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||Charm's Randomness|| @#$%^&*( :)

Oprah called her out on buying guccii flatware and she said she felt belittled. b**** u eatin with gucci thats why you went bankrupt. Now you wanna beef with Oprah. smh

Really chaps my ass that I cant edit my post.

I am all about grammar sometimes, and it bothers me at times.




I'm small but imma catch it, smack it, flip it, and rub it down. Haha

Just make sure you catch it when I throw it back.

Lol !! replied.

Well come over here and ride it out

I can handle it, I can got here baby wit youuuu...!

check ya messages if u already havent. =)

Can you handle it? If I go there baby with you

gon get it get it get ...! come be my lil freak.

We trading places *in my best usher voice* lol

uh Ooh.... Yea u are.. Take turns...!!

Yea I like it better too..!

Yayy Or Nayy the rest of yous...

Thats cool .. I think it would flow better with the events that have happened ..
I vote yay for new title

Imma get my private dance from you later sweetie ;) lol

Heyy Tashhh..!!!

And The Webs of Deception...

That what I wanna change it too.

Wait and u can just have this big booty??? not guna call myself a hoe..! but ILL DANCE FOR UU!!!!

Ohhh I got my two big booty hoes . One from rissa and Tash !!
*twerks* Ayyyyeeeee!!77

Nvm !!! Wrong person !!! Lol

lol yeah guh! I got all that s*** in the works!!!

Ayee girllaaa!!!

Wait ... Are you the one getting me a big booty hoe ??

Good morning b****es!!!!! <3

Change it to what?

Lol , I know how that goes.

I am this computer does crazy mental things... So i be trying to mkeit so i wont lose my iish.

and ooh i need to go read it...!!!

And nothing much i think i wanna change the nameto my story but then again i dont.

Lol , nothing . I am taking a chill day watching criminal minds. I put the add up for house nurse.
and write longer adds babygirl

Whats new with you?

Heyy Boo,

Whats New???

Moanin ! :)

MOrning morning morning....

Ohh join my cast for house nurse

Lmaooo !

Ugh i need a WOman, men does nothing for my hormones..

Yeah , she been having them for about two years so we kind of used to it but it is still scary.

That is so sweet! You need a new man .. a older man lol jk

Awww I hope shes okay and will be okay..:(

and yea hes the only man in my life.. lol :)

My mom had another seizure while we were out. So all weekend i been waking up eevery two hours checking on her ..

That's sweet !! :)