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|Intro: By the looks of the night sky outside it must've been about 3:30 A.M. and this rave hasn't ended yet. We've been partying since 8 last night, I'm surprised that the cops haven't come to bust up the party. Pills of different sorts, shapes, colors and imprints laid scattered on the coke stained glass table and bottles of Ciroc and Bacardi were half empty.

<a href="'s+Whatever.png">I</a> laid on the fuzzy green couch in the back room with my eyes half low, unable to point out the blurred party scene going on around me. The blunt made its way back to me as I took a quick hit before passing it to my boyfriend <a href="">Eli</a> who was half asleep on the couch next to me. His glossy red eyes read exhaustion as he looked into mines, his pupils were fully dilated from the ecstasy pill that he'd taken just hours before and still hadn't felt the after effects. His lips formed the words, "I Love You.." but they sounded so distorted, as if his voice had slowed down 10x, and the room began shifting and my heart beat was skipping..Oh God am I about to overdose? Before I knew it I blacked out...

I woke up, several hours later in the bathtub drenched from the shower head that was on and sitting across from me was Eli leaning his head against the tile wall. "You scared me there for a minute, I thought I'd lost you" Eli said pulling me to lay in his lap; "You passed out but I didn't know if I should take you to the I brought you home and ran the shower." he said playing in my curly wet hair as I traced my finger along his chest. "How long have I've been out?" I asked clearing the grogginess in my throat. "Few hours maybe more" Eli laid his head atop of mine bringing both his arms in for a hug. If there's one that I can say is that I could always count on Eli to comfort me or take care of me. "How do you feel?" he asked, "Like sh*t.." I said..

*BANG* *BANG* *BANG* "Cree! Cree!" "That sounds like your mom" Eli said getting up out of the tub, "Stay here" he said. "Eli! I know you have my daughter in there, open up this door right now or so help me I'll break the damn door off the hinges!" she screamed angrily. Eli, still dripping wet answered the door to see a steaming <a href="">Mrs. Matthews</a> at the door; "Good morning ma'm" Eli said, Mrs. Matthews placed her hand up to stop him from saying anything else.

"Where's Cree at Eli?" she said tapping her foot; "In the shower." "Could you tell her to come out?" she asked. "I can't do that" "And why not?" she said irritated; "She's sleeping--" "IN THE TUB?!" she said shocked, she pushed past him into the house and into the bathroom to see her drugged daughter wet and out of it in the tub. "Hi mommy" Cree said lowly, "Cree come on now get up.." Mrs. Matthews said struggling to get her daughter up on her feet; once she was out of the tub Cree's mother wrapped a towel around her and began escorting Cree to the front door. Before going out Cree's mother glared at Eli, "If I ever see you around Cree or talking to her again I'll have you thrown in jail."

After strapping Cree safely in the passenger seat Cree's mother got into the driver's seat, started the car and drove off. "M-*clears throat*-mommy where are we going?" Cree said still out of it, "Home..some things are about to change BIG time for you missy" she said. And indeed they did they change because the next words that came out of her mouth was,

<em>"You're spending the rest of the summer in Verona Beach with your Dad and sister."<em>

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Cree, Gemini, Darrell and Desia were walking along the boardwalk while trying to decide on which ride to ride next. "What about the Spider? That looks cool" Desia said pointing to a ride; "What about the Tornado of Terror? I hear you get spun around like a billion times" Darnell asked. "How 'bout that?" Gemini said pointing to a ride; Cree, Desia and Darnell look up and it's the most biggest, most dangerous looking ride they'd ever seen. "Oh Gem you're so full of it you wouldn't get on that" Darnell said. "Dare me" Gemini said with a slick eye; "I double dog dare you" "Don't dare her" Desia said but it was too late, Gemini had taken off in the direction of the ride while her frightened friends followed behind. "I told yo dumb ass not to dare her!" Desia said, "Why? What's wrong?" Cree asked, "Gemini likes a challenge, and she's crazy; hell crazier than me to be honest. Last year she played chicken with us in the car..driving on the wrong side of the street. I'd never seen so much piss come down Darnell's leg in my entire life" Desia said. Cree's eyes grew wide, making a "wow" expression. Gemini was already on the ride getting ready to take off when her three friends approached her side; "Gem what are you doing?" "You shouldn't have dared me" she said in a sing-song voice, the ride was slowly beginning to pull out of the station while Desia and Darnell screamed and pleaded with Gemini to get off before it was too late.

Cree, Desia and Darnell ran back to the boardwalk just in time to see the ride take off at an incredible speed doing unusual loops and twists. Desia closed her eyes afraid of what'd happen next while Cree looked on in amazement and the ride had pulled back into the station. "It's okay guys she's fine" Cree said laughing; Gemini caught up with them with the biggest grin on her face. "Oh my Gosh I can't believe you guys didn't get on! That was AWESOME!!!" she said making the rock n' roll sign. "Your ass is crazy, don't ever scare us like that" Desia said locking Gemini's head in a headlock. "Aww D I'm still alive ain't I?" Gemini said breaking the headlock; "Pssh yeah whatever lol"

"I'm beginning to like you more and more Gemini lol" Cree said laughing. "See? At least Cree gets me lol" Gemini said. "Yeah okay just don't say anything when your legs get severed because of your crazy ass lol" Desia said.

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More to come I'll post later on tonight or tomorrow if I'm not tired.

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*That Night*

Cree was up in her room the entire evening after she got off work trying to get her phone battery working but with no success. Just then her dad knocked on the door, "Come in" Cree said; "Hey kiddo, nice work on the first day I'm proud of you." he said leaning in the doorway, "If you're not so busy I was gonna take P.J. down to the fair on the docks, wanna come?" "No thanks dad, I'm just gonna chill here..UGH!" Cree threw her phone down on the bed. "Phone still isn't working?" "Nope" she said matter of factly; "Guess it's time for a new one huh?" Manui said sitting down on the bed. "Eli was sending me a text and now I can't read it." Cree said sighing, "Eli? Your boyfriend in Ohio?" "The same one." He nodded silently before getting up from the bed and heading towards the door, "If you change your mind come down, house key is hanging on the hook." Manui said. "Have fun dad" Cree said waving goodbye as he closed her bedroom door. She laid on the bed staring up at the ceiling, bored and phoneless; Cree was never without her phone and now she feels naked without it. Cree's laptop then lit up with a new Video Skype message from Eli, her mouth grew into a full smile at the sight of his name on the screen and clicked the "Accept" button. "Dang I thought you'd never pick up" <a href="">he</a> said with a laugh; "Sorry, stupid phone ended up frying on me. I miss you" Cree said resting her chin on her knee. "I'm missing you like crazy Cree, I'm ready for the summer to be over with already." he said poking his bottom lip out. "Me too, Verona beach is dead as hell but it's beautiful out here Eli" she said dazing off into space before facing the screen again. "Where's your dad?" Eli asked adjusting his screen so that his laptop was resting on his stomach. "He took my sister to some fair..why?" Cree asked with a raised eyebrow. Eli licked and bit his bottom lip flashing a seductive smile, " know, a little strip tease would be nice" he said folding an arm behind his head. "LOL Eli, I'm not getting naked on Skype!" "Aw come on babe I've got some serious blue balls going on here. EJ needs some action going on" he said whining, "Tsk boy please I haven't even been gone a whole day yet so don't try to guilt trip me lol" "Tsk man forget you Cree lol" he pouted once again. "Aww is the baby boo boo gonna cry?" Cree said in her baby voice, Eli flipped her the bird making Cree laugh hard. "I'm just playing with you babe, boredom does that to you" "I know, but I still love your crazy ass" he said puckering his lips at her, she did the same in return. "I love you too boo."

Silence broke in making the conversation awkward until Cree made some crazy pterodactyl screech making Eli bust out laughing. "I'm sorry but the silence was killing me!" Cree said slightly frustrated, Eli calmed down after a little bit "You're weird babe..really weird." "But you like my weirdness" she said conceitedly. "No" "No?" "I love your weirdness Cree (Yawns)" "Aw boo what time is it there?" "Like 10 after 10 I didn't wanna get to sleep until I talked to you" he said. "Thanks boo, I'ma let you get off so you can get some sleep; We'll talk tomorrow after I get off work" "Work?" he said. "It's a long story lol. Bye Eli" "Bye" he puckered his lips out again for an air kiss before ending the Skype video. Cree logged out of her skype and set her laptop back on the desk; the clock read only 7:45 P.M. and Cree was bored again! "(Sighs) Oh well, I guess I can kick it at the fair for a bit" Cree thought to herself, she slipped on some sandals and walked downstairs. She locked the house up and walked towards the fair, it was right on the beach and not too far away from the house. The night air was cool and with a light breeze making Cree's skin form goosebumps, she walked along the shore making the water wash over her feet. "Dammit Eli I really wish that you were here with me now" she softly said to herself. She got there a few minutes later, as opposed to daytime the fair's bright lights made the night come to life and it seemed like everyone on Verona beach was there. Cree's stomach growled at her as she passed a Hamburger/Hot Dog Concession; she ordered herself a burger and fries then found a place to sit. Only one table was unoccupied but it was all what Cree needed, sitting down she chowed away at her burger. "Anybody sitting here?" Cree looked up to see this <a href="">girl</a> with fiery red hair and light hazel eyes staring at her. "No, have a seat" Cree said with a light smile; "Name's Cree by the way" "I'm Gemini" she said back. "Are you waiting for someone?" Gemini asked; "I'm looking for my family they came without me so.." "Oh well, I was gonna ask you something. I don't know much about you but you seem like a chill person. I'm waiting for my friend and her boyfriend and thought that maybe you can come hang with us." she asked. "Do you often let random strangers hang out with your friends? lol" Cree asked. "LOL you're right that did sound a little unusual" "But I'll come kick it with you, looking for somebody to hang with anyways" Cree said dipping a fry into ketchup. "You're not from around here?" Gemini said surprised, "I'm from Columbus, OH. I'm only here for the summer" she said with a shrug. "How you likin Verona Beach?" Gemini said, "LOL it's dead as hell" Cree said making Gemini laugh as well. "It is but wait 'til you see all of Verona Beach you'll probably change your mind." "I'm waiting in anticipation lol" Cree laughed.

Just then a <a href="">girl</a> and guy approached the table, "Konnichiwa b*tch" the girl said. "What up?" Gemini said, "This is Cree she's from OH. Cree that's Desia and her boyfriend <a href="">Darrell</a>" Cree waved at both of them as they waved back. "I hope you haven't been waitin long, we could've gotten here earlier if big head over here," Desia said gesturing towards Darrell, "just listened to me lol" The girls laughed at Darrell's salty expression. "So Cree you kickin it with us?" Desia asked, "Yeah, if that's cool with ya'll" "Tsk girl, I can tell you got OH swag yo ass definitely kickin it with us no ifs ands or buts about it" Desia said. Gemini and Cree threw their trash away and the four left the stand together.

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It was hitting mid afternoon and the beach was full of people by then, Cree had found a milkshake shop on the dock area where there happened to be a state fair. She sat miserable thinking about Eli and how she badly wished he were there with her, nobody on Verona Beach seemed her type and was wishing for the summer to be over already. It was nice but that's all it could ever to be to Cree just some sand and rocks; She checked the time to see it was only 12:45 and wouldn't be due back in another 15 minutes so she took the time to do a little sightseeing. Along the way she happened to catch the middle of a football game, lots of people were watching and really getting into the game. "How can anybody play football on sand? It's hot as hell" Cree thought to herself, her phone then vibrated in her pocket and was happy to see a text message from Eli. "Yo Chris heads up!" a boy shouted out, Cree fell hard to the ground when somebody ran into her; spilling her milkshake onto her uniform and her phone. "Oh my Gosh lol, I'm sorry are you okay?" the guy asked helping Cree up. Cree checked her phone and it was fried from her spilled milkshake meaning she couldn't read Eli's text. "Me I'll live but my phone's a different story" Cree said slightly upset, "Oops sorry about that..lemme buy you another milkshake" he said. "Don't guilt trip yourself...forget about it" Cree said walking away. "I really am sorry" the guy said catching up to Cree's speed; "Really don't trip over it" "My name's <a href="">Chris</a> by the way" he said extending his hand out for her to shake. "So I've heard" she said with a smug smile, "What's up? I'm trying to express my hospitality" Chris said smiling. "Oh really is that what they call hittin on strangers now?" she said, Chris jumped into her path stopping Cree. "At least stay for the game it's really hyped." Cree slightly smiled and said, "I've got a job to get back to, but thanks" Cree said pushing past Chris.

*Back at Manui's*
P.J. was sitting at the barstool eating a hot dog while Manui was wiping off the counter when he spotted Cree coming up. "What happened to you?" he said laughing; "Milkshake+Turbulence=Complete Mess" Cree said non chalantly. "Hmm..strawberry looks good on you lol" her dad said making P.J. laugh as well. "Hey dad what's P.J. doing out of school so early?" "We had an early release today" P.J. said sticking her tongue out playfully. "Here, you can wear this and we'll get that stain cleaned off tonight" Manui said handing Cree an oversized black collared tee. For the remainder of the day Cree spent her time working, even got a few tips for her personal use and aside from not being able to use her phone it was a productive day.

~More coming later tonight or tomorrow~

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*Next Morning*

"Cree! Get up it's time for work!" her father shouted up the stairs, Cree was starting her first day at her father's hot dog shack and hadn't come down the stairs yet. "Cree! Come on!" he shouted once again, P.J. was sitting at the breakfast table eating cereal dancing in her seat. "What's up dad?" "Your sister's supposed to be up and she hasn't come down yet CREE!!!" he screamed once again. This time Cree was coming down the stairs in the uniform she was supposed to wear, "I called you three times didn't you hear me? We gotta get going you already missed breakfast" he said grabbing his keys. "I'm not hungry anyways" Cree said crossing her arms, "Morning sis" she said to P.J. "Morning Cree" P.J. said putting her finished bowl into the sink and grabbing her bookbag. "Be careful going to school" her father said kissing the top of P.J's head. "See you later dad bye Cree" and P.J. was out the door. "So..ready for your training?" her father said with a smile.

*Manui's Hot Dog Shack*

"Okay so instructions are simple, set the dogs on the grill let 'em cook for about 15-20 minutes and when the customer's order is ready ring the bell two times. Their number will be called on which is given on their receipt. DO NOT let the grill get any hotter than 350. If the customer wants fries with their order take about 3-4 handfuls of fresh cut fries and put them in the fryer and let those cook for 10-15 minutes. Got that?" her father said, Cree nodded her head. "Okay now we've got the cash register, there's no need to explain that to you right?" he asked; "I got it." Cree said. "You're mainly gonna be taking the orders but sometimes I'll ask you to help out in the grill area." he said putting his apron on and turning the electric sign on to "OPEN."

"Okay kid, you're all set. I'll be in the back if you need me" her father said before leaving Cree at the counter. As she'd assumed there was no one outside walking let alone surfing..what did she expect? It was only 8 in the freaking morning! A couple hours passed and Cree was bored as hell, people were beginning to show up at the beach but no customers had come yet. "Dad..I've been standing here for hours can I take a break?" Cree whined; "Lunch break isn't 'til noon so sit your dramatic butt back down lol" he said. Cree sighed leaning against the countertop looking at at the ocean water; it was so clear and blue, something that Cree hadn't seen before. Not many beaches where she lived back in OH could be found or if any existed for that matter.

"Heads up Cree you got a group coming your way" her father spoke up snapping Cree's attention to the group of surfers. "Hey Manui!" they all said, "Hey boys, staying out of trouble?" he asked, "Yeah" they said. "Go on in the back Cree I got them..remember what I said about the grill." "I will" Cree said going into the back area. "New worker? lol" one of the guys laughed, "Lay off that's my daughter, just teachin her the ropes lol. So what'll it be? The Californa Dog Specials?" he said. "You know it." "I need 4 orders of California Dog Specials, saukraut and fries on the side. That'll be 4.00 dollars each" "I got this guys, here's a 20 Manui keep the change" one of the guys said. "Alright guys, food will be done in about 20-30 minutes have a seat in the meantime" The guys nodded their heads and sat down at the picnic table. "So how's P.J?" one guy asked, "She's doing fine I'll let her know you asked." he said wiping the counter off. "I was wondering if she'd be interested in joining the little surfers class I'm teachin," he said. "I don't know about that <a href="">Zac</a> I'm just concerned about the precautions, like when she actually gets in the water." he said.

Zac said, "Oh no we usually start on dry-land and then work up to being in the water." "I might change my mind, P.J. has been buggin me this whole time so it depends. Plus she has grown out of her gliding board" *DING* *DING* "Dad the food's ready" Cree called out, "Alrighty boys time for pick up" Manui said grabbing the little trays of food. They dug into their hotdogs taking big bites out of them, "How are they boys?" Manui asked. They all gave a thumbs up sign before grabbing their food and surfboards. "Thanks Manui" they shouted out.

"Good work's a little before 12 so I guess I can let you back in an hour Cree." Manui said. "Thanks" and Cree took off on her lunch break.

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Punishment was one thing but my mom sending me to stay with my dad in Cali was total and complete torture. She says that me staying with him will discipline me and keep me out of trouble otherwise she'd kick me out for good. The plane landed at LAX, it was bigger than what the t.v. shows so you could imagine the expression on my face when I first saw it out the window. Once the plane had come to a complete stop I grabbed my duffel bag from the overhead shelf and got off following behind the people who were walking ahead of me. "Cree! Over here!" I smiled at the sight of my sister <a href="">P.J</a> who jumped into my arms once I was inside the terminal. " gotten big" I said setting her back down. My dad then came walking up to hug me as well, "Hey Cree" he said. "Hey dad." "I got the phone call from your mom, it's not looking good for you" "(Sighs)Dad can we not talk about this?" I said putting my shades on. "Okay, but when we get back to the house I'm gonna have to lay down the rules for you just so there's no tension between us." he said giving me a nookie.

"I'm so excited that you're here Cree! Wait 'til you see our house, it's on the beach!" P.J. said happily jumping up and down. "The beach huh?" Cree said looking at her father, "It was your sister's idea not mine I was looking for something more victorian lol" he said putting his hands up in defense. "Can't wait to see it for myself" Cree said. After getting her luggage they packed back inside the car towards Verona Beach, Cree slightly shuddered at her surroundings, everything and everyone looked something straight out of a cheesy romance movie. They then pulled up to this <a href="">house</a> and Cree's <a href=",0,214,314_.jpg">father</a> shut off the engine. "Well welcome home Cree" he said opening the trunk to grab her luggage; "This is it?" Cree asked, "Yeah, and it's right on the beach just like I said! See?" she said pointing out to the quiet beach area.

*In the House*

"Your room's upstairs. Uh lol, forgive me if the theme seems a little bit corny your sister also picked out the colors." Cree's dad said. Cree opened the door and her eyes grew wide at the <a href="">sight</a>, "This almost looks like my old bedroom." "You don't like it?" he asked, "No I love it it's perfect, I'll have to thank P.J. for this" she said. "Now that uh you're here.." he said closing the door behind him "I think it's time we have that little chat, come have a seat next to me." he said sitting down. She sat next to him giving him full attention for what he was about to say next; "I'm not your mom and I won't try to be, but whatever went on back in OH you're not gonna do here understand?" he said. "Yes sir." "She says that I should put you on punishment for the rest of the summer but I suggested to her that you'd come work with me at the hot dog shack. So..I'm willing to make you a deal, if you come work for me at the shack can you try to stay out of trouble?" he said extending his hand out. Cree thought for a second before shaking his hand in agreement; "Good..and I also have some more good news you start tomorrow morning at 8" he said, Cree's mouth dropped at his response. "8?! Dad nobody eats hotdogs at 8 in the morning!" she said frustrated; "Surfers do." he said with a smile before walking out of her room, "By the way..uniform's hanging in the hallway closet."

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