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What you neeed? What , what you need?

Yooo! Hi, Wassup? How are you? Good.
I'm kay..

Yes, the girl who likes Chris Brown..
But morely the dopest blunt you can ever smoke.
I'm super down to earth. Like those b****es who be eatin' scooby snacks singing " Gotta Have It " while scratchin' her balls.

I'm indeed a female, but my personality is a total hermaphrodite.
Known, Loved & Happy is what I am.
It takes a whoooole lot to break me down. So if there's any bullies on here, you might wanna beat my ass before my sarcasticness slaps yours.
Am I the only mf here who dies over Saints Row?

Lmaooo but to finish this Obama ass speeech off .. I write alot of stories and soon to add some. I will admit all of you are goodmuffin talented. I have read about 10 stories before speaking my mind so Im sorry for being a down-low b****.

Kae, let me know if you want your story read or any reviews. I will do so. And just get to know me, I swear I keep friends longer than school supplies.. which is.. very.. very.. very sad.

Btw , I came from Chrisitis
Here's my account there : @KayTayloor:
- With love .. Kay ツ


*Chris drives me to go pick up my vitamins.*

*I walk inside & pay for them. I then come back.* I got them man. I'm hungry now.

*Chris nods his head* You want some Subway?

Sure, I'll love to eat some of their pizza. I guess you can buy me three boxes of them.

*Chris stares at me* Three boxes of pizza? Bree, you're not even a month yet.

Chris, sweetie. Their pizzas are small af and come in five little, thin ass slices. Trust me, three small boxes of that s*** will fill me up... for now.

*He drives off* Fine.

*Looks through the rearview mirror and see a van following us* Chris, someone is following us.

*Chris looks through the mirror and roll his eyes* Man, that's nobody, but the damn paparazzi.

So, I'm sure they saw us leave out of the hospital too! *Shakes head*

*Chris looks over at me* Aye, don't let these muhf***as get to you. I don't need you stressing and you don't have to answer any questions. Ignore them.

*Nodded my head as he pulled up to Subway.*

*He got out and I followed him*

*Girls swarmed to him* CHRIS BROWN!

See, girls recognize your ass even with shades and a hoodie on... You NOT fooling nobody. *Shook my head*

Hey Team Breezy, I really love all of you but right now a brotha starving. My stomach doing flips so I'm tryna be out real quickly.

*Some of the fans nod and still are star struck and snap pics*

Wait, who is she? Where is Rihanna? Karrueche.

*Chris nose flares, but he doesn't get mad* This is my good friend Bree.

*Girls give me a few looks*

*I try not to go off & get in line, but Chris grabs my hand and thanks the customers for allowing us to skip them.*

*Chris orders for us & then pays for it.*

*I patiently wait until our food is done and head to the car until Paparazzi swarms me and snaps pictures* Are you and Chris Brown dating? How do you feel about Rihanna? Is Karrueche still in the picture?

*Chris quickly grabs me and heads to the car with me as the paparazzi follows*

Chris, this your new main squeeze? *The paparazzi hounded Chris*

*Chris opened the door for me & I got in*

*He then got in & took off* I'm sorry. They didn't touch you, did they?

*Shook my head* No, but them muthaf***as were all in my face snapping pics and s***. Man, I don't see how y'all do this s***. For real.

*He shrugs* I mean, I really have no choice. I got used to it by now. I still can't stand their ass at times, but hey, it is what it is.

*Nods head & looks through the window* Man, what a day.

*Chris pulls up to the house & notices Bow's car* Bow ass here.

I see, hmm wonder what their asses are doing.

*Chris parks the car and gets out. He opens my door & I step out of the car.*

*We walk inside together.*

We're back b****esssssss.... *Plops down in a chair & starts eating*

* Shares some chicken with shad *

So.. how's Bree?

* Shrugs * Idk.. She just went to her appointment. I hope everythings fine.

* He nods & stares at the TV for a minute *

Do you ever think about having a baby?

* Nods * Yeah.. but I don't think Im fit to be a mother right now.

* He chuckles * Why not?

* Lays on his lap & kicks my feet up on the arm rest *
Because.. Im just not. I'm young, imature, iresponsible, just.. not the person who desreves to have one, thats all.

* He plays with my hair * Well, why dont you learn & settle down with someone?

* Sighs * I don't know. I.. think im scared.

Scared of what?

* Shrugs * Idk.. heartbrake, commitment.. love. It seems like I always ruin everything good for myself. I ruined everything with Drake, Jinsu.. maybe even you.

* He bends down & pecks my lips * If you ruined things with me.. would I be here with you right now?

* Whispers * No.. * sits up & sit on his lap *

Okay, than why would you think you ruined everything between us?

* looks him in the eyes * Because.. I used you & I took your kindess in the wrong way. I f*** up & always expect you to come save me.

* He smiles * Keyword em>always f*** up</em> , but that doesn't mean I stopped loving you. It was my way of showing you I care about you alot.. & you probably won't find this love nowhere else. regardless of what we go through.. I'll always love you. You remember that. I'm real happy your mines & its gonna be that way for a minute. Even if it means giving up my player ways & changing myself. Im all for you. I promise.

* Smiles & starts kissing him *

Hell yeah! But it doesn't bother me.. I like when you write long (:

Chris... You might as well come get in the shower with me...

I'm already ahead of you. *He takes off his clothes & gets in the shower*

*We shower together & then get out & get dressed.*

*Brushes my teeth*

*He brushes his*

Alright, let's go... *Headed out the door*

See you later duck face! *He flicks your face*

*Chris puts his shades on & his hoodie over his head.* Where is your doctor located?

*Gives him the directions & then he pulls up to the hospital*

Alright... Let's go in... *I get out the car & so does he*

*We walk inside*

We're here to see Dr. Davis.

Breana right? *The woman at the front desk asked*


He's ready for you. You make go up now.

*Nodded & took Chris hand & got on the elevator* I'm a little nervous Chris...

*He rubs my back* Don't be... I'm sure everything is fine... We have God on our side.


<em>Elevator stopped on the floor</em>

*We got out & walked into the doctor's office.*

Hello Bree. How are you today?

Nervous... Very nervous.

Okay, let's get started. Im going to need a urine sample. *Hands me a cup*

Okay. *Heads into the restroom & pees into the cup. Washes hands & then carefully carried the cup into the doctor's room.*

*He takes it* I will be back with the test results....

*Looks at Chris* Man, I'm too nervous right now.

What did I tell you Bree?

*Sighs* I know man, but still..

Ain't no buts. Chill. *He kisses my forehead*

<em>Many minutes later</em>

The results are back... You are..... 2 weeks pregnant. Congratulations. And about the alcohol problem, we can't really determine if it will affect the baby right now, but we'll definitely see in nine months right? You can only pray for the best.

*Nodded my head* Thanks.

*He prescribes prenatal vitamins* Make sure you take your vitamins...

I will definitely make sure she does... *Chris says*

You're the father of the child?

Yes, I am... I'm Chris.

Nice to meet you Chris. Congrats.

Thank you...

Lets go pick up my vitamins... You have a nice day doc.

You have a nice day too.

*We both walk out the doctor's office*
Gotdamn this was long af!!!!!

* nods & fixes me some cereal * you & chris hurry back cause a b**** gone be bored.. Unless shad comes over. * giggles *

* nods & fixes me some cereal * you & chris hurry back cause a b**** gone be bored.. Unless shad comes over. * giggles *

Yeah, I know... Today is my doctor's appointment.... So I gotta get ready. *Heads to shower*

* giggles * Fine , but NO drinking under any circumstances!

*Drops it to the floor* Yes we do! I'm celebrating ALL this week.

* shakes my ass * we get to turn the white house black again!

I bet the ppl who voted for romney are pissed

Umm Kay it was a close ass race... ALL the Democrats were positive but nervous man lol.

I told everybody that.. But noooo you guys wanted to—

OBAMA WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!


YEEEEES PENISSSS POWER! *Lays on the couch*

* sings & does the crybaby * lay back & just let it play this music is your frieeeeeend (:

* Does the dougie * Baaaaah im a horsey . Yes , i know you are :D

That's my f***ING SONG! *Dances on the couch*

I am not nowhere abusive. I am a loving person lol.

* lays on the floor & sings * love music , looooove music..

She's like my parents were when I was little , that use abuse so much that ' the look ' cuts holes through you lol
Naah im jk.. She cant swat a fly :D

*Looks at the tv & folds arms*

Wat did she do??

* looks away *
* starts playing with my fingers *

Seee what I mean?! Lol


*Rolls eyes at Chris* Shut up!

*Glares at you* I'm not gon' touch you. You can STOP looking at me!

I am NOT abusive lol.

Lol yes we are , but bree's abusive :D

* looks from behind the curtain * Fine?
Chris! Check her head! I think the pregnancies getting to her!

* Chris checks your head * Nope.. Its warm.. & its shiny too. How much oil sheen did you put in your hair? * laughs *

* comes from behind the curtain & sits on the couch BUT watches you *

Lol yall havin fun over here

*Sighs & sits down & watches TV* FINE!

* Screams * let me go , your f***ing crazy!
* Yanks away from you & runs in the living room behind the curtain *

*Runs in the backyard* COME HERE! *Grabs you & drags you into the house*

* Runs & slides under the kitchen table, then dashes for the back door *
You'll never catch me alive!

* Runs in circles around the backyard * CHRIS!


*Throws his hands up* Fine... Crazy ass girls...

*Runs after you* BRING YO ASS!