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Moon Light {10.26}

<em>:::flashback:::"who it is" I asked standing on my tippy toes to look into the peephole."police ma'am" a husky voice said.I opened the door to see a man standing there in uniform with a woman dressed in a suit."what is the problem officer"i asked a bit nervous."are you <a href="">Synonymy Simmons</a>"he asked."yes sir why"i questioned getting a bit anxious."i'm sorry to tell you but both your parents have been killed"he said.At that moment i felt my heart skip a beat and my body go numb."" I asked with tears forming in my eyes."it appears that they've been shot"he said.Once those words left his mouth i broke down crying."I know this isn't the best time but i'm going to need you to get you and your brother's things and come with me"the lady standing with him now said."where are we going"I asked in between sobs."Well records show that since you are only 17 and <a href="">Gabriel</a> is 8 the only family member near by is your grandmother so we'll be take you there"she said.I nodded and made my way upstairs to pack.I slowly walked down the hall looking at all our family pictures we had hanging up as tears rolled down my cheeks.I reached my brother's room to find him playing his game."Gab....i need you to pack your things up we're going on a little trip"i said walking into his room.He paused his game and looked up at me "to where....wheres mommy and daddy"he asked."we're going to grandma's for a while...mommy and daddy had a accident"i said trying to fight back tears."are they okay"he asked standing up.I shook my head no and said "no gab they're not okay" breaking down crying again."their dead aren't they"he asked now with tears in his eyes.I shook my head yes as he fell into my arms sobbing."we'll be okay....we'll be okay" i said as i stroked his head<em>

I sat in cab with tears rolling down my cheeks as i remembered the day my life came to an end.Gabriel grasped my hand and said "we'll be okay"with a half smile.soon the cab pulled up to the house and we got out.II stood at the door for a moment hesitant wanting to take gab and run.Before i could do anything <a href="">she</a> opened the door."come in" she said stepping aside.Me and Gabriel looked at each other and came inside.It smelled like ginger and mothballs."you can rest you things right there I've cooked dinner"she said walking past us.Gabriel shrugged dropped his bags and followed behind her. I followed after walking slowly looking at the pictures that hung on the walls.I reached the kitchen to find it was a bit smaller then the one we had back home."have a seat"she told us both.we sat down looking at each other feeling a bit weird.She placed a bowl of rice on the table and pot full of some sloppy gravy type covered meat."what is that"Gabriel asked turning up his nose."food"she said piling it and the rice onto our plates."hurry up and eat i'll take you two into town so you can get acquainted with the place and the people"she said."um...what do we call you"Gabriel asked picking the meat up with his fork and plopping it back down."Meredith or Grandma which ever you're more comfortable with now hurry up"she said walking out the kitchen leaving us to eat this "food".It was about 5 o' clock when we rolled into town in her green pickup.She stopped at a diner and instructed us to follow her inside."hey <a href="">ruby</a>"she said walking up to the counter."hey mere"a lady said smiling widely "and whose are these two lovely things"she said looking directly at us."these are my grand kids Gabriel and Synonymy" she said looking back at us."well hello you can call me aunt ruby all the kids here do"she said.We smiled and nodded."would you guys like a slice of pie...its on the house"she asked."sure"i said sitting down as Gabriel followed my lead.As she disappear into the back i looked around at the people inside there were pretty much a bunch of adults sitting around either reading the paper or drinking coffee watching the old TV they hanging hanging up. In the corner i spotted a group of 5 boys and 4 girls that looked to be around my age.<a href="">One</a> of them seemed to sniff the air and look directly at me after.His eyes glistened and flashed the color green as soon as we made eye contact spooking me enough to turn around.As i did so i heard snickering as if his friends were in on whatever the joke seemed to be.

Later that night i stayed up not really being able to sleep the sheets seemed to stiff and the room was a bit hot.I opened the window to let in some breeze inside.As i did so i looked at the moon it seemed to shine brighter then I've ever seen before.Right when i was about to get back in the bed there was rustling in the bushes causing me to peep my head out and look.There was more rustling as if something was stuck.I looked around the room for something to throw when <a href="">it</a> stepped out into the moon light.It looked right up at me and let out a low growl it almost sounded like a human moaning.I stood frozen staring back it not really believing what i was seeing as soon as i blinked it was gone leaving me feeling a bit confused and a tad delighted.

would've wrote more but ehhhhhh


I really like this story you.should keep going run it

I want more too run it

You should add again , f*** those silent readers . I want more (:

if i get some more feed back i'll add to this tonight

hahaha i know what she mean he is FINE lol run it


how said her parents died.. whoever shot them is some ass wholes
ill knock they ass out
but then again everything happens for a reason.. maybe she needed to
be around..angel and them sexy ass eyes uhmm

i lick his f***ing eye ball f*** with it

wait trey in this too
ohh girl and channing
damn your cast fine as f***

uhmm my virgin eyes finna act up

i wonder if she will every like them strange ass people
hopefully but then again they might be bad ass news..!!!

in love


Chris probably looks SEXY with green eyes!
She acting all scared I woulda been like come over here and Ill help turn
them mfs blue , orange , & gray " . In other words I like it.

Now go review mines before I * madeas voice * purnch you inda face!
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<em> Never mind I'll Find Someone Like You...I Wish Nothing But The Best For You Two<em>

I rolled over and looked at the time on my phone while turning off my alarm.I was really not looking forward to school out here after yesterday i'm pretty sure everyone here is strange at least the kids are.There was a knock and in peep Meredith's head "time to get up"she said."i'm up i'm up" i replied getting up out the bed.She closed the door and head down the hall to wake Gabriel i guess.I stretched and got out the bed and strolled over to my bags.I still haven't unpacked i'm not even sure if i want to.I took out a <a href="">outfit</a> and threw it on the bed as i then grabbed my towel and made my way towards the bathroom.

About an hour and a half later i came downstairs to find Gabriel already at the kitchen table eating what looked to be oatmeal but smelled sweeter like pourage."good morning"i said to him as he looked up at me and gave a smile."how did you sleep"i asked."pretty good i guess"he said shrugging."that's good"i said rubbing his hair."hurry up you only got 20 minutes to get to the bus stop"Meredith said to me as she handed Gabriel his backpack."bye simmy"Gabriel said getting up kissing me on the cheek."later"i said fixing me a bowl."don't forget what i said"Meredith said rushing Gabriel out the door.I nodded and sat down to eat as i watched them get in her green pickup and pull off.

When i reached the bus stop there was another girl standing there looking rather...<a href="">colorful</a>."heeeeyyyy you must be Meredith granddaughter my name is <a href="">Cleo</a> its so nice to meet you its seems like forever since we've had anyone new come to town you and your brother is all everyone is talking about girl you should feel like a celebrity ooohh and i'm so sorry to hear about your parents such an god awful thing"she said all in one breath leaving me a bit taken back being i never knew anyone who could talk so much."umm yeah thanks my name is Symphony"i said extending my hand to shake hers.She shook my hand and smiled hard "if you want i can show you around the school and town"she said more calmly this time."yeah sure i'll like that"i said with a smile as the bus had finally arrived.

Once we got off the bus Cleo put her arm around me and said "don't be scared everyone here is pretty much harmless" with a big smile.We walked through the parking lot where most people were hanging until 1st period."is it like this everyday"i asked looking around at my surrounding."hmmm yeah pretty much" she said with a laugh even though i didn't find anything funny."you need to lighten up a bit trust me its not that bad"she said nudging me as we walked through the halls."your locker is right across from mines so if you like me and only carry the book you need for that one period then i'll be seeing you all day and you have the same lunch period as me so you can sit with me and my friend Darnell"she said."Darnell?!?"i asked raising my eyebrow."yeah but don't get too excited he is a bit nerdy-ish in the face"she said shrugging.The first bell rang and she walked me to my Chem. Class and told me if i didn't see her at her locker lunch period to just go to lunch she'll find me.

I had Chem.World History,& Writing before lunch period finally came.Once that bell rang i was the 1st through the door not because of the teachers but my classmates.Everyone here was just as weird as i'd thought they'd be.Soon i reached my locker i spotted Cleo by hers talking to some guy who looked like a thug."hey"she said as she waved me over causing the guy to turn around and look at me.I hesitated a bit before walking over once i got close enough i realized i recognized the guy as one of the guys in that group from the diner yesterday."hi"i said lowly kinda of afraid to make eye contact but not really knowing why i felt this way.<a href="">He</a> chuckled and said "hey" as he directed his attention back to Cleo "so after lunch you'll give me your notes"he asked."yeah Apollo i got you"she said as he smiled at the both of us and walked off."girl whats your problem"Cleo asked me looking at me as if i was the weird one.I shook my head and said "nothing" as i looked in the direction Apollo walked off in.

The lunchroom was a bit bigger then at my old school so i kept looking around at everyone and everything."girl chill out"cleo said as she popped some fries into her mouth."wheres your friend darnell"i asked relaxing a bit."oh he didn't come to school today guess he's sick or something"she said shrugging. I nodded and took a bit of my burger when i felt someone's eyes burning a hole in the back of my neck.I turned to find him staring har at me while all his friends which included apollo sat around laughing as if i were some type of joke.I turned around and sighed as i rolled my eyes."whats wrong"cleo asked a bit concerned."nothing....its just that guy keeps staring at me"i said."who"she asked ;looking around confused."apollo's friend"i said gesturing towards their table.she finally seen what i was talking about a snickered then waved to them i guess they took that as some type of invitation cause they made their way over.

"hi I've just been dying to talk to you since yesterday the name is <a href="">Justice</a>"one girl said as she plopped down next to me."hi"i said not really looking at her."you don't gotta be scared...we don't bite"another girl said with a smile that was too white."hello my name is <a href="">Amore</a>"one girl said as she nudged the other girl who was still smiling a bit too hard at me."& this is my sister <a href="">Adore</a>"she said as the girl waved.I nodded acknowledging their presence."don't talk much do you"one girl said sitting on the other side of me."no not at first"i said clearing my throat.She chuckled and twirled a piece of my hair "he likes em that way" <a href="">she</a> whispered in my ear as i locked eyes with him again."Charisma" he said with followed sounding like a growl."fine"she said rolling her eyes moving away a bit "can't ever have any fun"."well where are my manners"Apollo said "theses are my boys <a href="">Adonis</a>,<a href="">Aries</a>,<a href="">June</a>,and this here is <a href="">Angel</a>"he said placing his hand on the guy's shoulder as his eyes flashed green as they did the day before making me jump a little.Everyone laughed as the bell rung."well it was nice meeting you all but i gotta go"i said getting out my seat with much hesitate as i practically ran to my next class.I don't know what it is about that bunch but they make me feel weird especially Angel being around him makes me want to do alt of things my virgin self has never thought of least not before marriage.

should i continue???

run it

Yess!!! ive been waiting for this type of storyy i luv it already!!!