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I'm A Newbie!

Hello Ladies :-)

I'm a Newbie!

My names Rolanda!

But prefer Ro or my middle name Ann!

I've been silent reading for awhile and figured I'd make an a count!

I write stories myself.

Hopefully I can have them up in a little while!


Hey Lexi!

well you need to comment on all of those stories and let the writers know that you have come out of the silent reading closet and you are here lol

hey im lexi

Hey Yall!

And yes RoRo's fine!

I've been reading Nose candy, lost souls, house nurse, The manager and Biggest fan.!

Just to name a few!



what stories have you've been silent reading?


Im Danyell

Hey RoRo....can I call you RoRo??

I'm Jaz *waves* I write Lost Souls, Night Fall and I might be bringing back an old Story called Captured Heart. check it out check it out *nicki voice* lol

But yeah welcome to the board!! eat, drink, relax and write stories. oh and don't go back to being a silent reader. those are your dark days and they are in the past.

deuces, I gotta go do some homework



Hey Juciee!

Hey Candy if I can call you that!?

And hi Venus!

Yeah... Im in agreement with the Juicee girl....

Now you wanna talk? lol

Anyway, I'm Venus.

Candace.. Sup? :)

Welcome to the board . . .
well not really welcome cause you were just silent
but uuuh lol you get the point

I'm Juicee