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* throws my hands up * thats fine. I only wanna share fruit snacks & watch friday.
Goooosh! Lol

*opens one eye*
ok i got my eye on you

Me? With trey? * Sticks my finger in my mouth & makes a vomit sound *
Im all for drake. Bow. Pow. Thank you (:

No Ana! Never trust a skank with ya man lol.

you might try and hump his leg and then i will have to
spray you with a water hose lol

Oh lmao want me to watch movies with him to get him out your hair? Lol

no lmfao not outside but out of the room

You kicked him out? Its cold outside dont you know what degrees it is? :D

uhmmm lol no :(

but it wasnt my fault i was trying to add
and uhmm he ... he was bothering me so i
kicked him out

Hey Anerrrr!

Did you please Trey last night?

Ima pinch you guurh! Lol

Hey ana!

*moon walks through room*

heyyyy guysss

Tf? Why would I be jealous? We already working on our film lol.

Im bored so I decided to do this >>>>>

Password: [ •••••••••••••••••••• ]

Lmao it be like that. & ima do that kim video thingy with chris.
Jealous yet? Lol

I'm done messaging you lol

You remind me of dude from dont be a menace who was like " messege " lmao




i wanna private message

Yes. Below the belt lol.

He gets on my damn nerves sometimes.

Bree below the belt

Bree below the belt


Yes. Give it to him. Ty just asked for some and I pulled up Chyna pic and pointed to it. He got me f***ed up.

f*** that he getting the kitty I was just joking


All I can say is to bust him in the face... Yea he might hit you back but he'll get the point lol.

Ana your strong. #TeamDontGiveHimSEX lol

I told him it was a joke but he still mad

I see. He being real salty lol.


Yea he didn't think it was funny either