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Im So Pissed Off!! t(-.-t)

So , i come home from school & my mom goes " you know I cant walk right? "
Im like.. " why not? "

Appreantly the doctor did surgery on her back , but missed with something in her leg
so its paralyzed. Maybe not for long , who knows.

I want to make a f***ing visit to her doctor so bad!!
Like I could just f***ing punch the s*** outta somebody & cry.

Yes , me & her fight alot.
Yes , sometimes I can be an disobedient kid.

But that doesn't change the fact that I love her!
I pray everday that she gets to live & move around with me.

My moms down , so that means im down.


I dont know wear im going , but im walking & crying.

I dont know what Ima do but please pray that I keep myself sane!



Thanks yall.

Yes! I told her that but she was like lets see if he can fix it.
Im like what if the f*** face makes it worser?!
& then on top of that I have 4 younger sisters & brother.
Like they need her. im not 18 yet , if anything were to happen to her
we all would be f***ed cause half of my uncles are either ahcoholics
or has f***ed up priorities. My grandmas dead , so the only person left
is my uncle robert. & ill be damned if ANYBODY takes my brother & sisters
away if it aint god calling them to happen. God forbid.

Im so scared right now & its f***ing cold out here!
I dont wanna cry cause I dont cry. I haven't cried since my grandma
had passed.

I agree with everyone else....Sue the hospital..

All you gotta do is Pray and everything will work itself out...

I agree with the others.

That doctor definitely need his license taken away for that s***. He a b**** for that.

You & your mother are definitely in my prayers.

i sue everyone in that damn office they on bull

but be strong girly at least for your mom since she
needs it

you both are in my prayers

Sorry to hear that.

Your mom is in my prayers. .

law f***in suite! Damn I'm sorry girl! I would be mad as hell too! Just pray dude! And you and ya family def will be in mines....