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What you neeed? What , what you need?

Yooo! Hi, Wassup? How are you? Good.
I'm kay..

Yes, the girl who likes Chris Brown..
But morely the dopest blunt you can ever smoke.
I'm super down to earth. Like those b****es who be eatin' scooby snacks singing " Gotta Have It " while scratchin' her balls.

I'm indeed a female, but my personality is a total hermaphrodite.
Known, Loved & Happy is what I am.
It takes a whoooole lot to break me down. So if there's any bullies on here, you might wanna beat my ass before my sarcasticness slaps yours.
Am I the only mf here who dies over Saints Row?

Lmaooo but to finish this Obama ass speeech off .. I write alot of stories and soon to add some. I will admit all of you are goodmuffin talented. I have read about 10 stories before speaking my mind so Im sorry for being a down-low b****.

Kae, let me know if you want your story read or any reviews. I will do so. And just get to know me, I swear I keep friends longer than school supplies.. which is.. very.. very.. very sad.

Btw , I came from Chrisitis
Here's my account there : @KayTayloor:
- With love .. Kay ツ


* giggles * whatever , yall aint cute.
* pops some chicken in my mouth *


*Laughs & lays on Chris* Y'all not the only muhf***as that can be all boo'd up!

* laughs & lays across Shad *
* fake cries when Chris dies * He was such a d***.. But I loved him (:

*He chuckles* I went out like a G tho so stfu!

That's right Chris... f*** her... *laughs & watches the movie*

* takes a sip & nods *

* Chris turns on Stomp The Yard *

* giggles * Chris your a pussy for dying (:


*Comes back with the coffee* Is everything alright now?

Sure thing. <3

Uhh.. Can we all just.. Watch a movie?

* Shad nods * Yea. But what about that thing you just had?

* sighs * ADHD.

* he nods & put his face in my neck hugging me *

Check your messages.

*Looks at you strangely...* Ummm sure... *Goes to the kitchen & starts making coffee*

* Shouts * NO! .. I mean , lets all watch a movie! Wait , do you guys want dinner? What time is it? STOP THE CAR! Ouch my ankle. TURN THAT BATH WATER OFF! I mean.. BREE! Can you make me some coffee?
* looks at shad embarrassed *

*Me and Chris look at each other & then shake our heads simultaneously*

ANYWAY.... *laughs* I think we should leave you two lovebirds alone.

* wipes the rest of my tears & go sit next to Shad *
I love you King.

* He smiles & pecks my lips * I love you too Queen Sasha fierce.

* Giggles * Omg your so corny! * hides my face in his chest *

You're welcome... Let's not keep them waiting.... *walks back into the room*

* laughs * I know ! * looks at you & smile * thanks Bree.

*Wipes your tears* You will make it.... Stop all this damn crying and worrying.... You're a b****... b****es don't cry or worry. *Laughs a little*

I know what I want. Its him & him only. Im happy with him.. I just want it to stay that way.
Drake & Jinsu are JUST friends. Nothing more , nothing less. This is new to me.. Im just.. Used to being treated badly. I hope we can make it. * smiles as tears fall *

You won't mess up.. You're going to love the hell out of him & he's going to love the hell out of you. You two will make it... Because if not.... you're going to be single until you can figure out wtf you want.

* sighs * I know.. I just dont wanna mess up anymore. Im scared outta my mind about losing him. I honestly feel like a fool for doing what I did to him. I know it sounds a little too early.. but I hadn't realized how much I was in love with him I am until today.

*Nods & listens to you* Joie WAS his everything. That's the difference. She's not anymore. Don't try to live your life the way she does. She's pretty, but so are you. Stop tripping. The only thing they share is the love for their child. That's it.

Nothing.. I just.. Kinda wish that I was in Joie's spot. She's his first everything. & she's prettier.
Idk.. I.. Nothing. I'll be fine , im just stupid.

Bree's note: Okaaaay.

What's going on? I caught the way you looked when I brought up Shai. What's wrong?

* nods & walks into the hall * yes?

Kay's note: ima bout to inbox you before I say something I wont regret ( not towards you ) <3

Awww, alright.

*Looks at you & notices your expression* Kay, can I speak to you in the hall for a second?

* He nods * She's good, I just left from seeing her before coming over. Ima bring her over sometime this week.

* My smile disappears & I look at my hands *

Man, f*** everything y'all stand for. *Laughs* no, but on a serious note, Bow how is your daughter Shai doing? Haven't seen her lil' cute self in a while.

* smiles * Its how we communicate.. you wouldn't know anything about this * points to me shad & laughs *

*Raises my eyebrow* Tf is so funny?

*Chris sits down* I wanna know too...

* Nods & smiles at Shad *
* He looks back and smile at me & then we bust out laughing *

Shut up Shad! * Laughs harder *

It was... okay. And I'm 2 weeks... That mean I JUST got pregnant. This is all so crazy, but I feel normal. I guess. *Eats the food*

* Climbs off Shad & smiles shyly * Your back! How was the appointment?