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Rumors • Chris Brown ' Appreantly ' Pissed His Pants -.-

Hi guys! As some of you may know, im Kay. Its short for Ka'marie { pronounced Kay-mu-ree }.
If you didnt knoooow now you knoooow * Biggie's voice * lol

I just wanna share a few things about myself with you & if your feeling comfortable you can too.
You dont have to give me a lifetime movie on your life—unless you want, im all ears.

So lets get this thug fairytale on the road , eh?

Kae so, im 17 & a half years young. Yes, im young but sometimes my brain doesn't show it. I was born October 13 * sings beyonce's song party *

I currently live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin but Im orginally from Minneapolis, Minnesota. :D
4 sisters ( one is my step sister we share the same father ) & my brother. My bio mother & my step-father are the roots of the house. My bio father was killed before my 13th birthday due to gun shots in his lungs & head.

Im a virgin, but the freakiest Libra you will find hiding under their TV stand eating cereal.
It is amazing at some of the things I can do , sometimes. Like the fact that I weigh 1553663344 pounds but can hit a split & somemore s*** ;)

I box & do some of UFC training. its not something I WANT to do as a career , but I enjoy it.
& my ADHD doesn't help anything! But it does make me do different s***. & weird , pausing , mouth dropping s***.
Erm Erm Ermm , like Bree yesterday. Lmao s*** was funny.

Last but not least though , Im open to tell you anything about myself you wanna know.. So , just ask.

— Yours truely & forever . Kay <3