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not in order but you know how that goes
NOW i dont f*** with kay and you already know that but knowing
that everyone dont be f***ing with her why dont you get her to fight
sam and her chit load of friends that stupid b**** gon make me
knock her out through this screen like the f*** are you on
butch you aint married to know one in this school and you tripping
hard b**** ass

man i cant wait till Chauncey get a back bone and just start body

and dustin i like his bluntness he tell it like it is he need to give that
same confidence to chanucey because her ass is weak and let dumb s***s
walk all over her

aww ok his ex coming back maybe he will focus his attention to her and
not a little girl but then again that might hurt chauncey even more
so can i say threesome lol


do it then

lemme see it

Ignore your ass.

Like i said

f u c k you gon do negro

Like I said, that will <strong>NOT</strong> be happening...

Kay aint her damn friend
Chauncey is onlyy her puppet/do-girl/time passer
point blank
&& i dont likee her asx

she likee dng the most
if Chaunceyy wanna be friends / tht nigga
then let her
you not her fckng mama nor are you her damn keeper
ugh smfh

Dustin is a good person
nicee yet questionalbe personality
im feeling tht Chauncey is not gon likee his gf
or him having one as well as her mother (of course)
the gf is not gon likee him hanging around Chauncey
&& she's gonna do Chaunceyy just likee everyone else does
onlyy diff is Dustin is MOST likely going
to confront her infront of Chauncey, she's gonna denyy it, he'll believee her, s***s gonna get worse for Chauncey with
her bcus she told && he's gonna get the
ultimatum either she goes or chauncey goes

which is sad . . .

sorry it took so long

Lmao ion like Taquanza ass either. Dat ho stay hating smh... bored lemme add my comment :D

shanifasha rode the fck out c. sizzle's dck i mean the bish a hoe but she still was gettin' it tho like she was his! however she wrong af that's her sista aquatequila husband! c. sizzle shouldve known better hiring shanifasha as his stripper he ain't slick! but oh wait hol on lemme get on trigga's sht when he rolled up on cole and whooped his ass like he stole his girl! and trigga girl taquanza was slurpin niggas dcks left and right like she was more hydrated than a mafcka stranded in a desert! trigga better not marry taquanza ass cause he gon' catch sum sht. and then to top it off, cole girl keylolo fckin' his sister rih! ain't that bouta a btch. smh this story is kray!



lbvs fr fr i'm a read this tonight and give you my feedback

Where is Anerr?!


b**** don't kill my vibe... b**** don't kill my vibe.

<strong>Author's note: At the moment, this story takes place in 2009.</strong>

<em>Chapter Four</em>

I continued wailing loudly in the stall. I knew that I couldn't cry forever. I had to get up and get out of here. I slowly stepped out of the stall to see that Samantha and the rest of her minions had been scattered like roaches out of the restroom. I sighed and decided to fix myself up before I walked back into class. I was now leaving the restroom as all eyes were on me. I could hear a few giggles and whispers as I tried my best not to be seen. Unfortunately, that so wasn't the case. <em>Move Chauncey...</em> is all that was running through my mind. The quicker, I get away from them, the better. Before I knew it, my feet guided me to <a href="">Mrs. Hawkins</a> class. I walked inside and snickers were heard throughout the class.

"You're finally back. I thought I would have to send someone in there to get you. Have a seat. We were just talking about Emily d***inson's poetry," She joked, but quickly became serious.

I nodded my head and made my way to the back of the class. I rather not be seen or heard. I guess you can say, I wanted to be like God. You know he's here, but you can see or hear him. Without any hesitation, Mrs. Hawkins got right back into reading.

"<em>"Hope" is the thing with feathers—
That perches in the soul—
And sings the tune without the words—
And never stops—at all—</em>

<em>And sweetest—in the Gale—is heard—
And sore must be the storm—
That could abash the little Bird
That kept so many warm—</em>

<em>I've heard it in the chillest land—
And on the strangest Sea—
Yet, never, in Extremity,
It asked a crumb—of Me.</em>" She recited the poem.

"Ugh, that was so boring. All these poems be boring. Why can't we watch a movie like last time?" A girl named Keisha complained.

"Mane yeah! 'cuz this is not it!" Another student chimed in.

Mrs. Hawkins placed her nose up and addressed the class immediately, "This is Language Arts. When have we ever starting saying things like 'Dis be boring' and 'cuz'? Let's not forget that when you speak better, you feel better. And on top of that, this is class nonetheless. Meaning this is school and you will learn. The only reason we watched a movie last week was because it was beginning to be spring break and there was no use in me giving you work when I know most of you lose things if I give you too much time to complete them."

She now shifted her eyes from Keisha and onto the rest of the class, "Now that that's situated and over with, all of you will write poetry about you, your feelings, and Et Cetera. This poem will basically depict your life. And I guess you can say it's like an autobiography. I am giving you until Friday to do this. I will count this as a test grade and for those of you who have forgotten how I grade my tests, here's a quick reminder. All tests are worth 60% of your grade. This is due Friday. You have four days to this. That's more than enough time. You can even start right now, while I hand out all your work I graded over the break."

I sat in my seat and wondered if I could really just let all of my emotions out onto the paper. It would probably take a week for everything I wanted to say, but then again there were certain things I couldn't really speak on, in fear of getting my mother into trouble. This will be a lot harder than I thought. Mrs. Hawkins now went around the room placing graded work onto our desks. I rummaged through the papers and noticed that most of my grades were good. I only had one C and the rest were A's and B's so I definitely wasn't complaining. My grades were never horrible to begin with. It's just sometimes, I doubt myself.

"HOW I GET A 'F' THOUGH?! I did all my work!" A boy shouted to Mrs. Hawkins.

She paid him no attention as if he was a crazy person or invisible. He balled the paper up and threw it on the desk with the rest of the paper balls. I didn't say a word and tried jotting down some things I wanted to say. How can I make this work? I tried my absolute hardest. It seemed like nothing would come to me at the moment. I sighed and scratched out the doodling I've been doing on the notebook paper. I doodled for an hour, until class was over. She lined all of us up. Girls in the front and boys in the back. I was the last one in line as I heard snickers as always. I tried to ignore them as Mrs. Hawkins walked us to our third period. Which is Gym. This is also our lunch period. She walked us into the gym. I sat all the way at the top of the bleachers so no one would be behind me. I learned the hard way after my last encounter with sitting on the first row of bleachers.

"Why you looking so damn crazy? What's wrong with you?" Kayla asked, now coming over.

Her homeroom takes this class as well. That's how we met.

"Nothing," I lied.

I used to be amazed at how quickly lies rolled off my tongue so easily, but now it became the norm when it came to my true feelings.

"B*tch, you a damn lie. It's all in your face but whateva! Guess who wanna talk to me?" She questioned, while throwing her neck around.


"Deandre fine ass.... I don't know if I wanna talk to his ass yet though. He hang around too many niggas that I can't stand, but we'll see!" She expressed.

I just nodded my head and then noticed <a href="">him</a> eying me. I didn't make any eye contact for too long as Samantha marched over to him and then glared my way. I could see her roll her eyes and look at me with disgust.

"Um, this b*tch gay or some sh*t? Why the f*ck she keep looking over here?!" Kayla asked loudly as she glared back at Samantha.

Sam rolled her eyes and paid Kay no mind as she started talking to the boy. I was assuming that she was either about to be his girlfriend or was already his girlfriend. It's hard to tell when Samantha changes boyfriends every week. And this was no exaggeration.

"I swear that b*tch know what's up. She can roll her eyes all she want to, but when it comes down to it, she ain't gon' fight me 'cuz she scared as f*ck! Old, shaky ass ho!" Kayla roared, loud enough for the whole gymnasium to hear.

My stomach growled loudly as Kayla went on and on about how she'd beat Samantha and her whole crew up. A lot of people were pretty scared of Kayla. She was bigger than most people in this school. There plenty of people Kayla's size at this school, but they weren't as vocal or aggressive as she was. Kay didn't care. She fought boys and girls. It didn't matter to her. Growing up with all boys would do that to you. I'm sure you'd be rough as well if you were in her position.

"LUNCH TIME!" The assistant principal hollered to our teacher.

Our gym teacher lined us all up and walked us to the cafeteria. Since we were the highest grade of the school, we were the last to eat. I got into line with Kayla as she gossiped about some girl's hair. I didn't want to feed into that because I already got picked on as it is. I wasn't trying to get picked on even more. Luckily, the girl didn't hear her or pretended to ignore her or whatever. That's when it just hit me that I forgot my money and that Dustin was supposed to be bringing me something so I got out of line and sat at our normal table spot. A few minutes later, he spotted me and came in with hot wings and fries.

"I brought you a lemonade. I didn't know what type of drink you want. I forgot to text you, but I didn't want to get you in trouble. School is important," He stated, handing me the lemonade and food.

I nodded my head, "Thanks. You didn't have to."

"Yeah, but anything for my Chauncey," He smiled and sat down next to me.

I smiled a little, almost forgetting about my ruined day, but I didn't say anything. I dug into my food as he started eating his. Kayla soon came to the table and rolled her eyes at him, "What the f*** you doing here?"

"Kay, he brought me food. I forgot my lunch money," I spoke up, licking my fingers.

"For what? All you had to do was ask me for some money, I would've gave it to you," She rolled her eyes again, while putting all the things she bought onto the table.

"Well, she didn't. She probably thought you were gon' use it all on snacks for yourself. You aren't a little girl you know. You eat a lot from what I see," Dustin interjected, while staring at her.

"Nigga, who the f*** was talking to yo walk with me rapist looking ass? The f*ck you bringing her food like you her daddy for? She just met yo ass yesterday and now you all in her face? I swear Chauncey you just dumb as f*ck. You do not know this man like this. I ain't gon' say sh*t when you come up missing, I'mma yell at the screen how much I told yo dumb ass so!" She spat, eying both of us as she ate her food.

Dustin bit his lip hard. I could tell he wanted to say something. Maybe he didn't want to say anything because she was my friend. I could sense he had a mouthful to say. Instead, he shocked me. He got up from the table, "I'll see you after school Chauncey."

"Okay," I nodded, while eating my food.

Kayla gave him a death glare and then pushed me hard, "B*tch, the f*ck he means he'll see you after school? You have got to be the most naive b*tch in the world Chauncey! It's barely been a day and he already buying you food. I'm telling you that something is not right with him. He seems to be manipulating you. He got your ass right under his spell. And you're so f*cking stupid that you don't see it. When he kill you and sh*t, I swear I'm gon' be at your funeral talking so bad about you b*tch. You're so gotdamn dumb."

I didn't want to hear anything she had to say. Dustin was the only person that treated me like I was worth something. I felt a hint of jealousy from her part. Jealousy brought out the ugly in people and it was not a good look for her. I ignored her ranting on and on about Dustin and finished eating my food. The lunch period was over. I walked back into the gym and continued sitting on the bleachers as Kayla blabbed about her crush.

<em>Hours later...</em>

School was out. I was heading out my pre-algebra class. I suddenly felt my body being grabbed and taken into the girl's restroom. I looked up and it was no one other than Samantha and her crew.

"You see b*tch, I was going to give your dumb ass the benefit of the doubt I saw the way you was looking at Kevin," Samantha out of nowhere, smacked the spit out of my mouth.

I didn't know where any of this was coming from. Before, I could even decipher who Kevin was, I felt fists swing from every direction. I closed my eyes as they continued hitting me with all of their strength. I prayed that when I opened them they would stop, but they didn't. After a few more minutes of beating me, they quit and all took turns spitting on me. I laid on the cold floor and tried processing what happened.

"Kevin is my boyfriend. Yeah, that's right, the boy with the light eyes and braids. If I catch you looking at him again, I'm gonna f*ck you up worse!" Samantha scolded and then kicked me as her and her group exited the restroom.

I felt tears well up in my eyes, but I didn't cry. I was crying on the inside. I closed my eyes as a tear finally escaped. I felt something vibrate. I forgot that Dustin gave me his cell phone. I read the message: <strong>I'm out here</strong>. I knew I had to get myself together. So, I did just that. This felt like the longest walk I ever made in my life as I made my way outside. I spotted Dustin car and hopped inside. He pulled off, "Hey beautiful... how was your day?"

"Good," I lied quickly and looked out of the window.

He chuckled a bit, "You answered that fast as hell... Well, okay then. Mine was okay... But I wanna tell you something... I mean I know I don't know you like that... and I only been knowing you for what? A day? But I feel like you're my little sister and I want us to have a tight bond."

<em>Little sister</em>... Those words brought me back to reality. Dustin is eight years older than me. He will never be anything more than a <em>big brother</em>.


"Well, my ex girlfriend came into town and we talked it out.... and we're back together. College has really been keeping us apart, but she graduates this year and we finally get to settle down. I think I'm gonna propose. What do you think?" He cheesed as he talked more and more about her.

My entire body started to feel queasy and it brought me right back to the real world, making my ship sink even more. I was now at the surface, grasping for air.

Aye, I know this short but it's time to get to the action and what not. Next chapter, it's going to probably be at the normal length or longer. Idk yet.

her mom just fckng ugh
likee bxtch she said she was allergic
&& you gon sit there && liee
ugh i wish theyy wldve locked her unfit asx up

&& THEN this bxtch got the NERVE
to ask her to put in a good word for
bxrch pls

Dustin . . i reallyy do lovee his character
hes he onlyy onee that stands up
for her

As for tht fight
haha Charity got tht bxtch
at least she gavee her a little something

Them girls at her schoool
are so fckng just UGH !
how you gon do that to someonee && then turn arnd
&& call HER gay
yall got somee damn nerve


poor Chauncey



i really hate her mother like i want to kill her mother with my bare hands she pisses me off that bad i just want to shove her f***ing face in the sand ughhh stupid b**** and im glad dustin stuck up for her like she really needed that and he said to slap that little girl i am 100 percent behind him on that
why the f*** do she think dustin would want her after she just made her daughter eat something that almost killed her.
i didnt like her sister but im glad she fought her mom chauncey needs to be more like her period well without the f***ing lol
and those b****es at the school i would have had to get beat up tha day but i aint looking like a fool in front of nobody period they they laughing and feeling on her but all at the same time trying to call her a lesbo really
dustin needs to f*** some spine into that girl
i mean help her out you know what i mean
cause she pissing me off letting those b****es run her life
like that

get it together chauncey girl


I do this for the ratchets!

<em>Chapter Three</em>

I woke up slowly in a hospital room. I looked around the room and of course I saw my mother right along with Channing. I squinted my eyes as my vision was starting to come back. He waved at me in the corner. It was Dustin. The doctor uttered to me, "Hello Chauncey. How are you feeling?"

I sat up on the bed. What do he mean how I felt? Other than humiliated and mistreated, there was nothing else to feel. I couldn't even enjoy my night because of this freaking allergic reaction that simply could've been avoided if I wasn't forced to eat that pie. Instead of ranting all of that, I chose to reply this way, "I'm feeling better. The swelling has gone down and I can talk now obviously."

"I didn't even know she was allergic to that. I wouldn't even allowed her to eat it if I known that," My mother retorted, while shaking her head.

Really? I stared at her with this hidden anger that was always brewing in my chest. I wanted so badly to curse her and even strike her at times but this time, I could have died due to her making me eat something she KNEW I couldn't handle. That was just another side of her that made me question whether or not God purposely set me up in this family for torture. She told the doctor that so Child Protective Services wouldn't be on her ass. And now it's evident that Channing is her favorite. Speaking of her, she sat there playing with her twists. Her little devious grin was plastered all over her face. I saw the evil in her eyes and then there was this aura about her that stunk up the air saying how she knew she was better than me and that she'd make my life a living hell.

He nodded his head and then spoke to me in a condescending tone, "I know not being able to eat everything you want can become a little unfair at times, but sometimes you have to realize that your health is more important. You could've went into shock or died. Make sure you are reading that list. It'll save you money and trips to the hospital. And in this case it'll save your life; You weren't having a small reaction that you could fix at home, but a severe reaction. Next time be more careful."

I sat there in silence. What could I honestly say? There was nothing left to be said. I couldn't even gather my thoughts. I just really wanted to be freed.

"Well, your swelling has gone down and everything else seems to be fine," The doctor announced as he examined me. He continued, "So, you're free to go."

I got up and walked out of the room. "Chauncey... I bought you flowers."

I turned around and it was Dustin. I took them, "Thank you Dustin."

"You're welcome," He smiled.

There it was again. That smile that made me feel that there was still hope for me. That maybe I still had a purpose in life. I know it really sounds crazy for me to have to meet someone eight years older than me for me to feel this way. It was honestly how I felt though. I smiled a soft smile. My smile soon faded while I got into my mom's car. Channing sat in the front as always but it didn't really bother me because I rather not be that close to mom anyway. Dustin suddenly got into the back as well, "Well maybe next time for dinner."

"I'm so sorry Dustin. This girl ass had me looking like a damn unfit ass b*tch in that hospital. Why the f*** you didn't tell me your ass was allergic to that sh*t? You trying to commit suicide? Well gon' do it so I can be the one to bury your nonchalant ass. You f*cking KNEW better. Insurance don't cover suicide. Okay? So, that means I will have to pay. Girl. You gon' make me lose my f*cking religion!" My mother hollered as she popped her gum and took off.

Dustin retorted, "I remember her telling you that she was allergic. She said it at least two or three times last time I recalled. I don't know. Maybe I just got good hearing."

I don't know, but when Dustin took up for me it made me feel good for once. I finally had someone who was on my side and now looking at things from my perspective. And for once, my mother didn't snap. She ALWAYS thought she was right. Even when she was wrong. You couldn't tell her anything. Something then made me believe that she definitely saw something in Dustin. I watched my mother like a hawk as her expression and tone of voice changed.

"Well, I obviously didn't pay attention to the severity of the situation. If I known it would be that serious, I wouldn't have allowed her to eat the pie," My mother expressed as she continued driving.

"She just tried to get you in trouble! She knew she couldn't eat that pie and ate it anyway!" Channing chimed in.

I sighed in defeat. My sister loves to make my life hell. I didn't have the energy to argue or do anything else. I just nodded my head.

"Maybe if you wouldn't have suggested your mother give her the pie then she wouldn't have the need to possibly get your mother in trouble with the law. I'm just saying," Dustin butted in once again, shutting Channing up.

Channing couldn't utter a word as she became silent. Dustin was really putting both of them in their place. I laughed silently to myself as I looked out the car window. The ride home definitely was so quiet after that. We were pulling up to my house. My mother parked the car and all of us got out.

"Dustin, it was nice meeting you. Thank you for coming over. Maybe we can have you over again soon," My mother thanked him.

"Yeah, maybe and you're welcome," He stated dryly as his eyes landed on me.

My mother nodded her head and Channing gave me one last stare before she joined my mother in the house. I sighed and just wanted to get away from that house so badly. What use was me staying there anyway? Can anyone name one good reason I should stay? I don't think so. I was just about to head into the house until Dustin grabbed my hand and made me face him.

"Look, I know your home life isn't what it's cracked up to be right now and you probably just want to give up or leave, but don't allow that sh*t to get to you. You need to start growing some balls. I am not saying disrespect your mother, but don't allow her to treat you the way she did. And your little sister, you need to smack her a couple of times to straighten her out. Anyway, I just want you to hold your head up and if you ever need anything, you can just come to my house. I'm only a few steps away. Hope you have a wonderful night. Remember, you are more beautiful on the inside than all of their beauties combined on the outside. Night," He stared into my eyes and then crossed the street.

<em>You are more beautiful on the inside than all of their beauties combined on the outside...</em> That was implanted into my brain the entire time my feet met the pavement as I marched into my house. If only I could fix myself to believe half of what he was saying was true and unfortunately I couldn't. I locked the door and was heading upstairs to my room when my mother called me, "Chauncey... come here."

I walked into her bedroom to see what she could possibly want. She patted for me to sit next to her. I wonder what this conversation could be about.

"Yes mama?" I questioned confusedly.

"Do you know if Dustin has a girlfriend? Or kids 'cuz I definitely have enough problems with my own damn children. I don't have time to be dealing with all that extra ass sh*t. I know you got the details," She blabbed.

"I don't know. I never had that conversation with him," I honestly stated.

"Well, can you find out? I know he's a lot younger than me, but he fine as f*ck and he already acting like he a daddy to you so that's perfect," She mentioned.

Really? Is she really trying to get me to hook her up with Dustin? I felt sick to my stomach as the images of Dustin and her being close cluttered my brain. My sanity would no longer exist in this twisted world if something as horrific like that would happen. I wouldn't be able to suffice with that nightmare. I just couldn't deal with her right now. Not tonight. Not after almost losing my life. And the horrible thing about it is she didn't even apologize or feel some type of remorse about it. But then again, why would I even expect her to?

I nodded my head, "Okay."

"And while you're talking to him and sh*t, make sure you put in a good word for me. Make me look good," She demanded.

I just nodded my head once again until she allowed me to leave. The things my mother says to try to snag a man. How can I make you look good when you're not trying to even put up a good impression of yourself? At this time, it is too late because I'm sure Dustin already made up his mind about her. He already saw her true colors. So, it really wouldn't be a point. I headed into my room and started to sketch as I thought about Dustin. He was my hero in this demented society and this household. It brings me back to my statement from earlier... <em> If only he was in my age group.</em> Several hours later and I was putting my notebook up and dozing off to sleep.


The bickering, which sounded a lot like my mom hollering at Charity was the reason I was no longer asleep. I wished they didn't go back and forth like this. Especially, while I am trying to sleep. However, I couldn't fight my curiosity. So I got up and peeped my head out the door to see Charity rolling her eyes and not paying mama any attention as she was making her way upstairs.

"I don't know what the f*ck you think this is Charity, but you got me F*CKED UP. You only 16 years old. B*tch you think you grown 'cuz you got titties now? Huh? Is that what it is?" My mother spat into her face.

"Get the f*ck out my face! The f*ck you care for? Don't you got some d*ck to be sucking? Oh yeah, I know how you get down. I heard about how you got those food-stamps. B*tch get the f*ck out my face with that sh*t. As far as I'm concerned, I raise my own damn self!" Charity spat back, surprising me.

I have never seen her talk to mama like that. I mean yeah, they argued consistently but as far as her telling mama how much d*ck she sucked has never crossed her lips. I was highly interested now. 

"I think you got me confused with your ass. Everybody know you pass the pussy around like free samples. And you heard me loud and clear ho! You are not grown and you don't run sh*t here. You keep running your mouth and I'mma beat your ass," My mama threatened her, getting closer to her face.

"You got three f*cking seconds to get the f*ck out of my face," Charity stated, moving her head.

"1...2.... 3," Mama counted and then got closer.

That's when Charity punched her in the face. I couldn't believe she actually punched her. Somehow, I was actually enjoying this... She was getting a few punches in for me... Well, in my mind I was thinking that. Her and mama wrestled on the floor as they both landed punches onto each other. They were fighting for at least five minutes now. Charity finally got up after she figured she had enough and fixed her hair and came into the room, slamming the door.

"DON'T SLAM SH*T IN MY f***ING HOUSE!" My mother roared from downstairs.

Charity rolled her eyes and started packing her things, "DON'T WORRY B*TCH! I'M ABOUT TO GET OUT OF YOUR f***ING HOUSE!"

I sat there staring silently. I didn't know what to think or say. She noticed me staring and hissed, "You stay here with this b**** but I can't. I'll end up in juvenile f*cking with that b*tch. But don't worry I got some punches in for you too."

See! I knew it! I just nodded my head as I watched her shove her things into bags.

"Where will you go?" I desperately wanted to know.

"Don't f*cking worry about it b*tch. Just know I won't be around for a while. You got my number but don't f*cking call me. Let me call you and that will only be if I'm bored out of my mind!" She yelled as she breathed loudly.

"Charity, you have to not allow her to get to you and she's your mother. You know your curfew is 11. Why would you come home two hours late?"

"Chauncey, shut the f*ck up. I don't even have the energy to argue with your naive, clueless ass. But here. Don't spend it all," She sighed as she threw money on my bed.

I counted the money. It was $400. I then knew where she received the money from. It was from Derek. Her boyfriend was a drug dealer. I didn't make a sound as I placed the money away safely. I watched her gather her things and walk out of the house. My mother mumbled and started talking about how she would kill Charity and everything else. She gossiped on the phone with one of her friends now, retelling the entire story. I shook my head in disbelief of everything that happened and decided to go back to sleep.

<em> Two days later...</em>

The sun shone bright into my pupils, making me cover my face but I knew I had to get up. Spring break was over and it was time to go right back to school. I dreaded this day because that's when the torture began. I found the energy to shower. After my fifteen-minute shower, I got dressed and brushed my teeth. I then headed downstairs, waiting for my mother to get ready. I was always up before everybody else. It didn't take long for me to get ready, but for my mother it took about an hour. My little sister took an hour as well. I waited on the couch for them to get up and get ready as my stomach growled loudly. I usually ate breakfast at school because my mother doesn't cook. My stomach started making so much noise, I didn't think I could take it any longer.

"MOM! IT'S TIME TO GET UP!" I yelled upstairs.

"DON'T F*CKING RUSH ME!" She yelled back downstairs sleepily.

I sighed and didn't say a word. Before you knew it, I was waiting for two hours. I was now late and I missed breakfast. My mother walked downstairs and Channing followed behind her. In my mind, I'm like, <em>ABOUT TIME!</em> but of course I couldn't say that out loud. I rushed to the door and she pulled me back, "You should've walked your ass to school. I don't have time to be fooling with you Chauncey. It's gonna take me an hour to get to work if I drop yo ass off. You better walk."

I stood there as she and Channing walked out of the house and got in the car. I sighed as they pulled off, leaving me there. It would take me about 15 minutes to walk to school, causing me to be later. I walked out of the house. "Don't get mad Chauncey," I encouraged myself as I continuously walked.

I could've gotten a ride with Kayla if I knew she would be this late, but Kayla been gone. She usually goes to school early so she can walk around a bit. I walked in silence 'til I heard a horn blow. I look to my left and it was Dustin. He rolled down the window, "Good morning beautiful. You need a ride?"

I got in the car and strapped my seatbelt on, "Thank you."

"No problem... So what school you heading to?" He questioned, pulling off.

"Corry... You know where that's at?"

He nodded and now made conversation, "So, how was last night? You sleep good?"

I wished that was the case. I could barely get sleep due to my mom being on the phone and blasting music like she didn't have to get up and go to work. I would never fully understand her.

"Not really... But do you have a girlfriend?"

He chuckled, "That was kinda random, but no. Why you ask?"

Should I come out and just say that my mother is checking him out or do I stay quiet?

"Just wondering, but I got my answer," I looked out the window to avoid eye contact. 

The ride was silent as he pulled up to my school. "What time you get out?"

"3," I announced, getting out the car.

"Aren't you late? I'll go in with you so you can get a late slip," He retorted, getting out of the car and walking inside the school building.

The halls were close to being empty. There really weren't many people in them except for the usual people who walked the halls. I didn't see how they could walk the halls all day. I would seriously become tired trying to do that. My feet would quit on me instantly. I guided Dustin into the attendance office. He quickly signed in for me. The secretary handed me an excused tardy slip and carried me on my merrily way. He walked me to my class and stopped, "What you want for lunch?"

That's when I remembered that I left my money at home. I had to pay for my lunch. "I'll be fine," I retorted.

"Here, text me when it's lunch time," He handed me his cellphone.

"Wait, you have two phones?" I asked with confusion.

"Yeah, just in case but I'll text you and you let me know when it's time for lunch. See you later. Have a nice day. And always remember. You're beautiful," He stated as he walked out of the school.

I quickly placed the phone into my pocket and walked into the classroom. As usual, all eyes were on me as I entered the room. I even heard a few giggles. I handed my teacher my tardy slip and noticed how badly I had to pee. "Can I go to the restroom?" I asked.

"Hurry up," Mrs. Hawkins demanded.

I nodded my head and made my way to the girls' restroom. I headed into the restroom and my heart stopped as once again eyes were all on me. Except it wasn't just any pair of eyes. It was the popular girls and the people who devoted their entire time making me hate coming to school. A smirk came across <a href="">her</a> face. It was Samantha, the ring leader. I didn't pay her any attention as <a href="">Cloe</a> and <a href="">India</a> shared laughs as I approached the restroom stall. Samantha quickly stepped in front of it, "Where you think you going ugly?"

"Inside the stall. I really have to use it," I stated with a lump forming in my throat.

"Why should we allow you to use the damn bathroom?" Cloe questioned, glaring at me.

"Because I really have to pee..."

This caused India to laugh loudly, "Really? And you couldn't hold it in? Well, if you must go... then go."

I nodded my head and went to another stall until Samantha rushed in front of me, "You have to move me first."

Why wouldn't they just allow me to use the restroom in peace. I wish I used it at home. I wouldn't have to deal with this if I would have. I shook my head at me being forgetful and not using the bathroom at home.

Cloe soon pushed me really hard into Sam. "Oh so you wanna fight me?" Sam asked, pushing me hard.

"Wait... There won't be any fighting... Let the girl pee," India interjected.

I didn't think India had a nice bone in her body. She was always one of Samantha's minions to me so who would've known? I thanked her and walked into the stall. All three of them suddenly rushed in and locked the stall.

"In front of us," Cloe laughed.

"I don't have to use it anymore," I lied, getting up, but Samantha pushed me back down.

"Just a few minutes ago you did... Pee now before I stomp your f*cking face out!" Samantha roared.

It's like my whole body was frozen. I couldn't move. Didn't want to move. I just sat there. The three of them snatched my pants down and then came my panties. They all laughed as they pointed to my vagina. Samantha poked it and laughed, "Ladies... I have a plan."

Samantha rubbed on what I think is called my clit and pinched it, while laughing, "Tell me you like it or I'll f*ck your world up and you know I'll do it."

I closed my eyes and wished they'd go away. I pushed her hands away, "Please... I'm sorry for whatever I did to you. I-I didn't mean to. Can I leave now?"

They laughed in unison as India raised my shirt up and pinched my breasts, "Look at her tits. They are so small."

"Look at her... She's probably enjoying this. f***ing lesbo!" Cloe spat, smacking me.

I tried to grab for my clothes as tears threatened to fall. I didn't like any of this. I was feeling very uncomfortable and humiliated. Samantha pushed me and made me sit back on the toilet, "Ugh, I gotta wash my hands now, but you're not leaving this stall until you pee."

I looked at all of them with tears in my eyes, but they didn't care about me or even wanted to show an ounce of sympathy so I closed my eyes as the tears splashed onto my face, as I peed into the toilet. The stall filled with laughter. They all took turns touching and smacking various parts on my body. When I was in full tears, they laughed louder and then threw things at me and walked out of the stall. I stayed in the stall asking God why. And then that's when the phone vibrated. I looked at the text and it read: <strong>Hey Chauncey :) it's Dustin.... When's lunch?</strong> I cried some more and could barely text back, but I managed to: <strong>11:30</strong> He soon replied: <strong> Alright beautiful! See you then. :D</strong> I looked at the phone and cried out, "Why can't I just die?"


Pardon me if there are any errors, I'm too tired to correct them!

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im not dng all tht spacing likee usual because this add just made me mad ! REAL mad ! Hmph !
what I'm about to say is going to be real . . .real . . . BAD !
but i'm going to say it anyway . . . .Lowkey i do like Dustin. like even though he is a future predator. i know the attention and s*** he given her is wrong and it may end up backfiring whenever she realizes that what she doing with him is wrong (foreshadowing sorry) but yeah he makes her feel special and bringing her out of her shell which is very much needed. them tongue tricks though . . .uhn uhn you aint slick nigga ik wht tf you was about to ask her && i bet she wouldve said yes to that shxt but i mean seriously though . . .who tf would say 'no' lol

her mama and family are sooo fcking rude ugh i do NOT likee theyy asxes likee who treats their freaking familyy
shes freaking ALLERGIC bxtch why the f*** would you make her eat that shxt
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That s*** was really shorter than I thought so... yeah I'm tryna make Chapter 3 longer. I'm at least trying to lol.

<em>Chapter Two.</em>

I continued gazing up at Dustin as I finished my sandwich. He stared back at me and replied, "Where are your parents? Don't want them to get worried."

"I only have a mom and she's shopping. She should be home in maybe three or four hours. Her and my little sister," I informed as I sipped my juice.

It wasn't like I really anticipated the return of my mother, but knowing that I had a time frame to not indulge in the taunting from Channing was rewarding. I could just relax with no worries. Who would think I would be getting all close with such a handsome guy? People wouldn't believe it. If I was them, I wouldn't either. I tried not to look at him too long. Didn't want him to think I was a weirdo either.

"So, you're home alone?" He questioned, sucking loudly on his straw.

"No... my other sister is there."

"Well, I just don't want you getting in trouble. You're not really supposed to be in strangers house lying in their bed. So, get up now and let's go play a few games," He suggested as he got up.

I nodded my head and secretly hoped that he wouldn't kick me out. Then I would have nowhere to go. I rather sit at his house than help Kayla wash dishes because her mother was worse than mine when it came to her embarrassing me in front of company. There was no filter on my mother's mouth. Although, I wished it was. She could cuss for hours at a time and say things that would continue adding me as the laughing stock of the school and neighborhood. I dreaded behind him as he led me into the arcade. We played table tennis first. I tried my hardest not to sound like a dork or anything.

"You ready Chauncey?" He asked with a smirk.

I don't know, but the way his tongue met with his lips and the roof of his mouth as he stretched out the syllables in my name was somehow heavenly. I wouldn't mind him saying my name. It was music to my ears. And I didn't usually get that type of tune often. I braced myself and nodded my head as I picked up the paddle. I positioned myself and waited for him to hit the ball. My knees turned into butter as the fear of being laughed at if I looked stupid. As I started to doubt myself more, he instantly paddled the ball over to my side.

"You have to be paying attention... Don't just stand there and look pretty!"

Me look pretty? No way... He had to be talking to somebody else because pretty and Chauncey didn't fit in the same sentence. It wasn't a common analogy. I was now determined to be focused. I served the ball to him. He served the ball back twice as hard. I don't know how, but I managed to prevent the ball from hitting my side. I served the ball right back to him, putting extra weight on my hand. Weirdly, it hit his side, causing him to smile.

"I see you have your game face on now. Good. Let the games begin," He remarked.

I had underlying confidence that I never knew I had before. I guess he was bringing it out of me.

"Let's not let me get another score," I sassed as I threw the ball in the air and served it hard.

He chuckled at my new-found confidence as he chucked the ball right back to me with the same amount of force, "So much for s*** talking huh?"

We were now serving the ball back and forth. We were tied. And this ball was the tiebreaker. I concentrated on the speed and angle of his paddle and positioned myself. All of my energy remained as I hopped up and served the ball. However, my speed was no match for his skills. Without any hesitation, the ball bounced on my side as he looked at me with a smirk. This smirk said that he knew he would win.

"It was a close game, but I came out on top... But I like the way you was swinging that paddle. Seems you know how to handle balls. That's great," He stated, staring into my eyes.

"I guess. Me and Kayla play a lot... So I-I guess I got used to them..."

"Hmmm... you're a pro but you wanna play more games?"

Hours later and we were still playing arcade games. It was kinda crazy. We were winning and losing games back to back. I must admit it was pretty fun. And I'm glad Kayla didn't stay. She would've only been complaining and stuff. And that definitely wouldn't have been any fun to hear or put up with. We sat in his living room, watching the television.

"You have a boyfriend?" Dustin asked out of the blue.

I shook my head no. That brings me back to school and being teased. No one wanted someone like me. Boys just used me for my answers. Well, there was this one boy that liked me but he was kind of creepy so I had to turn him down.

"No," I answered, looking at the floor.

He picked my head up, "Never hold your head down." He then let go of my face, "And good. Those little boys are very immature and childish. You don't need that. Focus on your school work and being successful."

"I-I will."

My confidence was nowhere to be found at the moment. It's like it disappeared the moment he touched my face.

"I make you nervous. Don't I?" He inquired with interest.

"A little... Just a little," I replied, letting my nerves ease a bit.

"Well, I remember you said your mother should be home now so let me walk you to your house and let her know you was with me," He reminded me as he got up from the couch.

I walked out of his home. It was almost 6 and it wasn't that dark yet but it only proved that he was a very nice guy. And we were only across the street from my house. Why can't he exist in my age group? We crossed the street and was now at my house. I saw my mother car as expected. I twisted the doorknob and it was locked. I then rung the doorbell. About ten minutes later, my mother came to the door.

"Hi, I'm Dustin. I live across the street. In case you were looking for Chauncey, I just wanted you to know that she was in my house with me playing games," He introduced himself and then announced my absence.

My mama looked at him and then at me, "I didn't even know she was gone... So nope, I wasn't wondering."

"Oh well, nice meeting you. I just wanted to make sure she got home and that there was no problem."

"There is no problem. I'm Chara, but everybody call me Cookie. How old are you Dustin?" She questioned, eying him.

"I just turned 21 last month," He replied.

She laughed and took a deep breath, "Whew okay... You right up my alley. I thought you was like 19 or something. But that's cool. You wanna come in?"

I don't know, but something was telling me that my mother was more cool with this because of how attractive Dustin was. And maybe the fact that she wanted him. Charity COULDN'T have her boyfriend over like this while she was here, but she acted as if she didn't care that I was hanging with an older stranger.

He smiled, "I would love to."

We walked inside the house in unison. <a href="">She</a> watched him. It was Channing, my little sister. She eyed him up and down and then glared at me.

"Hi... I'm Channing.. What you doing hanging with her?" She finally introduced herself.

"She's pretty cool and hi. I'm Dustin," He interacted with her.

I knew deep inside, that she would have something to say. She always did. So there was no surprise.

"I hope you hungry... Because I just decided that I'm going to try to make a new dish," My mama retorted to Dustin.

"Oh, I have a big appetite... I love to eat," He stated, staring at me.

My mama never cooked. And that answered my suspicions. She was only cooking because he was around. She always ordered take-out. Or sometimes, she'd give us money to go buy us something to eat. There were never days where we received home-cooked meals.

"Good... Hopefully you like it. Chauncey don't just stand there and look stupid. Offer him a seat or something. Act like I taught you something," She snapped.

"She isn't just looking stupid... She is stupid," Channing teased.

Of course my mother didn't say anything to her. She just laughed, "She is not stupid. She just a little awkward."

"Awkward? She's ugly," Channing shook her head, laughing.

My mother laughed loudly and heading into the kitchen. I wanted to bury my head somewhere because this was routine. My sister would tease me and my mother would egg her on or laugh like it was cute. As soon as I make a comment about her, then I get cussed out or punished. It was definitely times I felt like I was adopted. I didn't say a word as I made my way upstairs to me and Charity's room. To my surprise, she wasn't there. So I had the room to myself. Finally. I plopped on the bed and started sketching. It was the only thing that calmed me down in situations like this.

"You're beautiful Chauncey."

I looked up and it was Dustin. He sat next to me on the bed and I wish I could agree with him but I couldn't. I just decided to keep sketching. He leaned over me, making me smell his cologne. "What are you drawing?" He questioned, placing his head close to my face.

"Just random things..."

I scooted away from him a little. I didn't want to get in trouble if my mom walked in and saw us this close. It would be the wrong idea.

"Oh... from what I seeing now, I like what you are doing... You're really talented," He smiled at me, flashing his pearly whites.

"Thanks... a lot," I replied with a grin.

"You have a beautiful smile," He retorted.

He was successful at making me smile once again! I guess he was being really nice to me because I just didn't see where he was getting these things from. I just wasn't really confident in my looks at this point of time.

"Thanks," I smiled again, wider.

He chuckled and looked around my room, "So you share this room with your sister huh?"

"Basically, but she's probably with her boyfriend," I answered, continuously sketching.

"It's not that bad... So... you just sketch all day? Not while I'm around," He snatched my notebook and placed it behind his back.

I sighed and then swallowed hard. I didn't know what else to do. So I turned the TV on. He got up and turned the TV back off, "Talk to me Chauncey."

"About what?" I questioned.

He sat down and looked into my eyes, "You're really shy. It's cute but I don't want you to be nervous around me. I'm gonna break you out of that shell."

I got even more nervous and no longer knew what to do or say. I looked away and he grabbed my face, "See... you're doing it again. But wanna see something cool?"

"Y-yeah," I stammered.

He curled his tongue over his lip, "I can do tongue tricks. Watch."

I watched as he flicked his tongue extremely fast. I was amazed at the speed he was going. I never saw anything like it. He stopped and looked at me, "What you think?"

"It-it was good."

"You wanna feel--"

"DINNER'S READY!" My mom shouted upstairs, interrupting us.

"Wow, it's only been like 20 minutes? What she cook? Digiorno?" He laughed.

I laughed as well and headed downstairs. We both sat by each other. I felt a leg on mine and looked down to see Dustin's. I looked over at him and he smiled. Channing stared at us and then talked in her annoying voice, "Mama... wait... We gotta give Chauncey her surprise first."

"Oh yeah... Chauncey I need you to try this. Your sister said that you loved it. So I bought you a pie," She announced as she placed a pie on the table.

Channing grinned at me deviously. I looked at the pie and it was Pumpkin Pie. I'm allergic to Pumpkin Pie. So there was no surprise that Channing suggested she buy this for me to be evil.

"I'm allergic to this. I can't eat this," I pushed the pie back away.

My mama glared at me, "Girl... I spent money on your ungrateful ass and you talking about you allergic? If you don't try that damn pie and see how it taste! I don't eat the sh*t and neither does everybody else in this house. So, you gon' eat it." She opened the pie and sliced a piece and slid it to me.

"Mama... I am seriously allergic. Remember you took me to the doctor and he gave you a list of things I can't eat? This is one of them," I protested.

"Doctors be lying. What's the most you gon' do? Sneeze? Ain't that's what allergic reactions about? Eat the gotdamn pie now before you get grounded again for making me waste my f*cking money. I ain't made out of it! Sh*t! Don't f*cking make me embarrass your duck face ass. You better eat that damn pie. You gon' be fine!" She exclaimed.

I didn't say a word as I made slow bites. "Eat faster. Girl... I'm about to slap you!" She shouted.

I nodded my head and started to chew the pie. I swallowed it and kept chewing as I felt my lips and throat swell up. "My throat doesn't--"

I couldn't even finish my sentence as I felt lightheaded. My chest started to feel tight. I could barely breathe as this point. I tried to get up but I fell to the floor. That's all I remembered because I passed out at that point.

*rolls eyes*
this may be the LAST comment you get from me Bree Boo !

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but i see now that her asx aint worth
a GOOD GOT DAMN about Chauncey
psssh its alright to be by yourself honeyy
you do NOT need friends likee that

<em><strong>i wonder how it would feel getting raped</em></strong>
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she must be real lonely && poorlyy socialized child to
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