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The Art of Seduction.

I love him
At this moment in time

Won’t call him later
Won’t give him heartache
Or headache
Won’t lay down at his bed
Or cuddle when his thoughts have ended
Won’t cuss or scream
Won’t be upset when he leaves

I give him my
U N D I V I D E D attention

When I give him my dance
Slowly gyrating over his lap
Giving him my all
Giving him the time of his life
No need for his wife
Of his lover when he at my side
I give him my time
My eyes
My words of seduction
And my body for him to fondle

I love him
At this moment in time

He can lust me whole
For one hour at a time
Spray me with champagne bubbles
And shower me with dollars
I will be his all
He can call me anything he likes
Cause I am his baby doll
Slowly seducing him all night

As long as his pockets are fat
And packing the security I need

I will continue to
Love him
And seduce him
Expose my body for his viewing
Letting him touch me
And caress me whole

Now that the hour is almost up
My eyes will begin to roam the room
To find the next victim
I can demonstrate
Seduction at its finest

But for now
I will love him
At this moment in time…

(I promise I'm sticking to this one and this one only. Run it!)


I was thrown off so much by Khi and Sasha lls and Kyra getting all freaky on Cam lls

run it

Khiyen sat back down at her vanity mirror and slid into her robe. She laid the bills out that she had collected from her show.

"875, ehhh could've been better." She said aloud to herself.

She pulled her short wig off revealing her long brown hair and put it up in a messy bun. She slid on her Nike sweatpants with a plain tshirt and her Jordan 2's. She looked around at the other girls preparing to do private sessions. Since today was Thursday she wasn't required to stay for private sessions. She grabbed her Louis Vuitton and turned her phone on and dug further into her bag for her keys. She said her good bye's and made her way out of the club.
Hopping into her ruby red Audi A8, she started it and sped towards 95 on her way home. She arrived to her apartment building and sluggishly walked up the stairs.

Cameron sluggishly walked upstairs deciding against going to King of Diamonds tonight. He pulled his shirt over his head and stepped out of his shorts leaving only his boxers. He slid in the bed beside Kyra and felt her snuggle up to him. He rested his hands behind his head and starred at the ceiling. He was very grateful for everything. Being lucky enough to play professional basketball for the Miami Heat, having a gorgeous model girlfriend, and no type of reputation with the media. He was truly blessed and appreciated it all. But he always felt as if he was missing out on something more. He looked down at Kyra who had began to slowly kiss his neck. He smirked a little and pulled her closer to his face. She smiled and pecked his lips.

"You seem tense daddy." Kyra said seductively as Cameron but his lip. "Let me fix it." She said kissing his lips leading down to his chest.

"How you gon do that?" He said beginning to grow in his boxers. She put her finger to his lips and hushed him.

"Just relax and let me show you." She continued to go lower until she reached his d***.

She stroked it lightly before taking it in to her mouth fully.

"Ahhhhhhhh" Cameron moaned in pleasure while putting his hand on the back of Kyra's head.

"Ahhhhhhhh" Khiyen moaned in pleasure while Sasha flicked her tongue back on Khiyen's clit. "I'm boutta cum boo." She said as Sasha moved faster. Within seconds Khiyen exploded and let out a pleased sigh. Sasha lifted her head from above the covers and attempted to kiss her.

"Uh uh, you know the rule." Khiyen said putting her hand in front of her mouth. Sasha rolled her eyes and got up to brush her teeth.

Now Khiyen wasn't gay and <a href="">Sasha</a> wasn't her girlfriend. They were just friends who had needs. Since Khiyen said she would never have sex with a man until she found someone worthy enough she didn't mind much. She rolled over and looked at the clock 4:47 am. She yawned and closed her eyes and immediately fell asleep.

Cameron looked over at a sleeping Kyra and pushed a strand of hair out of her face before looking over at his clock. 4:47 am. It was gonna be another long day for him, he thought and slowly drifted off to sleep.

I like!!! Run it!!!!

No love???

smh Cameron go to bed with your girl!!

liking it so far. I just pray you keep it up Kamaymay

run it

<a href="">Khiyen</a> sat in front of the vanity mirror applying the eyeshadow for tonight's show. She tugged at her bra strap adjust it to her comfort and pulled on her thigh high socks. She puckered her lips and made them as red as fire and blew a kiss at herself. She pulled open her drawer and searched around for her baggy of party favors. She used her stiletto finger nails to scoop the powder onto her vanity table. She used her razor blade to make a straight line and rolled up her lucky dollar. She held one nostril closed and inhaled the powder. She looked in the mirror and wiped her nose.

"Knock 'em dead Diamond" she said as she heard her name being announced.

She seductively walked towards the curtain and posed sexily. The velvet curtain parted and the red light shined brightly on her. Applause and shouts came from all different directions. She began to feel her high and swayed over to the pole running her hands up and down her body. She scanned the room for a potential John and spotted several. She smiled as Lil' Wayne's She Will began to play.

The night was just beginning.


<a href="">Cameron</a> watched the film closely, pausing it randomly to see what had happened wrong. He watched as he dribbled the ball down the court and went for the layup. He watched as Lebron threw the ball to Chris Bosh and saw how he began to play heavy defense on him. He paused it quickly and walked up to the projection screen analyzing his stance, his hands, his posture. He heard a light tap on the door and turned to see <a href="">Kyra</a>.

"Come to bed baby." She said with a light yawn, wearing one of his old jerseys.

"In a minute bae. I just wanna go over this game." He lightly jogged toward her and kissed her cheek. She nodded in understanding and went on about her business.

He walked back over to the screen and pressed play when he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket.

<strong>KOD is poppin tonight bruh!</strong>

He smiled to himself knowing what he'd be doing in a few instead of sleeping.

Ooooooo, Run it!!!!