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I'm kind of jealous...

Hello everyoneeee :)
So I'm new to this site and I see everyone has formed their own little cyber bonds and whatnot so I figured I'd introduce myself and hopefully get to know some of you guys.

Well, my name is <strong> Bria </strong> and music is my first love! &hearts; . I think I can tell a lot about a person just by the type of music they listen to. Some of my favorite artists right now are Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, Drake, J. Cole (basically anybody that tells a story in their music). What are some of your favorite artists?

Anyways, I'm an 18 year old college student going to school to become a dentist. I have five younger siblings, all girls -_-. I claim all my siblings even though they are all basically "half-sisters". Haha, my mother had triplets in 2007. So me and those girls share the same mother but not the same father. Then I have two other sisters that live with their own mothers, we only share the same father. However, I love them all the same as if we all share the same exact parents. &hearts;

Other than that, you guys can connect with me outside of this on twitter, tumblr whatever. lol.
my twitter: _thuggins
my tumblr:
and uhhh I don't get on facebook anymore soo blehh lol.

<strong> This may be all over the place. But that's how my brain operates ... so work with me? :) </strong>


That was for Kay ONLY!


Candace you GON' HAVE TO stop cussing and saying 'lmbo' at the same time... it just doesn't work lol.

@bria one is 3 the other will b two months this month on the 17th

@nani ehhhhhh u gotta kno how to skate b**** kus if yu fall i will not i repeat WILL NOT catch you lol

. . .
:( this sucks lol

lmaoo juicee you can't watch RHOA . ughh i hate that show lmfao

lmfao ikr Bree ! ! !

@Lexxii i likee that music too &&
oooh ICE SKATING lets go together :)
i lovee it

@Candace Lmao damn you just put me & her all out there !

Don't Judge Me Okay?

Just dont judge me.. *runs out of post*

Ahhh, a ten minute conversation with my boyfriend and I missed so much. lmfao .
heyyy lexi :)) how old are your boysss ?

Saying "LMBO" is so natural to me now...Lol

It was from a time were I never used to curse and it never changed..

WAIT THIS b**** SAID ASS and THEN turned around & said 'lmbo' tf? lol

Here we go... this 'lmbo' off s*** lol.

hi im lexi im the psycho sex addict

im 21 a mom pf two boys not in school right now frm NY well actually im frm antigua & i live in NY

ummmmmmi have numerous siblings im the baby i got any where between 11-14 siblings counting together my mom & dad side

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i mainly listen to old school music now lik tupac biggie aaliyah tlc en vogue total eclispe etc etc today music is just bleh....but if i had to choose artist frm this era it'd b chris brown uhhhh meek millz uhhhh rihanna big sean kanye uhhhhhhhhh miguel ehhhh frank ocean etc etc

i like skateboarding ice skating roller blading n basketball n penis sooo i think thts it i dnt kno if i missed anything but welcome to the site

Lmbo.. Dany, why you playing me? You was just twerking your ass for kay Earlier...

Teheeeheee @ Nani (:

Candice, swerve on that twerking your ass for me

;-) @Bree

LoooOOOOooooveeeeeeeeee . . .Never Knew what i was MIIISING !
*Keyshia Colee voicee*


Ughhhh I don't like s*** like this --> :)

Not all the time lol......

Or people who smile wide for no reason! Lol... I'm just kidding I love these smileys---> :D

yesss lol

I'm Candace.. Nursing/Psych Major

The oldest of a hell of a lot of siblings (My daddy is a hoe)

And uhhh... I like to twerk my ass for Dany and Sofia for money :D

Nice to meet you..

What if you were home alone & you heard a fart , but it wasn't you? ^.^

I can feel the love.

Gross... :(

Nah boo
House ! lololol
&& uk i likee smileys && shxt
thats myy thing

Hello post.
My namee is Nani, Nana, Thuggie, Juicee`
&& Smileys are MY S H I T !


:) <------ see . . . told ya !

Please stop all this damn smiling in this post... lol

Ummm your APARTMENT baby... and here I come lol.

*housee boo

&&& come on man uk where its at gua

Thanks Bria lol
i hear tht a lot as well

WrongNotes, what's wrong?

ok @bree