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Diary Of A Stripper (11-4-12) 'Chapter Six'

Chapter One:


I stood there waiting to be introduced to the crowded. Fear almost started to take over but i didn't let that happen. At least not tonight.

"Ladies and Gentleman. Please welcome to the stage Dyamond Kane"

The Dj said into the mic causing me to me to jump slightly. I quickly regained myself, and took a deep before the music started to play.

:::R.kelly "Seems like your ready":::

I closed my eyes and walked on to the stage, swaying my hips looking at everyone's eyes on me. I took off my trench coat revealing my black lace bra and pantie set and grabbed the pole.

I started grinding against it biting my lip while doing so. I kicked my legs up and was upside down watching as these horny mother f***ers threw bills at me. That made me hyper.

I made my way to the top of the pole and started twerking my ass the bills started to flow faster. It was getting near the end of the song and i was now just grinding against the pole again. The Dj said my name again letting me know that i was done. I quickly picked up my money and left the stage.


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