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Rumors • Chris Brown ' Appreantly ' Pissed His Pants -.-

Hi guys! As some of you may know, im Kay. Its short for Ka'marie { pronounced Kay-mu-ree }.
If you didnt knoooow now you knoooow * Biggie's voice * lol

I just wanna share a few things about myself with you & if your feeling comfortable you can too.
You dont have to give me a lifetime movie on your life—unless you want, im all ears.

So lets get this thug fairytale on the road , eh?

Kae so, im 17 & a half years young. Yes, im young but sometimes my brain doesn't show it. I was born October 13 * sings beyonce's song party *

I currently live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin but Im orginally from Minneapolis, Minnesota. :D
4 sisters ( one is my step sister we share the same father ) & my brother. My bio mother & my step-father are the roots of the house. My bio father was killed before my 13th birthday due to gun shots in his lungs & head.

Im a virgin, but the freakiest Libra you will find hiding under their TV stand eating cereal.
It is amazing at some of the things I can do , sometimes. Like the fact that I weigh 1553663344 pounds but can hit a split & somemore s*** ;)

I box & do some of UFC training. its not something I WANT to do as a career , but I enjoy it.
& my ADHD doesn't help anything! But it does make me do different s***. & weird , pausing , mouth dropping s***.
Erm Erm Ermm , like Bree yesterday. Lmao s*** was funny.

Last but not least though , Im open to tell you anything about myself you wanna know.. So , just ask.

— Yours truely & forever . Kay <3


Idc , Idc .. I love this post! Lets revive it!

Where's Bre when you need her! (:

Lmao . You lovin' trey songz now?

But Shawty from Cuba still working on her Visa...

I wanna have a twerk contest cause I swear I can shake my ass some nastier than yall b****es lol
* sings dreams money can buy *

Huh, did Chris tell you!

* winks * yeeess , i know ;)

Im a d*** pleaser

I know this girl name keyshia she a real d*** pleaser.

I know this kid that can ride a unicycle

Ooooh? Where's my pogo stick.?

Make your own sandwich then.

Thats impossible , but thanks! * pops a bottle of champagne -*

Okay, im gon make the best sangwich you've ever had.

Daaaaamn you got awl da flavors!
Just gimmie suma dat roast beef guurh.

Of course. You want turkey, roastbeef, ham, or bologna?

Kae. Than after can you go fix me a sandwhich?
Stomach having a whole conversation with my back :D

Okay, but no touchy all this perfection

* rolls my eyes & throws money * Well then show me what you got & strip ;)

No, those are fattening.

How bout I buy you a hunny bunn (:

*pushes your hand away* i'm not a dog.

Lmao right! She's like.. The second person to get it right.
* pats your head * pouting is not for pretty girls Dany (:

Oh okay!!! I just had a blonde moment. Lol

She's calling herself fat... If she took off her clothes she'd look like a whale...get it?

*stops throwing money and pouts* i wanna know.

Lmbo. I get it.

Lmao omg! Just throw the money! * laughs & falls over *

Lmao! Tf?

No -.- cause then you gone be like .." who freed willy? " lol

*grabs dollar bills and throws them at Kay* Strip for me girl!