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||Charm's Randomness|| @#$%^&*( :)

Oprah called her out on buying guccii flatware and she said she felt belittled. b**** u eatin with gucci thats why you went bankrupt. Now you wanna beef with Oprah. smh

Really chaps my ass that I cant edit my post.

I am all about grammar sometimes, and it bothers me at times.



Lol , why you cancel her???

does she have the flu or something...

i have sickle cell so i no how not being able to move and hurting feels like

Awwww hope mama feel better.. and you too..

C'mon we going over I no how that is though..

I get like that wen my baby is sick, but f*** my biish.. ugh i had to cancel her ass like nino this morning.. But im here for uuu...! lol

Lol *holds you tight*

She has been really sick all summer to the point where she doesnt want to move even a little bit. and she JUST told me today.

I just wanna run to her bedside and wait on her hand & foot. Like uggh !!! :'(

Awww bring ya lil kewt ass here...*hold ya head on my boobs* wwooo woo wooo..!

What she do?

My play girlfriend just made me soooo f***ing sad :( my mood is shot to hell .....
*plays sad classical music*

TUH, now i no why the lil b**** wasnt texting me back.
Im SOOO Thru with relationships. Females are too much. Its just guna be me and my babyboy.!

These dumb hoes.. sheesh.. Aye Wat up lex.. Cmon ova here.. lol..

I posted working on the next add now

I feel you lex... I'm so outta touch with this relationship s*** cause every boyfriend I use to be with is now in prison *face palm* I don't have time for that s*** in the least bit. And this nigga I'm messing with its like he is NEVER coming.back. not that's its his fault but got damn.

heyyyyy everyone :(

i been sleeping when i get the chance most of the morning be waiting to see if my babyfather was gonna stop by like he normally do before he go to work but i guess not *eye roll*

i cant do this single s*** i been in a relationship too damn long but ughhh i cant do that anymore either its a f***in strain dont nobody got time to be worried bout the next b****/hoe Tuh! smhh i cnt wait for class to start cause honestly this be the damn blow

but other than that hhhhhhheeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy you guys should read my stories Past Lives and First Impressions

Lmaoo !! okay okay I will try :)

Man yall I hella would. lol
I cant even recall the last time I seen that nigga... Its been THAT LONG!

I been reading Suicide that s*** crack girl and _Tadoww ima need you to post longer post in You Vs. Them I be searching for that s***!

I see I have...!

Okay, Lemme go post this add..! BRB

Lmaooo !! You too much.
But yeah you been missin out!!

Even though im all homo, but no homo It is some lil kewt ladies on Chris's site.. M shuda joined awhile ago..! lol

Lol, i noo i noo..!

Lol Fiesty Bunny You Are!!

Me Too...! and ight..just ahhh... hurry

Just sasuage and eggs nothing fancy !!

I got you!! Thinking of something right now :)

Oh im already reading Imagination.... When tf you gunna add by the way.. *taps foot and folds arms* cuz im waiting..

Hell yeah Suited up like u go this way n i go that way..

What U Cook..!?

Moaning Ladies!

My morning is slow as f***.. Just made my in-laws breakfast nothing special lol..

April ... Smh f*** that I'd suit up too and be "Bae who we shootin at?" lol

Ohhh read my junk: You vs. Them &&&&&& Imagination. :)

f***ing April OMG.. GIRL u must got one hell of a vibrator..!!!! and okay Let me start now..!

I gotta post to my ish...! Suicide Check it out if u havent I just started it.

Hey girl lol I'm sitting in class bored as s*** and tired as f***.

I'm still blown about my boo not coming back from Afghanistan this week like he was suppose too but now he coming back in f***ing April Smh

When you get some time read my story "The Manager."