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To Write Love On Her Arms... {New Story}

"I do't wanna go there..."

"We should never go there..."

"Why you wanna go there?"

"I guess I gotta go there..."

I won't judge you.
But only...
If you promise...

Once I show you, you won't forget.

But please babe...
please don't judge me.


Oh wow this is good. its different but interesting.!
I hope you add more.!

I really like this! I feel so sorry for her I hope she can fight these urges to cut herself :(

^.^ . -.- . o.o

What? NOBODY read this? Its a little different & weird but I love it.
Are you going to add more? I'll be the loyalest reader ever ♥

Ignore this. Just a filler.

1. Cut/Worried

I'm crying again. But this time I'm alone. He's not here to save me from me. I stare at the blade. Then I look at the flame. The hot tears stream down my cold face. I'm losing color in my skin. Slowly I'm sinking further and further into submission. Submission to temptation. The temptation of pain. I want it so bad...but I've been doing so well this month. "To hell with trying to stop! DO IT!" My inner self screams. She longs for pain, it's how we survive. I run the blade through the flame twice, and twice more. Then I drag it across my wrist, making a guideline for the cut. "A short clean cut is all we need" My inner self smiles. I let her control me as I dig the somewhat dull razor into my skin. I carve a straight line all the way across and laugh. "That makes 19 in the last 3 months, Angel. Are you proud of your masterpiece?" I say to myself. "Yes, you're getting better at keeping your lines paralell" My inner voice coos. I admire the deep crimson liquid spilling rapidly down my arm. I watch it drip onto the floor, making dark splotches which would soon become stains on the concrete. Oops. There are many of these stains here. It's a complete mess, like a murder scene from a move. But nobody ever comes down here anyway. This is my hideout. My Paradise.

Never in my life was I more afraid than I am now. I couldn't find anyone to watch Angelique because everyone swears she's possessed by something. I left her home alone even against my better judgement. I try to run my errands as fast as I possibly can because I need to get home to her. I hope she hasn't...nah, she's been good all month she wouldn't ruin it now. Right? But even if she didn't there are other ways for her to inflict pain on herself. Thoughts. Bad, horrible evil, terrifying thoughts of possibilites start running through my head. But Angelique wouldn't dare...or would she? That's the problem! I just never know with her! One second she's fine, then the next she's trying to commit suicide! What if she's doing it now!? "s***!" My mouth says on it's own accord. I have to reschedule my appointment with this person for another time. I rush out of the building like a whirlwind with the secratary yelling "Mr. Brown! Mr. Brown wait!" I have no time. I jump in my car and do 196 trying to get to my house. When I get home there's nothing but silence and stillness. Not good when Angelique is normally loud and energetic. "Angelique?!" I call. I feel a strange aura coming from a door under the stairwell. Since when was that even there? I slowly and cautiously approached the small door. I heard some soft shuffling from behind it and a click. Did it just lock? I reached for the handle. "Ang? Angel? C'mon now Angel, are you in there?" I ask, now growing impatient. "Hi Christopher" She squeaks from behind the door. "Come out here, I wanna see you" "I can't..." She trails. "I did a bad thing..." Her voice drops. My heart stops. Then it starts again. I'm afraid that it'll pop out of my chest and I'll have to hold it. "What bad thing Angel?" I ask. "I...I'm sorry, Christopher" I start to get worried, I'm gonna panic! "Angel, what did you do?" I ask a bit more dominantly. The lock clicks and the door creaks open. Angelique steps from behind the door with her arms hidden behind her back. I neal down on one knee. "Show me" I command. She allows her arms to swing forward. I catch a blur of dry crimson on her arm as it passes my peripherral vision. My reflexes cause me grab her arm. "Ouch!" She whimpers. I loosen my grip on her arm. "I'm sorry" I inspect her arm. A new cut. Angel winces in pain as I kiss the wound gingerly. I pull her into a hug, resting my cheek on her abdomen. "Please stop this. You've been doing so good this month. Why now?"