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Magic City - a short story -

"So where we goin tonight y'all?" I asked, driving me and my girls somewhere, anywhere. Ana gasps, "OOh LETS GO TO THE STRIP CLUB!" "Uhnnn," Bree says. "No! These bills is for my tuition! I mean I could maybe spare a few quarters or sumn!" "Hell yeah," I agree. "I got my change purse full of nickles and dimes!" "Let's go to a male strip club!" Lexi suggests. "I'd rather go to a female strip club," Nani suggests continuing on, "Male strip clubs be hella weak. I mean BOR-ING!" "Well uh..." I smirk and continue to say, I just saw this commercial that they started playing called 'Magic City' and it's a new male strip club. I mean they was showing some fine ass niggas on there, but I thought they was just throwing pictures up there to get females to go. But..." "OOOOH SHT," Dany yells as she stared down at her phone, "I'm looking up the website and these muthafckas is fine as hell! We're going hoe! Turn the car around!" Bree snickers, "Lemme see while you gettin' all hype!" she snatches the phone to look, "Well alrightttt! BUT I BET! That s*** is nothin' but a scam!" "Lemme see," Lexi takes the phone and calls the number. "...Hello. Yeah I'd like to know if y'all are legit, like got mad money comin' in cause me and my girls would like to stop through and pay some niggas child support bills," she grins. Everybody else laughed. "...okay, alright... We gon' be there soon! Okay then, whats your name, sweetie? Bow Wow? Oh, okay! See you there! Bye!" Lexi hangs up and tells us, "We're going to check this s*** out! We gon' make these niggas official if they legit! So SoSo hit the gas pedal hoe!" "I'm on it," I smile and drive towards the place as Dany gave me directions.


We walk in and are greeted by some short guy with a bow tie around his neck with no shirt on in some black briefs. "Welcome ladies to Magic City. I'm Bow Wow." "Whassup tho," I said and glance at Lexi, "Uh, my girl just talked to you on the phone about 10 minutes ago. So we here now, what y'all got?" I ask. He smiles and licks his lips at me. "Well, first and foremost, I'm available; however, there are some seats open on the floor and the next performer should be up soon." "STOP LOLLYGAGGING BTCHES!" Dany says as she walked ahead of us. Ana shook her head like the rest of us and says, "Look at this thirsty ass btch like she ain't never seen a dck being slung to some music before." We all walked down the hall and onto the floor full of other women, talking and waiting around. Some were even talking to males serving drinks. We find Dany who was sitting up at a table near the front and have a seat. "1, 2, 3..." We hear a male voice counting and all look to see a tall, light skinned man looking at us with a serious face as he continued to count in his head. He then beamed a million dollar smile. "Hello ladies. I see there's 6 of y'all! I hope y'all enjoy yourselves tonight! I'm Breezy. Would y'all like something to drink?" he asks. "Can I have a glass of you," Dany blurts out. "Really btch," Nani says slappin Dany upside her head. "DA FCK! We shouldn't have brought yo ass!" "She is the youngest one," Bree sighs, "She ain't gon act like she got some damn sense in this bish." "Yes, we would like..." Lexi says as she reads the only menu on the table and orders for us all. "Can I see some ID's first, please?" Breezy says before taking our orders. We all hand up our ID's including Dany who had used her twin cousin's ID to pass as 21. But the rest of us were all over 20. She was just 18, but it ain't like he cared. "Alright," he smiles and winks at Dany once he hands the ID's back. "Someone should be bringing your drinks. I'm up soon," he smiles and walks away. "THEN WHY THE FCK YOU TAKE-" Bree started to yell, but Nani covered her mouth. "SHE WASN'T TALKING TO YOU, BABY!" Ana says. "KEEP WORKING THAT ASS AS YOU WALK AWAY THOUGH!" she laughs.

"Girl!" Nani stares at Bree. "Okay, maybe he had to get this last count before he went on! Damn!" "Y'all seen that looooooooooooong ass d***!" I grin. "HELL YEAH BTCH!" Lexi giggles. "I thought I was tweaking that's why I had to start reading the menus for our asses so I wouldn't be caught staring!" "All these niggas wearing briefs and shid!" Bree says, "I better not catch one scratchin' they ass or with skid marks or I'm OUT THIS mafcka! I still think it's a scam. I don't care if they fine! They can't reel me in if they had a-" her words fades as she spots some guy across the way covered in tattoos at the bar, wiping the counter down. " that?" she stared. "hold on y'all! I'll be right back!" she gets up and hurries over to talk to him. "And y'all was talkin bout me!" Dany smacks her lips and folds her arms over her chest. "Bet she ain't see his baby mama just walk out of here WITH the muthafcka baby bag AND baby in the car seat!" "Nah she saw it," Nani half-smiled. "But y'all know Bree don't give a fck." "Whassup Ladiessss! How y'all doing! Good?! Good!" the DJ says. "COMING UP NEXT IS THE ONE AND ONLYYYYYYY TRIGGAAAAA!" The lights flashed and another light skinned man, but older lookin' than the rest of the guys we've seen walking around, comes out onto the stage. He walks to the edge and scans the females. "THIS ONE FOR THE PANTY WETTERS!!!" he sung along with the DJ. A beat dropped and he started getting it making everybody go crazy. We were all just chillin and watching him work as females threw money up there until I spotted Ana standing up at the stage, looking up at him drooling and making it rain. "OH HELL NALL!" Nani says, "I know that ain't who I think it is up there?!" "Yup...that's Ana's ass!" Lexi confirms. Bree comes back smacking her lips, "I THOUGHT WE AGREED WE WEREN'T GONNA PAY NO CHILD SUPPORT! NICKLES, DIMES, AND QUARTERS ONLY!" "FA REAL, SON!" I snicker and throw a quarter up there hitting Trigga in the head. We all snicker some more and watch him ignore it. He finishes up his stage time, walking off the stage. "ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT!" The DJ comes back on. "UP NEXT! WE GOT BREEEEEZY!"

"So the nigga I just got through talkin' to name was Tyga! OooH!" Bree punched her own hand, "And he say he should be on stage soon! I'm a be up there payin' that nigga child support!" she grins. Nani sighs and then looks at me, "I guess we the only ones that's not falling just yet." Lexi agreed, "Mm hm, see we ain't stupid! The three muskateers got some sense not to fall for these-" she looks across the way to see some fine dark chocolate man and white chiseled chest males coming out from the back, "Well hello there, milk and white chocolate..." she licks her lips. "I'LL BE RIGHT BACK!" she gets up and heads over to them both. I sigh and shake my head. Just as I was about to turn to talk to Nani, she was gone talking to some male server. "Heyyy," she smiles dancing with him as he grinding on her. "I feel you, Cole World is where I wanna be!" Nani laughs. "These btches here..." I say. "C'mon bish, let's go make it hail on this nigga Breezy," Bree smiles. "iight," I say as we both get up while Breezy was working his manhood all in Dany and Ana's face. Dany glares at us and whispers, mostly hissing, "Y'ALL BETTER NOT! I SWEAR I'LL WHOOP Y'ALL HOES ASSES! THROW SOME CHANGE UP THERE, AND WE GON SEE WHO'S LAUGHING WHEN Y'ALL DON'T GO HOME WITH NOBODY TONIGHT!" "Bish please! They gon' appreciate our asses!" Bree says, "Take this shid to a coin machine!" "Hell yeah..." I laugh, agreeing with Bree, "Aye, maybe we should have taken it to the coin machine though..." "BISH! WHAT FUN WOULD WE HAVE THEN?!" Bree asks me. "TRUEEE!" I laugh with her and we continue. Breezy catches us, smirking. He then makes his way over to us, poppin that ass in our face. Bree smacked it a few times. She even grabbed my hand to try and touch it, but I snatched it away. All of us were having a good time. Even Lexi who was sitting to the side getting a private dance from her milk and white chocolate boos, laughing and being flirtatious. When Breezy's time was up, all us ladies went to sit back down.

I peeped Bow Wow heading to the back. I hope it wasn't his turn next cause I could tell people really weren't gonna be up on his short ass. "There go yo boo," Nani smirks. "Btch gone!" I giggle. "You better go support yo man, acting all shy and shid!" Bree says. "Or we gon' drag yo ass up there!" Ana says, laughing. Dany claps her hands, shaking her head, "I'll be right back!" she gets up and heads over to the DJ, talking to him. She comes back with a smile on her face. "THOUGHT I WAS FCKIN' PLAYIN'! I GOT SUMN FOR THAT ASS!" We all stare at her, wondering what she was talking about. Lexi comes back, fanning herself. "Goddamn, this place is magic! I'm pulling out money I ain't even know I had!" She smiles. Nani daps Lexi and we all turn to face the stage, sipping on our drinks. "UP NEXT," the DJ says, "WE GOT BOW WOOOOOWWWW! BUT WE GOT A SPECIAL REQUEST FOR YA BOY! GIVIN' OUT A LILLLLLL LAP DANCE!" he announces. "From yours Truly, Sofiaaa!" he plays Rihanna's 'Cake' song. Bow Wow comes out with a chair. I blush, so embarrassed, covering my mouth. "YOU BTCH!" I stare at Dany. "I SAID I WASNT PLAYIN'! NOW GETCHO ASS UP THERE! BET YOU WONT THROW QUARTERS TO A NIGGAS FACE THO!" All of my girls cheered me to go up as I just sat there, smiling and shaking my head. Bow Wow comes and gets me himself, leading me up to the stage. A few women were still up at the stage throwing money as he gave me a lap dance. I got off stage after giving damn near all my cash to him. "Btch what happened to yo change!" Bree stared at me. "Man I gave it all to Breezy!" I laugh. "Had to break out that crispy green huh!?" Ana smiles. "ALRIGHT LADIESSS! UP NEXT WE GOT COLEEEEE!" "Ugh, he ugly as fck!" Bree says as Cole walked out. Nani and me look at each other and go up there. "BTCH COME TAKE MY CHANGE! IM TOO LAZY! From yours truly, a broke bish!" Bree says laughing as I come back to grab her change. "Btch!" Nani snatches the change purse. "We real baller's!" she throws the change back. "BTCH!" Bree gets up and sits back down throwing the change from where she was at. "THEY GON' APPRECIATE MY MUTHAFCKN CHANGE! IT MIGHT CHANGE HIS UGLY ASS COLE WORLD, FCK YOU MEAN! MAYBE HE CAN BUY A HEATER WITH MY SHID!" she laughs along with the rest.


On the ride back to drop these heffas off, we all reminisced upon our night at Magic City. "Who didn't get a niggas numba?!" Dany smiles. "But a btch out here broke for a nigga," she giggles. "Sht I got me a private lap dance," Bree bobbed her head, "All Tyga needed was these 8 digits! Said it was better than some change AND some crispy green, hoe!" "Trigga definitely could see me after tonight," Ana says, fanning herself. "That nigga looked bout old af!" I yelled. "SO?!" Ana rolls her eyes. "He could be my baby daddy!" "And what you gon' be," Nani says, "his suga mama cause you the only one makin' gov'ment stacks if y'all were to have a relationship!" "Btch, yo cole world havin' ass. Aughhh," Bree rolls her eyes. "I got me TWO numbers! BOOP!" Lexi smiles. "I always knew yo was a hoe," Bree mumbled. "DON'T BE TRYNA COME AT ME! YOU TALKIN' TO A STRIPPER WHO GOT A BABY MAMA! AND SHE LOOKED LIKE SHE HAD JUST CAME FROM ACROSS THE WAY FROM STRIPPIN AT THE HOUSE OF DIAMONDS!" "BLOOP!" Dany says. "So SoSo..." Nani smiles, "how was that lap dance?" "WEAKKKK!" I smirk. "Thanks a lot DANY!" "You welcome! But I bet you wouldn't have gotten his number if it wasn't for me though! You'd be crying right about now cause you ain't get no play!" Dany smacks her lips. "So you need to be saying Thank you!" "UGH! Thank You!" I smile. "So it's agreed that we all had ourselves a good night out," Nani stated. "YESSIR!" Ana says. "So we goin' back?" Lexi asks. We all look at each other and laugh. "I'M SERIOUS! THEM NIGGAS IS LEGIT OFFICIAL NOW! WE DONE STAMPED THEY ASS! WE GOTTA GO BACK!" she yells. "I'll go back with you!" Dany and Ana agree. I shake my head smiling and turn up the music. We all dance, having more fun on the ride home.

<strong>THE END</strong>


i thought about continuing this or making a part two but ion feel like adding to no more stories on here. i'm a just be adding to the Fires of Spring and Paper Trail collab with Gigi. But yall can find my other stories if y'all read them on EC where i will continue.

lmfaooo at bree saying maybe he could buy a heater with her change ctfu

damn thirsty ass dany quenched your thirst yet god damn

and its not my fault im pimpin pimpin s***
this whole story had me dieing though i could really see bree being the one throwing change at someone smhh
i loved this story odee odee u should continue it or make a part two

YEEES Soso... I have seen the s*** with my own eyes... well on the computer lol... And they are not lying... it's true. Them nasty niggas be doing all that. And them hoes be thirsty af.

i'd rather havee a femalee stripper than a malee inee

male ones are just ,. .

trueee bout the dl, fruitiness, and on top of that, have yall ever had a male stripper come to a private party/birthday party or whatever? my cousin had one, which i did not attend got the tea from my sis who went who shall never go to another one cause it's just...ew, it be so nastyyy just ugh. they be eatin pussies and slanging the D all in the face, getting the D sucked from females. it's just downright disgusting mane, ugh.



Alright man... I read it... *stands in superwoman stance* Anyway, that was real good. A male strip club? MOST of them niggas be gay or on the DL like a mofo. I wouldn't even go to no s*** like that because you can tell they got fruity ways, but I would not pass up on an opportunity like that to see Tyga ass. Luckily, he wasn't stripping. I rather not see that s*** lol. But whew Breezy though... Mmm, I'd give that nigga ALL my damn money. Hell yeah, I would've been throwing coins on his ass. Lol @ one of the coins hitting Trigga in the face and him ignoring it like he didn't feel it. Lexi was fronting and putting ON as usual. Wanna talk s*** about US but she see two niggas and act like a whore! Soso got a damn lapdance by Bow short ass tho... Hmm, I see you and I'm laughing picturing that nigga with a bow tie and briefs on... Like really? Mmmmm, Breezy made that ass clap and I sure was gon' SMACK it for him... I LOVEEEE him. And ugh, Cole brought his ass out... As Diggy call him, little snaggle tooth lol. Gross, but go head Nani... And Soso... do y'all thang. I ain't mad... I'll watch from the sidelines. This was a fun little trip. We should go again next time! A nice short story. Bravo! Bravo!

Ughh Soso... these some fat ass paragraphs man... but I'm about to read man... here I come... *puts on my superwoman cape*

twerk team party for the strippers lol


lmaooo ctfu
and ok

Trolololol I'll read tomorrow when I got free time BOFL XDA


lmao ana free lap dances for yo ass huh

we gon' stay in the strip club and make sure
these stranger btches keep they hands to themselves
ok? if they wanna touch they gotta pay extra lol

@bree ionno why i did this to us man

if we got into a relationship with these strippers

a little awkward to have girls always looking at your man
but hell he mine
private dance in my bedroom

Wait Soso... lol...

Why you do this to us?

But Bree gotta read this......

*walks in; picks up microphone*

"what would happen if we got into relationships with these male
strippers?" the question

*drops the microphone; walks out*

yay I'm glad yall liked it :)

while yall playing likee swear i really wanna
throw somee changee at strippers
havee a whole roll of pennys just making
it drizzlee && shxt lmao

Bree . . .yo asx is a MESS
you was all on everybodyy abt it bng
a svcam *&& them niggas scratching bhut you aint givee af
oncee you saw Tyga you was all on his asx
you aint givee no fcks if his ratchet mousee looking babyy
mama was there or not.

Danyyy lil young asx was all up on Chris
likee her asx was in heat lol
but she did a good job with Soso && Shad

Soso trying to act likee she aint want olee short
lol thank God Danyy saved the dayy !

Lexxii i just cant with her
she trying to flexx likee she aint wanna be there
until she saw cookies && milk lmao
she was gon out tht bxtch
im with Bree ik you was a hoe lmao

Mmmm thats RIGHT
im reallyy tyying to be in Colee World tonight
&& every onee after lol

i aint tryying to payy nobodyy CHISUPP though
hell nah nigga lmao

this madee myy dayy man lol
you cameee back w/ a good onee S.Dot

best story i read all year that s*** had me rolling
why the hell you and bree throwing change like for real y'all
trying to cause head injuries or something lol
dany young ass but ayy she lucky she cute or breezy would have gave her ass the boot
and she would have been sitting on the curb by herself while im getting
my dance.

damn pimp master lexi would get a duo lo white and black that b****
was sitting in a klondike bar lol
tyga shut bree ass up even though rat-nasty had just walked out
but she we dont care lol
cole got nani ass to her ass was all up tight but that ended quick as
cole world >bree was a hater lol (get his as a heater lmfao)

"I better not catch one scratchin' they ass or with skid marks or I'm OUT THIS mafcka! LMFAO

and ass so fat need a lap dance lol dany set your ass up good lol
had your ass frozen infront of the whole club from bow little ass lol

me and dany about that life throwing arab money

lol and we got numbers....