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M.A.A.D City

This is a story. I don't know if I'm going to continue or not. I'm just bored. It's kind of like a story with parts of my life in it, hope you enjoy it. I didn't really get along with my mother, but this is just if she acted different towards me, this is how I would feel.

<a href="">I</a> looked at the picture of my <a href="">mom</a> she was beautiful, key word was. She killed herself when I was 12, now every birthday i get high and take a stroll down memory lane.

Im Nicole, and I just turned 20 and I live with my sister <a href="">Brooklyn</a> she goes by Brooke. "Hey sexy, i got a surprise for you!!" Brooke yelled from upstairs. I finished the last of my blunt and walked upstairs, "What is is?" I asked, actually curious about what it was. "We're going out tonight, with <a href="">Tre."</a> I sighed she always had to get boo'd up for something. I mean I love Tre, he's like a big brother to me, but they always f***ing I see him almost everyday. "I just want to be alone." I said, falling back on her bed. " Yeah, you've been alone for 4 years." She acknowledged, "b**** don't kill my vibe." I warned. She grabbed my hand, "Come on siisy pooh, for me please!" She begged. "Okay, okay. I'll go, but I won't enjoy it." She smiled, "All I want is for you to be there. Now here!" She said, handing me an outfit. After <a href="">we</a> got dressed, she got her <a href="">car</a> that Tre gave to her as a birthday present, and left. A little part of me was saying, "f*** this, why didn't I stay home," but majority of me was screaming,"f*** it have a f***ing blast, and let all the pain go." So naturally I was going with my majorty rule, hopefully i won't regret it.



<a href="">Kiana</a> sat on the couch playing with Mike's chain. "Kiana, you hungry." She blew her cheeks up and nodded. "Okay, TiTi Nikki got you." She climbed down from the couch and got her shoes on and walked to the door. "Open." She demanded, kicking the door. "Where you tryna go Kiana?" Mike asked running down the stairs. Kiana turned around to look at him and rolled her eyes, "Who the f*** you think you are young lady?!" Mike yelled, I laughed I knew she was gonna say it, "Grown daddy, I'm grown!" She said in her little voice. He jerked his head back, "Who the hell told you that, yo mom is starting to sink into you. Damn, both of ya'all gon kill a nigga." I hit him in his chest. "Don't cuss in front of her." He mugged me. "f*** you." He said picking up Kiana. "Daddy can we go outside?" He sat her in the high chair, "No, not now Kiana." She crossed her arms, "f*** you!" She yelled at him. My mouth dropped, Mike popped her in her mouth. "s***!" She cursed holding her mouth.

Now I was laughing on the floor crying. "Ohhh she said s***." Brooke and Chris said looking over the chair. "Chyna you better come get yo damn daughter!" Mike yelled putting Chyna on speaker, "What she do?" She asked, wanting to know the reason she hhad to leave her other nigga's house. "Tell mommy what you said Kiana." Kiana started to smile, "Mommy, f*** you and that nigga!" I covered my mouth, "Okay I taught her that one." Brooke said laughing. "You think this s*** is hilarious don't yall?" We all nodded, "Well get the f*** up out my house, Tre get down here and get the f*** out my house too." Tre came running down the stairs, "Bruh, I was about to get some beauty sleep." Mike twisted up his face, "Get yo gay ass out, right the f*** now!" He spat. "Tell 'em Ki." Kiana pointed to the door, "f*** out my house." Mike high fived her as we left out the house all laughing.

"Yo we out, bye." Tre said leaving with Brooke. It was just me and Chris now. "What you wanna do?" I asked, "You." He said kissing my neck. "Yeah, well I don't think so." He smacked his lips, "I was hungry anyway." I laughed at him pouting. "Let's go home and watch cartoons." He started to jump up and down like a little kid, "Let's go!" He rushed dragging me to the car. As soon as he turned on the car, I played my favorite song by 2 chainz. "Let's play big bank take little bank You are looking at a shark in a fish tank When I'm in the kitchen, I make plenty cash
Tell shawty come here, she got plenty ass!" I rapped, "Yeah, I luv dem strippers Yeah, I luv dem strippers Yeah, I luv dem strippers Yeah, I luv dem strippers In my foreign car, got the trunk by the engine So when I back back, I'm fronting on you niggas." Chris sung. "Chris, man you f***ing craxy. Muthaf***as now I'm f***ing, f*** wrong with these b****es lately?" I imitated Nicki Minaj while Chris clowned making faces. Then he started twitching, "Nigga, what are you doing!" I exclaimed, turning the music off. "I was acting like her." I busted out laughing, "Okay calm down." He leaned over and pecked my lips, "Kay Pudgie." He cooed, "Why you always call me that." I asked seriously wanting to know. "Cause yo ass so damn greedy with food." I grilled him, "Okay I got you when we get home." He licked his lips, "I like the sound of that." I rolled my eyes, "Of course you do."

omg they really goin thru it. smh.
hope that dude knows what's good for him all 3 wanna fill him with bullets!

run it

<a href="">I</a> laid in bed, crying for days. Nobody was allowed in here, no one but me, Chris has been coming to see me, but I wouldn't let him in. "Knock knock." I heard his voice. "Go away!" I yelled throwing the glass bottle of vodka at the door. "Yo, what the f*** is worng with you?" Mike asked more out of anger than shock. "I walked to the door and opened it. "Nikki, this isn't healthy." I looked up at him. "Nigga shut the f*** up. Don't come at me with that what's good for you and what's not bulls***. You ain't my momma and you damn sure ain't my daddy." I spat. He heavily sighed and rubbed his head. "Scoot over." He said, I inched over and he laid my head on his lap. I instantly broke into tears, this was how my mother used to hold me. "Let it all go, and when you're done I'll still be here." He soothed, those were the same exact words my mom said to me when I cried. "Nikki, look at me." I looked up at him and my heart dropped into my stomach, he looked just like my mom. "Mommy!" I yelled and I lached onto him. He didn't push me off, he just hugged me back. "Shh, it's okay Nicole. I'm here calm down." He said. It all felt surreal, I looked into his eyes and held him tighter, "Don't leave me, ever!" I demanded, "I'll never leave, until I know you're ready to take care of yourself."

"Hello." I looked up to see Brooke, standing in the hallway with puffy eyes too. "I need you too." She said. She walked over to Mike, and he hugged her like Our mother used to hug us all. I looked up to see Mike crying to, but with a straight face. He was angry about something, but i didn't know what it was. He got up suddenly and looked me in my eyes, "Give me your gun." He said, I looked at like he was crazy. "What you bout to do Mike?" I asked, I wasn't about to let my brother do something stupid. "I'm bout to dead the nigga that killed our mother." I stopped crying, but Brooke stood up and got hyped, "Hell yeah! Let's go, today will be this nigga last day living!" She yelled. I looked at Mike, "I'm not bout to give you my gun." He punched the wall hard, but I didn't flinch. "Man Nikki, quit being so damn difficult, just three days ago you was shootin' at the nigga, why can't I get my shots?" He started crying hard. I walked to him and held him tight he cried in my shirt and I cried with him. "Why did she leave Nikki, I was only 15, I needed her and she left!" He yelled squeezing me tighter."I will never be able to tell you, but I know you killing the nigga that gave her the idea to do it, will not make s*** better." He caught me off gaurd and got my gun from me. "I'm doing this for us." I pulled him back and locked the door. It was my turn to preach to him. "Nigga are you selfish or stupid, what about me and Brooke, huh, what about Kiana, she needs her dad. Am I suppose to tell her he wanted revenge so now he's locked up for f***ing life with no parole. Mike this is your 3rd strike, and she may never be able to speak to you without being felt up on by gaurds. Think about how Mom was, that's how you got here remeber, you want Kiana to end up pregnate and dead because her damn daddy couldn't show her real love and how to be treated with respect. If you kill this nigga, you might as well pull the gun on your ass to. So tell me if I need to call Kiana and tell her her dad is a b**** nigga or should I sit here and work things out with you man to man. No one else, except for Brooke and Chris." He put the gun down and hugged me tight all my worry had went away, "I ain't no b**** nigga." He whispered in my ear. "Nigga whispering in my ear doesn't help me believe that. So as of now yes you are." I assured. He smiled at me and then grabbed the broom from the hall. "Clean up time b****es!" He shouted. We cleaned everything up and I was happy now. Finally, I felt free.

Run It!


Today Me and Papi and Chris and his dogs ,were volunteering at the Brooklyn Animal Shelter. "Get the f*** off my dog!" I screamed as Chris tried to drown Papi in the bathtub. "Oh nigga be glad my baby is okay, cause if he wasn't, it would've been me and you!" I warned, "Is that a threat Mrs. Brown?" He asked, trying my patience, "No dumbass, it's a promise." I was about to put his dog in the bath, but he wouldn't let me. "My dog don't need a bath." I sniffed her. "b**** please, yo dog need a miracle." He smacked his laps and mumbled something. "I hit him in his chest, "Ahh s***!" He shrieked, "Excuse me Mr. Brown, but no profanity is allowed here." The nurse said. "Sorry, ma'am." He apologized then stared at me. "I got yo ass!"

After three long hard hours of working, Chris and I left. When we pulled up to the house it seemed like everybody was here. Mike came out and looked at me with worry in his eyes. "Nikki, now nobody knew he was here. Don't be mad!" I looked at him like he was crazy, "Who the f*** you got in my house Mike?" Just as i said that he (GucciMane - stepdad) walked out. "Who the hell let him in?" I was now livid, I wanted to dead him where he standed. "Babygirl, how you been?" He spoke, laughing at me. I ran up to him and punched him i his face, I didn't want to stop, so I didn't. "Nikki calm down, he ain't worth it!" Mike yelled, pulling me off. "f*** you mean he ain't worth it, did you forget this the same nigga that made mommy kill herself?" I gritted through my teeth. "How the hell am I suppose to forget, all I did was forgive him, but I never ever forgot!" He yelled. "Yeah, be like yo brother and forgive me, babygirl." I gave him a cold stare, this stare could've killed anybody within minutes, but he seemed to copy my stare and do it right back. "Listen here b****, he may have forgiven you, but I will never forgive you. If you think for one second your gonna get a lick of respect out of me, you better think again. Now get the f*** up off my porch or else." I spat, "Or else what?" He asked, not really pressed by my little threat, "Or else yo ass gon end up like my momma." I warned, pulling up my shirt to show my Glock 22 .40. His eyes widened, "You would never shoot me." He said, never taking his eyes off my gun. I smiled at him, I backed up from my house and stood on the sidewalk. "Pick a number 1-10." He laughed, "What are we 10." He was trying me, "Pick nigga!" I commanded, "5." He simply answered, "Kay, that's how many shots you got to get the f*** up off my porch."

I loaded my gun and aimed at his foot, i pulled the trigger <em>Pow!</em>, he jumped up and ran towards his car, I shot at him one more time and I grazed his leg. He yelled in pain, but I laughed in joy. He started to cry, "You crazy ass b****!" He spat, "You b**** ass nigga, thinking you can come to my property and run s***. You ran games on my mom never me, even that night when she decided to give you up for my real dad, you got over on her. But I live for the both of us now, so get yo black ass off my property and drive straight to Hell. I'll meet you there later." I said with a wave of my gun. Chris slowly came up behind me, he slowly took the gun and handed it to Mike. "Baby, it's okay I'm here now. Don't let him get to you. Be the person your mom could never be, and move on." He whispered in my ear. "Not to be nosey, but when the f*** did this happen?" ike said reffering to me and Chris. "Since here birthday." Mike looked at me then at Chris. "HALLEIGHLUJAH!! My sister finally got a man, now she can stop d*** riding me aout my hoes! But if you break her heart that's yo d*** Chris." Chris groped himself, "Damn nigga why you gotta go there?" We busted out laughing. <em>Mom, we're gonna get through this, together.</em> I spoke to my mother in my head, I hope we really can do this.

I forgot to add in, Nikki's team is Heat and Chris' team is Lakers.

<a href="">Me</a> and <a href="">Chris</a> were sitting on the floor playing 2k13, he had just bought it last week. "Nigga, why all yo players pussies?" I asked as I tried to purposely give the ball to Dwight Howard, and he ran the other way. "Man shut up, look at Chris Bosh neck it look like an ostrich!!" He acknoweldged, "Whoop! Swag! Whoop! Swag!" I shouted while doing my south dallas swag. "Sit down and play the damn game!" He demanded. "Ohh, fiesty. Me likey." He gave me a death glare, "Okay, but when I'm done whoopin yo ass, you gotta give me a kiss!" He nodded.

"Man, you cheating Nicole!" I laughed, "How am I cheating?" He pushed me over, "I don't know, but you are." Papi came wobbling down the stairs, "Papito, come here baby!" I cooed. He waddled to me and sat on my lap. "Baby?" Chris and Papi both looked at me, "Looks like we have some competiton." I said in my announcer voice. "Please Nikki, yo b**** dog ain't gon do s***!" He spat, just then Papi bit his hand and he started bleeding. "Damn dog!!" He cursed running upstairs. I ran after him, and Papi, like always, trailed behind me.

Part 2

I laid in bed, my high was wearing off and I had the munchies. "Hey Nikki you want some cereal?" A shirtless Chris asked, "Nigga go put on a shirt!" I yelled causing Papi to jump up out of his sleep. "Baby girl can't handle it!" He said, i chuckled "No baby boy you can'y handle this." He picked me up over his shoulder, "Put me down Chris!" He flopped me on the bed and straddled me, he started to tickle me and i began to loose control. "Chris stop! I can't breath!" I yelled, "He leaned in closer, I felt something take over me and I kissed him passionately. He loosend his grip on me and I got away. He laid there, satring at me. "I love you!" He cooed. "I know as a friend." I sighed, little did he know I wanted to be more than best friends. "Naw, I love you more than just a friend." I looked him in his eyes. "Are you saying that cause you're high?" He laughed, :s*** i don't know," I looked down in dissapointment, he got up and wrapped his arms around me.

"But what I do know, is that it's the truth." He spun me around and pecked my lips. "Are you saying you want there to be an us?" I questioned concerned if he was playing or being serious. "No," I pushed hm away and he laughed and grabbed my waist, "You didn't let me finish. I need sor there to be an us, you make me happy whether I'm high or sober, you give me that extra reason to live for. I love you Nikki, all I want is you." He whispered in my ear. Chills went up and down my back, "All i need is you, Chris." With that he smacked me on my butt, "Well Mrs. Brown, how bout some cereal on this fine morning/" He said in his country accent. "That'll be just fine Mr. Brown." He smiled and picked me up and walked downstairs to the kitchen.

Chapter 4~~ All Nighter

When I opened the door Brooke, Tre, and Chris came in laughing until they heard Papi bark. They all ran and jumped on the counter. Mike came downstairs, as soon as he saw them all up on the counter, he busted out laughing. "What the hell y'all doing on my counter." He asked, "What the hell you doing with a damn dog!" Brooke answered with a question. "Come here Papi!" Mike sooed, suprisingly Papi ran into Mike's arms and licked all over his face. They climbed off the counter, and sat on the couch. "Yo, who dog is that?" Chris asked. "It's mine nigga!" I spat. "You got a blunt, cause a nigga need to get faded right now." Mike said. Chris gave him a grin, "Nigga you know i got about six of 'em." Mike and Chris dapped each other and Chris pulled out the blunts and lit them.

"I hope my d*** get big as the Eiffel Tower, so i can f*** the whole world for 72 hours, goddamn i got b****es, damn i got b****es!" I sung to no music. "Bruh, she too faded, so is Papi." Tre said as we all turned to see Papi strugling to keep his head up and his eyes were blood shot red. Matter of fact all of our eyes were red. "Yo, I'm bout to go to this party y'all in?" Mike asked. Tre and Brooke raised their hands, I busted out laughing at nothing. "I think I should stay here and watch her." Chris suggested. "Aiight man, we out." He grabbed his keys and left and I went upstairs with Papi trailing behind me.

Part 3
As soon as we got home, Papi ran all around the house "Hey Nikki, I got you dog food for him already so all you have to do is buy everything else." Mike said, "Okay, thanks again." He nodded and went to his room. "Papi, you wanna sleep with me?" I cooed in a baby voice. He didn't answer he just tried to jump on the bed, but failed again and again. "I take that as a yes." I picked him up and put him behind me. My room was no longer so empty,"Sometimes I need to be alone, b**** don't kill my vibe>" My phone rang, and I hurried to it. "Hello." I answered, "Yo where you at?" Brooke slurred, it was 5 a.m. "I must've forgotten to call you and tell you I went home. Sorry Poohkey!!" I cooed. She laughed okay, but Tre and Chris are coming to the house, do you mind?" She asked, I was so happy that I actually was going to be nice, "Sure why not?" I could hear the door knob turn and Papi started to growl, I started to pet him to calm down. I slipped on my boy shorts and walked downstairs with Papi right by my side.

Part 2
I opened the car door slowly and there was a bulldog. "Oh my f***ing God he's adorable, come her Papito!" As soon as I said that, he came running into my arms, "I love you so much Mike!!" I shouted. On the way home, I played with Papi and Mike annoyed the hell out of me,"So you're really gonna name him Papi, not Killer, not Pacino, but Papi?" I rolled my eyes,"Nigga shut the f*** up, I'm bout to get Papi on you!" I warned. "That lil nigga ain't bout that life!" He spat, "Get 'em Papi!" I commanded. Papi jumped in Mike's lap and bit his arm. "Ahh s***!! Get him off me!! I'm sorry!" Mike yelled. I went into a laughing fit. "Papi be nice." I said, he looked at and back at Mike and growled. Then he sat back on my lap, and stared at Mike fo the rest of the ride.

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Chapter 1~ Love At First Sight

As soon as we walked in the <a href="">SuperClub,</a> we were hit on by tons of guys, but Brooke threatened all of them so they stopped. "Baby!" We turned to see <a href="">Tre</a> and my bestie <a href="">Chris</a> walking towards us. "My boo is here!" Chris said reffering to me. He grabbed me by my waist and pulled me in for a nice hug. "Ayee, we bout to down shots. You in or out?" Tre asked. "Hell yeah!" Brooke yelled over the music. I laughed as we made our way over, some groupies pushed past me and this <a href="">girl</a> was the only one that actually apologized,"I'm so sorry for their fast asses, always tryna get free d***. Hoes!" She shouted making me laugh.

A while passed, and I could feel the Vodka and straight Ciroc hit me. "Aye, I never got yah name." The girl from earlier said approaching me,"Oh, I'm Nicole, you can call me Nikki though." She flashed her pearly whites,"Cool I'm Alexandra, but you can call me Alex." Soon <a href="">Do My Dance</a> came on and all the girls went wild. Chris grabbed my hand, "Come on babe, do yo dance on my d***." He whispered in my ear, at this moment I didn't really care, so I started twerking to the beat and he grinded on my ass, after dry humping for about an 1 hour i decided to leave, after all it was 4:00 in the morning and I needed to do my volunteer at the Dog Shelter.

I stumbled to where Brooke and Tre were. When I got to them they were sloppily kissing, and I felt a little jealous, but I wasn't going to say anything. I decided to walk, so I won't have to drive drunk. "Hey boo, leaving me so soon." Alex slurred. I nodded, "Yeah, give me your number, you seem cool." She smiled at me. "Gracias." She took my phone and entered her number then she called her phone and saved mine. I left and walked to a near by corner store to grab a bottle of water, little did I know my brother <a href="">Mike</a> was gonna be there. "Yo, why you all the way out here?" Mike questioned leaving his <a href="">boys</a> staring at me. "I was at the club with Brooke and my friends." He raised his eyebrow, "Are these friends boys?" I rolled my eyes,"Yes Dad." He smacked his teethe. "You know I'm trying my hardest to look out for you. I got you a present too." A smile spread across my face, "What is it?!" I asked. "Let's go!" He grabbed my hand, and lead me to his car.

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