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Subjects of Deceit. 10.30.12

I stood there and watched as my man made love to another woman. I tried to hold back the tears but I slowly felt them fall. We had an argument earlier that day. What I didnt expect was for him to find his way inside of another woman. I felt my face flush and my hands started to tremble. I walked back to my car and sat there debating on what I would do next. I started my baby put a rock on the accelarator and put her in drive. I watched as my car went slamming into her house. I stood there lit my blunt and waited. I Waited to see his reaction. I didn't give a f*** about this dusty ass b****. she aint have s***. This was the slums. Hell. I did her a favor.

'<a href="">Tracey</a> , wtf did you do?' he asked , like he clearly couldnt tell.

'What do you mean what did I do, wtf are you here for?' I asked him.

At that point he didnt have an answer he simply stood there naked looking at me unable to explain.


Run it .....this remind me of a scene off Noah's Arc when Eddie was cheating on chance except he drove the car into the house hisself

oh hell no.! go tracey girl.!
i woulda did that too honey.
scratch that i woulda went and
got some razor blades and lemon
juice and fuxked both of them up
fareal.! that nigga is a low down
dirty dog and she better hurt him.!

run it.!!!

Yayy, going to add in a little bit. Glad yall like

That's f***ed up :/
Then wanna pretend like he don't know what the hell is goin on
Sorry ass wrinkled penis >:(
I'm glad she ran into her house!
Knowin me I woulda do the same :D

Run it

Lmao I like this! He a f***ing dirty ass for that!
Thats what im talkong about! Do ya thang tracey!! <3