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its dry af but eeeeh
Le`Juicee` has arrived to bring


what goes on?


Once again I BET! Lol.

But whew I just cannot deal... I feel smacking a few b****es lol.

all you had to do was pop her lil asx


aww yea my little homie got my back
but like this is why i know i cant have kids
my niece was crying about not being able to have
candy and i told her ass no like 12 times
then she got to screaming so i threw it
at her ass lol

i feel bad now but at the moment i wanted
to hang her by her toes.

&& ana me && CJ will help you !


smdh check Keria

bree mmmm ima fight yo asx !

like my brain is on frozen im trying to
write and do homework and
babysit at the same damn time
but my ass f***ing up big time lol

Uh huh I bet.

lol what in the hell is that @ana


lol about wht hun

im having a brain fart UGHH

yeeeees ma'aaaaaaaam

i aint scared of you though nigga

@Keria check

lol check

Yeaaaa but don't play like that lol.

lmfao i said i was playying man

@Keria girl i dnt mind youo dng it
its MY post lol
but check !

nani i sent you a message but keep checking cause ion wanna keep typing in here to tell u lol

b**** I'll skin you alive lol

Annneeeeeeerrrr !

*waves shyly*



Auuuuuugh !
that nigga lol

im deeeef gon dream about him tonight lmao


I only have one lol...


lol uuuuh which onee

Uhhhh bored af... Waiting on my baby daddy to come home lol

shut up nigga !

heyy theree tho

Grosses.... Lol.

But heeeeeeeeey!