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Don't Judge Me

Just a lil poem I wrote while listening to CB P.S. LOVE U CHRIS XD

Open your eyes can't you see
The new me ain't what I used to be

Ive had mistakes, heartbreaks,
Or have you been indivisible to my pain as tho its fake

Don't Judge Me

I'm hurt, but you could careless
Of my "good" life full of stress

Don't Judge Me

I hide my confusion behind a mask
I laugh, smile, why sad you may ask?

I'll just shut up I'm tired of explaining
Your false accusations, tell me what I'm gaining? (Nothing)

Don't Judge Me

I'm in a dreamland scared to face reality & you
I'm becoming weaker & weaker, that's true

My heart thinks on its own
I'm too scared to be alone
This life is all I've known

You've kept me caged
With the only key
But this is my escape
I'm gonna be free

Don't Judge Me

Hope u like it, comment!!!!! <3


Thxxies :D

i liked it
i might share one of my poems on here

Thank you guys I can just listen to a song of he's and write ^-^

i really love this

loved it ma!!!