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I'm kind of jealous...

Hello everyoneeee :)
So I'm new to this site and I see everyone has formed their own little cyber bonds and whatnot so I figured I'd introduce myself and hopefully get to know some of you guys.

Well, my name is <strong> Bria </strong> and music is my first love! &hearts; . I think I can tell a lot about a person just by the type of music they listen to. Some of my favorite artists right now are Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, Drake, J. Cole (basically anybody that tells a story in their music). What are some of your favorite artists?

Anyways, I'm an 18 year old college student going to school to become a dentist. I have five younger siblings, all girls -_-. I claim all my siblings even though they are all basically "half-sisters". Haha, my mother had triplets in 2007. So me and those girls share the same mother but not the same father. Then I have two other sisters that live with their own mothers, we only share the same father. However, I love them all the same as if we all share the same exact parents. &hearts;

Other than that, you guys can connect with me outside of this on twitter, tumblr whatever. lol.
my twitter: _thuggins
my tumblr:
and uhhh I don't get on facebook anymore soo blehh lol.

<strong> This may be all over the place. But that's how my brain operates ... so work with me? :) </strong>


otayy yaaaayy

i get help lol

Ice Cream and Oreos!

I'll help you. Let's go walk together lol.

you gon havee to help me up
this bellyy is big now lol

Nope... you GET IT lol.

I'm with Bree! Some ice cream would be perrrrfect right now!

gotta get it out the friiiidgeeeeeee

No... but I DO want ice cream lol.

i'd laugh . . . then leavee bleh

buuuut who wants to get me somee ice cream
from the fridgee ??

I would leave. no questions asked. lmao, that's nasty and creepy.

Lol;.. I think you did...

Like a wet fart. Just answer the question! Lol

@candace Just maybe.. (:

That's Cool.... She ain't gotta be gay for me...

Did YOU here a fart in your house Kay?

what kind of fart?

oh yeah im cougar since im married to nani's son

Kay, I don't eat penis... and wtf type of question is that?! loll

Eat my penis bree. Eat my penis. lol

Wtf would you guys do if you were home alone & you heard a fart but it wasnt you?

yes ma'am on the show she's seven buuuut
i guess she's had him alreadyy
idk reallyy lol

second?! lmfao i guess that's what everyone on twitter was talking about .

Goshhh lol.....

No, Kay... No... lol.

Wow... Candace! Dany basically said you're not good enough for her to be gay for you! Ouch!

Yeah she had the first onee
she still preggoo with the second onee

lol so youre a lil latee

Haha yeah! that's her. how late am i? did that white girl have her baby? hahah

If you wanna put it that way Bree, then yes.

Bree & Tyga sitting in a tree , K-I-S-S-L-M-N-O-P !
Bree OMG! What comes after P?!! Lmao!

i do NOT fall i been icee skating sincee
i was little nigga

Lexxii, you forgot to tell her you were a
cougar ! lol

well b**** just dnt fall & you'll b fine kus i dnt catch ppl i laugh........&laugh...............&laugh while pointing lol @nani

Oh so you only gay for Kay Dany?

ugh i fxcking hatee Nene !
i LOVE Phaedra && Kandi ! ! !

I'm watching RHOA now..

Dany, I was there too so I guess you gave me a free show.

Bree, I'm gonna try or I just wont say it

haha, juicee i only like the one who is always claiming she's rich. i dunno her name. haha.

and awwww lexi how cute! :)) i love babies!