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I have a story idea and I cant think of a name. So Im just gonna write until I think of one.

Sign Up Though:

Man (Not Trey) Name& Pic:
Where do you wanna meet him:


There's another add up.. Mirah..... Mind being a Bartender?

Its up..

Name: <a href="">Crystal Beltran</a>
Age: 18
Man (Not Trey) Name& Pic: <a href="">Drake</a>
Where do you wanna meet him: Game Arcade or Ice Cream Spot
Personality: Laidback , Skate Board Freak , Tomboy , Tuff.
Occupation: Photography & Graphic Designs

??? Waits..Waits

Waiting :)

Writing the add now... Still unclear on a name though... Should be posted soon..

That's cool with me I like being the lil sister! lol

KK. :)

Lol. Ok. Sisters it is. First add coming later.

IM the older sis though lol

@Charm Might as well! lol

OOkay...! And OMG she wants nicki... We might as well be sisters..! lmao

@Tash It'll be okay.
@KillahBee Thats cool.

Thanks ladies! Thats all I need. First add will be up by tomorrow. Hopefully,I can think of a name.

Name: Temika
Pic:<a href="">Nicki (black hair ONLY)</a>
Man (Not Trey) Name& Pic:<a href="">Josiah</a>
Where do you wanna meet him: On set of a fashion show I was assisting June Amberose with. He was one of the models we just clicked.
Personality: Sweet, fiesty, caring, earthy, blunt, honest, down for whatever whenever wherever and ride or die for my ppl!
Occupation: Celebrity Fashion Stylist

Mmk, how about Denyce Lawton.

ON my screen Tyga pic acts crazy?? is it working fine for you??

@Killah Bee Tae is the main girl. Can you pic someone else please?

Name:Kimmie Brooks
Pic: keke palmer
Man:Don Benjamin
Where I met him: a save our youth fundraiser
Personailty: Your sweetest addiction, loving but a complete b**** when need be, kind hearted and humble, always smiling past my pain, I can party when the time is right
Occupation: Nurse, but I run a non-profit organization (save our youth)

Sorry hun im @work so couldnt post the pictures.

Kyannah Jones
Tae heckard.
Meek Mill
Through mutual friends.
Honest,caring,ride or die. I dont tolerate nonsense. Im down for anything I love to have fun!!

My Man links to other pages. <a href="">Tyga aka. Tramiir </a>

Name:Laila, Summer
Pic:Portia Jenkins
Man (Not Trey) Name& Pic:Driicky Graham
Where do you wanna meet him:high school
Personality:chilled and laid back

<a href="">Charm</a>

Name:Charm Rodgers
<a href="http://">Charm</a>
Man: Tyga
Wanna Meet Him In My Hair Salon
Me::: Im A b****. A Sweet b****. Very Ooutspoken , smart, sweet goal oriented. Sassy down for her friends. Girl But HOOD. Detroit born and raised lol

Name: tamirah or mirah
Pic: kelly rowland or gabielle union
Man (Not Trey) Name& Pic:chris brown if taken tyga
Where do you wanna meet him: college or your pick
Personality: very, nice, sweet, caring, sometimes taken for granted, always love to have fun. be the life of the party, love sports, nd being there for others
Occupation: publicist or journalist

Name: Tash Waters
Pic: Left Eye or Kimbella
Age: 23
Man (Not Trey) Name& Pic: Omari Grandberry. sorry can't add the pic cause im on my phone.
Where do you wanna meet him: College
Personality: Ride or die, loves having a good time and the im the life of any party. Im tomboy has had a tough life but still learns to smile throughout everything.
Occupation: IT analyst...