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||Charm's Randomness|| @#$%^&*( :)

Oprah called her out on buying guccii flatware and she said she felt belittled. b**** u eatin with gucci thats why you went bankrupt. Now you wanna beef with Oprah. smh

Really chaps my ass that I cant edit my post.

I am all about grammar sometimes, and it bothers me at times.



the old bow wow was grey and black, then the new bow wow board was like white and burgandy i think. i joined the bow wow faithfully the night i came home from the scream when bow wow and omarion was relevant.

Oh Geez....! Prison...?? Like really or just calling the base Prison?

Yeah and then this nigga tries to tell my sister he was gonna surprise me and come home for thanksgiving. i dont give a damn about that. then the apologys start flowing. "baby i been in prison for a year, im sorry if im up tight." or "i missed you so much." blah blah blah to me. this he calls back and starts talking MARRIAGE... my face the whole time was like -___- like no nigga we can not talk marriage anymore.

I probably had one story on the bow wow board that I NEVER finished... it was red n black wasnt it??

Lol we are like Fam !! I used to read on their faithfully but I was waaayyy young back then so I was not writing though !! lol

@Chocolate you was on the bow wow board?!!! oh s***!! We like family then nigga!!! lmao

Thats what they say lol never been

I am random..

Pretty Ricky ish still up..? that was theeeeee BEST BOARD...

Lol , random ass!!

Pretty ricky and couple others but I dont know the names

*rapping* excuse me little mama but you cud say im on a duty im lookin g for a kewtie a real big ol ghetto booty. I really like your kitty kat so <strong>Licia</strong> Let me touch her. i no ur not a bluffer..


I never posted on thier like that.. Who else has boards now a days.. like this

I was in love with bow wow board !!

THE B2k Board was the best

Exactly !! I was lucky but others not so much.

You ain't seen nothing yet ;)

Aww hell no not my s***. I wud be pissed... u got a message.. we freaky lol

Who you telling? But this site always doing some f***boy s***. Smh like when maybe 20+ post got deleted

Ugh mad they did that.

No , they took the button away from us.

Ohh noo I didnt run outside. No hunnie I meant ran the story. Lol

Ahhh I know all to well

is there away to edit my posts??

And how long did u run?

And yea im good cramping thats all.. you no how that goes

You okay??

I'm lovely today! I ran babe

You check yo messages!

Im good baby, tryna make it through the day.

How are you? Oh I added

Yup but on a lighter note

Moanin' !! How are you today?

Exactly, Its not worth it in the end.

You need more of a piece of mind. he shouldbe tring to talk to you as much as he can apologizing and everything just for lost time. The time he hasnt made for you. He at least cud have sent for you or something while still in the states.

Exactly Cee ! Smh.

But really Tash just talk to him and if you all's relationship has run its course than let it go.
Don't fight for something if you are fighting alone...

Oh baby you can do better. Let his assstay in Afgan. hell.
Wtf was he screaming at you for like you did something wrong. You did nothing wrong. Except feell a certain type of wat because you should.. Im just saying you can do better sweets.

*rereads a few times* did he really scream and threaten to stop? Stop what?

Something foul is poppin off or better be preparing some amazing ass surprise.

I f***in hate niggas. my dude has in f***in afghanistan and now he is back in the states but somewhere in virginia or whatever. well he calls my sister from some random ass phone talking about he can't remember which number to call me on or whatever, thats cool cause i have 2 numbers. he was using some nigga phone and the nigga gonna hang up in my damn face. i was like you gonna check your friend. obviously not. and i been pissed at this nigga cause did i even know he was going to f***in afghanistan? f*** no. i found out from his ppls. i was like wtf. so then he hits me up right before he leaves and gets my address and all that s***. he been gone a year an a half. have i talked to this nigga in 6 months? in a year? no i just get updated from his peeps. so then he calls tonight. i had a f***in attitude and does he give a damn. no he gonna tell me he gonna stop all this s***. and scream at me...

In a good wway right.