwways blowed... lol

we been together since summer 2010... we better be talking about something. just some s*** i can't handle right now while im in the school.

and @chocolate you know them caucasions be acting like they inspecter gadget or something lmao

Aint he though. Yummy ass *licks lips*

I am watching paranormal witness and can I say these motherf***ers be STOOPID .. like why go to the attic if you know yo is home alone or dont open yo damn garage door if somebody banging on it ... Smh, simple

she was , she was just angry cuz she misses him.

Hes gorgeous

Lol !! You was all for marriage deep down inside.

Lol !!

Omarion was gonna be the father of my kids and i knew it. and after you got served came out i was like ima see these niggas walking down the block and we gonna fall in love. smh couldnt tell me nothing back then lmao!!

he calls everything prison and hell. i was tryna be a hard ass on the phone but i was smiling at the end of the convo... smh ughhhhhhhhhhhh

Marriage o_O. Honey Child Boo.

Yeaahh I remember the red and white!!! I had this one story I was smooth addicted to. Like homework never got done.

Druex is my baby father. :)

Aww yeah Mee too.. I used to love me some J-boog Fizz and Bow wow