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||Charm's Randomness|| @#$%^&*( :)

Oprah called her out on buying guccii flatware and she said she felt belittled. b**** u eatin with gucci thats why you went bankrupt. Now you wanna beef with Oprah. smh

Really chaps my ass that I cant edit my post.

I am all about grammar sometimes, and it bothers me at times.



Lol !! Ohh Juicy Juciy stuff!! As long as i ain't no hoe or hated. Im cool

Omg !! I am hot as satan's balls !! Like grrr *fans self*

Nah you aint ready for what I got to offer.. ! chain orgasms this way lmaoooo...

Ohhh something juicy, Between Ree and Terrance. Even juicier with Jay Cee and ....?????? New Cast Member.. I have to welcome you in but hmmm what will i do with that.. lol.. might just be Cee lil one thang ummm lol...jk .. Big things are coming

Ohh lawd!! lol I don't think im ready

Yeahhh, that needs to be settled and soon. but what else you got in mind?

Lol, not showing off. just tryna show and tell. Lmao..!

And Umm lets see thinkinn ill have jay n cee talk thinkin a pow wow with the group. Somethings needs to get cleard up I see. My readers have been saying a few things.

Lol , oh okay!!
I am just tryna help

And i see you showing off, lol

Im a receptionist, lol i have nothin else to do..

And hey nowww, i cant tell you all that.

Lol ! Omg! your at work and on the board, smh
What you thinking about doing with it?

Sittin in my cubicle, thinking about which way I wanna take this next add..! Im not too sure ..!

That hide yo kids was halarious...!

I am a freak, i get real nasty..! wanna see

Right ! that was better than hide yo kids... Wyd?

Lls, freak nasty

Mannn she said I ran for my life...! I got bronchitis aint nobody got time for that..!!!

And umm nahhh its not is good *eyes glued* lol

Lmaoooo !!! I seen that.. "Oh lawd jesus its a fire" I watched that for like a week straight just laughing.

Lol !! My boyfriend told me to put it up. too much??

Omg, had me over here rotfl.. you silly watch this youtube clip called sweet brown remix escape or sweet borwn something.. that s*** is halarious

and ooo I see boobies in that new avii..!


<a href="">WATCH</a> Lmaoooo

ooohh girl dont call me sweetie.. do something to me... lmao

Lol ! Why thank you sweetie :)

Woot Woot..! Love the new name too. *wink wink* lol

Ohh I am down ! I can be your lesbian lover *woot woot* lol jk

Wooo girl i was bouta come find youu...! lol it look like her but it dont.. weird.. kewt pic of her to..

Alicia huh, how about Charm's new crush.. lol... im too much.

Keke palmer lol ,

My name is Alicia, I just use Kimmie in stories ..

Wait Kimmie is that Ke Ke Palmer or You.?

Moanin' !!!
How art thou?

<a href="">Kimmie</a>

Oh and whatsss up this morning, Ladies

Name pic thas it

Ohhh I would love too !!

What you need mami? :)

They sure do.

Im too Fine and Fly for that s***.. Real mf'n talk.

*Sparks my L* Sooo Wassupp Aye You wanna be in my story I need a another girl

Ohhhhhh damn !! Thats foul as f***, smh.
I would have next'd her ass too.

*sings these b****es be actin up*

Aww man that rough, tell her Charm said. hopes she feels better.. :( so terrible.

Idk what exactly it is. But she said she had a skin infection that her doctors didnt pick on until august and then she had an allergic reaction to the medicine and she has xzama(i f***ed that word up, but I cant think of the correct spelling for s***!!) But its bad to the point that she put off school and stuff.

shes a liar, she was layin up with another girl well her buttface ass ex. and was ignoring me then called when she left and lied. I have gps family locator (thank you sprint)