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What you neeed? What , what you need?

Yooo! Hi, Wassup? How are you? Good.
I'm kay..

Yes, the girl who likes Chris Brown..
But morely the dopest blunt you can ever smoke.
I'm super down to earth. Like those b****es who be eatin' scooby snacks singing " Gotta Have It " while scratchin' her balls.

I'm indeed a female, but my personality is a total hermaphrodite.
Known, Loved & Happy is what I am.
It takes a whoooole lot to break me down. So if there's any bullies on here, you might wanna beat my ass before my sarcasticness slaps yours.
Am I the only mf here who dies over Saints Row?

Lmaooo but to finish this Obama ass speeech off .. I write alot of stories and soon to add some. I will admit all of you are goodmuffin talented. I have read about 10 stories before speaking my mind so Im sorry for being a down-low b****.

Kae, let me know if you want your story read or any reviews. I will do so. And just get to know me, I swear I keep friends longer than school supplies.. which is.. very.. very.. very sad.

Btw , I came from Chrisitis
Here's my account there : @KayTayloor:
- With love .. Kay ツ


* gets up & runs * CHRIS HEEELP!

*Stops* Tf I'm running for... You don't own me chump. *Pushes you*

* Gives Chris the seath glare * attempt to help her & Ill mutelate your balls!

* chases you again * Bring your ass joslynn! Your going back to the strip club!

NOOOO.... *Runs to Chris* Help me Chris! PLEASE!!!

* chases you * celie , you come back here now!

Horses don't make that damn noise. *Laughs & hops away from you*

* picks you up & piggybacks you down the stairs *
Im a horsey . Baaaaah , baaaaaaah!

Grrrrrr! *Gets up & playfully smacks you*

* throws a pillow * f*** you! * laughs *

Ask Shad ass! *laughs*

* rolls my eyes * Drama queen. Whats fir dinner tonight babe? Lol

*Falls to the floor & fake cries* if you say so...

* looks at you * they haven't even choosen president yet. Im pretty sure obama has a high chance of winning.

I was talking to my fetus. And because this country is f***ed!

* squints * why?

Yeah... <em>hopefully</em>... *looks at my stomach* I feel really bad for you.

* giggles * its going to be fine.. Hopefully..

* starts fake crying *

I'm packing my s***! And getting Tf out of America! *Fake cries*

* pinches your cheek * nope.

*Pouts* Shut up Kay.

* laughs * what can you do?

Man, this damn election!

About what?

*Watches the tv & eats* Ugh, what tf I'm going to do... Man...

* smiles & sits by you *

Awww thanks... *Takes it & eats*

* makes you a bowl & takes it to you * Your welcome (:

I hate you more... aye bring me some... *Looks at videos*

Uuggggh I hate you guys * gets up & go eats me some ice cream *

*He yells from downstairs* I KNOW!

*Steps over you and walks into my room & gets on my laptop* Y'all need to chill out.