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||Charm's Randomness|| @#$%^&*( :)

Oprah called her out on buying guccii flatware and she said she felt belittled. b**** u eatin with gucci thats why you went bankrupt. Now you wanna beef with Oprah. smh

Really chaps my ass that I cant edit my post.

I am all about grammar sometimes, and it bothers me at times.



Oooh Okay..!

Lol , DMV *shrugs*

Ima chill midwest girl. Lol City Girl.. Wild Girl.. Freaky Girl lol.. Where you from?

I just thought you was from the south. You reminded me of a chill southern girl thats all.

I would have never thought detroit. Lol

What, why you say that ..?

Dayuum !!

Detroit, MI...?

Yay! Where you from?

followed back


Silly Ass..! Wats ya twitter ish.. I dont follow everybody back

Ha, I knew that!!! lol

I know that s*** was heart breaking. smh

Follow me on twitter.. lol

Aww boo you gotta do better.. lol

I bent over to tickle this boy my in-law watch and they just ripped .. Second time thia montg :(

What is FMOT ??

Omg how did you do that..?

We are..!
FMOT:: Envyme_Bytches
Favebook :MsCharm FancyDuhh

Embarassing Moment of the day:

I ripped my jeans :(

Lls !! We too much .. Good laugh for today

You have social networks?

Me too, play in a nice puddle all day too..! :)

Im too much

I can play all day !! Check yours
*skips away*

Thats gon get u in trouble..! check urs.

*Smiles n looks out the corner of my eye*


lmaooo !!! Riiight ...

check yo message

Wyd for ya bday, how old u turning.

Oooh i was abouta get my 2chainz on. Lol

On the 27th !!!

Its ya birthday????


Im bored. Too excited for my birthday though!!

Lmao, i no im silly. Thats good though..

smile woman, you should

Ctfuuu !! You are the laugh I need like OMG!!

C'mere let me cool you off...!

*Starts singing Dive In**