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My Friend , My Ace

-- Intro : .. You asked me what's wrong, I said nothing...

And slowly turned around and whispered... everything.


<a href="">I</a> let my tired and sore body collide in an empty booth that sat in the back of the diner. Chris, my friend, followed and sat across from me letting his head viciously land on his now folded arms.

The warm heat of the dinner hit my puffy pink cheeks, that had been cold from the winter breezes along with that crazy headache that I had had this morning that was coming back again.

My short and froze fingers found their way out of my coat and started tapping against the gray-boldish table.

"<a href="">Chris</a> , I'm so tired... why must we do this?" his head lift from the table.

"You said you wanted a better life, right?" He asked kind of stern.


Hell, I just wanted to get away from all those damn people who looked at me as if I had been some alien baby that fell off mars.

I hated being in a group home where the kids always acted like they were happy to be put in somebody else's home like a new puppy. Chris and I both hated that s***. God knows I want to get away from it more than anyone could imagine.

And the thought of being taken away from him to 'move on' with a new life only urked my nerve. Me and Chris had been friends for a while. A while where we both had grown attach to eachother like brother and sister.

Hell, he was the only person that I could trust.

He was honest with me. Truthful too.

I was quieter then most the kids and always stayed locked in the room with my portable radio that I had gotten for Christmas from a 'Secret Admire' booming through the walls. I was soon to find out later that it had been Chris, who said that his brother gave it to him before he died.

"Yes... but I rather not stress of where's the next place we'll sleep, and where our next meal is coming from..."

He rubbed the back of his neck and let out a slight sigh. He tended to do this whenever he would get nervous or was about to lie.

"Pey... babygirl I know your worried, but I told you I got this."


"But how Chris, we only have 200 dollars and a few clothes."

There goes that neck rubbing again.

"Pey, you just got to have faith... Im sure pretty soon we'll be doing well." His hand found it's way on top of mine.

I could feel the back of my eyes start to burn from trying to hold back tears that I'd been hiding for a month. I knew we shouldn't have ran away. My mind goes back to why at this point I wish I was back at the group home in bed.

But I knew there was no going back now.

And Chris wouldn't lie to me like that. He's always kept his promises, at least that's what I think. I'd hope what he was saying had been true. And like always.. I trusted him.

"But what if-"

My sentence was cuttin' short by a tall lady in a long skirted uniform clearing her throat.

Her height had to been at least 5'11 and she looked about twenty-two at the most.

Her honey-toned skin stretched with a smile appearing over her face. "Can, I get you guys anything?" her country accent bellowed.

Chris' eyes wondered from the table up to me.

The tapping of my fingers had stopped, "Uhh... I'll just have a sandwhich and a sprite," then mine flunderd over to him.

He gave me a weak smile.

"Same here."

I began to fiddle with the buttons on my pecon coat.

"Okay, hunns your order will be ready in a few," she gustered a flirtatious smile towards Chris.

One thing I hate about being a 'friend' to Chris, is that everytime we get around girls their always trying to get a taste of him. Yeah, I said it... and probably it's soon to be true too.

I can admit, being a friend did come with boundaries.

One, too many.

"So what were you saying."

I rolled my eyes.

"Never mind... It's not even important anymore." I can tell he knew I got into another one of those 'b**** fit' attitudes.

"Why you always gotta' be like this?"

His eyes took in every move I made, like he had been studying me. I could tell this would be another petty arguement we'd have cause' of me again.

"Nothin' Chris... its' nothin' really," On a verge of tears, again, I pulled my legs up onto the booth couch and put my chin on top of them.

I know that Chris wouldn't try to do something that would hurt me. In my childhood years, I couldn't remember much but that all the time that my father would beat me, he would call me the 'devil's best child'. I tried all my life to be the favorite daughter out of 2 girls.

It seemed as though he and my mother loved my sister more than me. Because she was always willing. Willing to sell herself, willing to please my father's desires, and willing to do whatever it took to get my mother to notice her.

And I on the other hand, was the unwanted child.

Always being beaten until I threw up for the little mistakes I made. And how I would care about college. And because I was lighter.

My mother, Dawnson Dollien, had been a drug addict half my life. She was a carmel cinnamon color that brought out the beauty in her flaws. Like me, my mother had wanted to go to college. That was, until she met my sorry ass father.

At the time me and my sister were being raised in North, Carolina.

But when my mother and father had married, things had changed. Alot. We had to leave most our relatives and friends behind to indure a new life. In New, York of course.

My mother had a hard time getting money in and out the house, so she would sell herself everynight after she would put us to bed. It had certainly then gotten worse. She'd turn to drugs and continue her passing days either drunk, or high.

I would have to start taking care of my sister. My mother had been very stricted about her.

"Peyton, make sure Aliee get's her bright ass home," she would say before I would go off to school. And I would. But Aliee would always find trouble.

And my ass would be burning everynight.

"Peyton I told you I already got everything fixed out for us and I know you mad again, but Imma' give you your space.'


I hate it when he does that.

The waitress came back with our 'dinner'.

My eyes would bounce off him to her, then back to my plate as they talked. I wasn't gay, but I would roam her body. She had natural beauty. That's nothing I could compete with. He would run to her for sure.

Her breast glistened under the ceiling lamp that sat over our heads.

Somehow, I wish that it would fall and hit her ass dead in the head. Yeah, that would shut her ass up then.

She and Chris finished talking.

"So how's the food." He asked with an unsure look.

I didn't hesitate to pretend I didn't hear.

He'd sigh again and look on the T.V screen that sat neatly over the wall.

Somewhere in me, I was telling myself to pretend that I hadn't heard him. But we've both been through to much the last few days. We were miles away from New, York. No where near our new home. And even If I was pissed, he would be the one I would be sleeping next to tonight. Regardless of how I felt.

"Its... fine."

He's head spun my way along with a little smirk appearing on his face.


How could you not forgive him.

My frown turned into a weak smile.

I just wanted to be in a bed somewhere, sleep, with him cuddled next to me to assure me everything was going to be alright.

If it was.

After a few, I grew bored with the silence between us and started to fiddle with my sandwhich. Things have changed alot since me and Chris ran away from the home. Stress, depression, and worries filled our laughter's that we once shared.

Chris would run his long finger's through my hair after we'd shower and sing bed time lalubies to me. It worked everytime time sending me into a peaceful sleep. Then those dreams that always seemed to hunt me would come and wake me in a screaming fit.

And to tell the truth, Chris was always the one to find ways to calm me down. Noone else can be like my Chris. Without him, I'd probably be dead by now.

"You done?" he asked through his sandwhich stuffed mouth.

I nodded my head.

He stuff the rest of the sandwhich in his mouth and pulled out a twenty and placed it on the table and grabbed his coat.

Yes, were finally leaving.

He rustled with his coat to put it on. Sending me in laughs. Laughs that haven't escaped me for weeks.

"Oh you think that's funny?" he said stepping up to the entrance door and walking out swallowing the rest his sandwhich.

His arm wrapped around my neck as we found our way down the street to the subway train station, with laughs still being heard as we continued to crack jokes.

-- I hope you guys like it! Its just something me and my sister worked on two years ago. I might keep adding though. The character's picture might change.. thats just something Im using for now. (:


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Well maybe. But remember she doesnt know how to love.
Her mom was jealous of her . Her sister wanted to be ' better ' than her.
And her dad wanted her dead. Idk maybe her & Chris being together is healthy.
But then again .. Its not. (:

- from the mysterious marshon

I like it.
They got this connection, they just dont know that s*** can lead to something else ;)
She really does need to tell him how she feels.
If she doesnt it's all going to build up to the point where she'll hurt herself.
It sucks that her parents were like that.
Its a damn shame.

Run it

I like it.
They got this connection, they just dont know that s*** can lead to something else ;)
She really does need to tell him how she feels.
If she doesnt it's all going to build up to the point where she'll hurt herself.
It sucks that her parents were like that.
Its a damn shame.

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Aww I like this.

I think their relationship, well friendship is very cute. Peyton needs to tell Chris how she feels before it's too late.

And damn they ran away together? Wow that home must sucked like s***!

She had a rough ass life. Mama selling that ass and daddy on drugs? Pitiful.

But if she can make it through that, I know she can make it through anything. Even on $200 lol.

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