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Need advice / opinions

Every time I'm around my boyfriend or talk to my boyfriend he gets annoyed when I text people but we are around each other or on the phone with each other 24/7 my question is it wrong for me to text even though it bothers him.


ummm i say pay him attention but if ya'll not doin nothin then its okay to txt a little bit but i understand where u commin frm a bit but my bf controling he could be dead asleep wake up catch me on my phone and have a attuide lik he wasnt just sleeping smhh

but if hes a control freak thats a little different

Lmaooo, so silly.

Yes, no texting around your boyfriend. Otherwise you gone be acting like emmanuel phillips
in asking all them questions. & I have been trying to prove that video so wrong. Lol

I think both of you are right it's just sometimes I get annoyed because I feel like I give him all of my time so I feel like he forces me to just deal with him and only him.

You have to learn to compromise
Give him his romance time when he is with you turn the phone
Off focus on him

But at the same time if your not doing anything but chilling
Text a little bit extra caps on LITTLE
Cause a man who gets mad at stuff like that means he wants all
Of you and that sounds like a good man

Yes, have a little respect to give him his time with you. Especially if hes not doing it to you.