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What you neeed? What , what you need?

Yooo! Hi, Wassup? How are you? Good.
I'm kay..

Yes, the girl who likes Chris Brown..
But morely the dopest blunt you can ever smoke.
I'm super down to earth. Like those b****es who be eatin' scooby snacks singing " Gotta Have It " while scratchin' her balls.

I'm indeed a female, but my personality is a total hermaphrodite.
Known, Loved & Happy is what I am.
It takes a whoooole lot to break me down. So if there's any bullies on here, you might wanna beat my ass before my sarcasticness slaps yours.
Am I the only mf here who dies over Saints Row?

Lmaooo but to finish this Obama ass speeech off .. I write alot of stories and soon to add some. I will admit all of you are goodmuffin talented. I have read about 10 stories before speaking my mind so Im sorry for being a down-low b****.

Kae, let me know if you want your story read or any reviews. I will do so. And just get to know me, I swear I keep friends longer than school supplies.. which is.. very.. very.. very sad.

Btw , I came from Chrisitis
Here's my account there : @KayTayloor:
- With love .. Kay ツ


o_O hell nawl....

Kay... her name is not Ana lol.


But that's right Kay. It is not our fault. We didn't ask to be on this planet. They just brought us here.

Ana if you leave I'll feed you cat food. Understood (:

Hi I'm Coco

we'll get along fine i love sarcastic ppl their pretty much the only ones who get my humor

uhhhhh im not writing anything right now all my stories commin bak on halloween well day the day before sooooooo.........*pop locks out post*

Im out s*** lol not gone be talking to my got damn self lol im already established on this s*** *hair flip and 2 snaps*

They can't blame us aliens for our craziness right venus? (:

b**** come lick both of our elbows hating ass b**** lol @Chey

Chris brown is mine @Ana!

f*** yall overrated ass rihanna and chris brown having ass b****es lmao

lol yes i am her Serena

Lol Cheyv... I'mma call you that for short chile lol. And Le'Juicee' is my Serena lol.

*Throws up alien gang signs at Kay* Cool.

chris not available but you can have Keeis if you want...oh and hood

I want that hat in yo picture!! I saw it online and I'm saving my pennies to get me one! s*** is dope!

@Ana I dont blame you because Im going to kiddnap Chris Brown & sniff his hair ^.^

Um, Excuse me . . . .

<Strong><em>Do you enjoy Egyptian things?</em></strong>

Hello Le'Juicee'. Whats cookin' in the kitchen guuurh?

Oh! Venus? Cuteeee. *Rubs my thumb on yours* that can be our way of saying hello in mars (:

lmao! where serena? LMAO
thats how you spell her name right?

Ana HAD to be the damn oddball.... Damn get with the program lol.

Yes. .. .

Listen to Venus . .. .

Do you enjoy Egyptian things?

Smh.... Cheyvonne you SHOULD. I JUST quit a few days ago.

im anastasia but ana is fine
im going to marry trey songz one day
even if i have to drug him and pull him
down the alter

Read ALL of our stories.

We are royalty...

welp for a second i thought my name was still itsKeria LMAO!!!!!
I definitively have to STOP smoking weed :)

Hello my name is Cheyvonne
and Nose Candy is a good story you could read
oh and my name isn't Keria btw
she's just my idol. I watch her a lot of youtube thats all...

My name is Le'Juicee' . .. .

Le'Juicee' from Germany . .. .

I like weird people....

I'm Venus....

My planet is Mars....