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I'm kind of jealous...

Hello everyoneeee :)
So I'm new to this site and I see everyone has formed their own little cyber bonds and whatnot so I figured I'd introduce myself and hopefully get to know some of you guys.

Well, my name is <strong> Bria </strong> and music is my first love! &hearts; . I think I can tell a lot about a person just by the type of music they listen to. Some of my favorite artists right now are Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, Drake, J. Cole (basically anybody that tells a story in their music). What are some of your favorite artists?

Anyways, I'm an 18 year old college student going to school to become a dentist. I have five younger siblings, all girls -_-. I claim all my siblings even though they are all basically "half-sisters". Haha, my mother had triplets in 2007. So me and those girls share the same mother but not the same father. Then I have two other sisters that live with their own mothers, we only share the same father. However, I love them all the same as if we all share the same exact parents. &hearts;

Other than that, you guys can connect with me outside of this on twitter, tumblr whatever. lol.
my twitter: _thuggins
my tumblr:
and uhhh I don't get on facebook anymore soo blehh lol.

<strong> This may be all over the place. But that's how my brain operates ... so work with me? :) </strong>


bahaha that freestyle >>


I need to borrow some sugar....

I'm about to head over to your apartment Nani...

trolololol X'D

2 chains look like Bebo , sittin' here playin' guitar hero.
Crank mood on zero , eatin' a bowl of cheero's .

Boredom kills. -

Yeah I did Bree, but I'll pretend I didn't see all that lol.

Juicee you sillyy, so far so good!

Danyell, well it's still cool! :)

yaaaayyy lol

She can handle me! Shut up lol.

Bree, how bout I change it to Soulja Boy. Yeah?

@Bria, dont be jealous of the spelling of my name, it was suppost to be a boy name. As for living in Cali, aint nothing special

oooooh seei didnt even noticee tht i said it
i sayy it so much lol

Bria you sayying tht now lol

Umm you already did b****.

My name is <strong> Bree</strong> I'm sure she caught on.

hey danyell! I love the way your name is spelled :)
and Cali huh? I. am. so. jealous. haha you have no idea.

nooo juicee it's all good! venus is very entertaining, i can handle it lol.

Venus shut up for i sayy yo namee

*raises hand*
i likee 2chainz . . it makes me laugh


dont judge me

Umm, don't apologize for me being "out there" as you put it. Let me be the way I am and Ty has nothing to do with nothing.

@Dany b**** you saw I said 2 ChainzDamn, you ain't got no other rappers you don't like? UGH.

Venus is sooo . . . out there lol
Bria you havee to excusee her asx
Ty aint got her under control no moree

My name is Danyell. Highschool senior, future sports journalist nice to meet you!

Youngest of three older brothers, California born and raised.

I listen to any music, minus heavy metal, rock and ridiculous rappers, 2 Chains for example.

Very open minded if I say so myself.

Welcome to the board.

<strong> Kay: </strong> I used to play games but I don't really have much time for that anymore lol . and skateboarding? hmmm .. I think it looks cool but I've never tried it. I'll try anything once though :)

I mean, whatever. Long as I got the internet and a man... I really don't care lol.

@bria oh


Hey, im kay * holds up my alien fingers * Im seventeen & a half & I LOVE drake!
I have 4 annoying sisters but s*** happens & I love em. & Im all over the place too. * falls everywhere *
I try to support all my friends in everything they do but in a goofy way.. As you can see lol

Do you play games ( Ps3 or 360 wise ) or skateboard?

thats good you let me know for furture reference

I'm in Greensboro now for college. but raleigh is where my home is.

Cool... I love ignoring people.

im only gonna ignore you!

what part you live in? @bria


how you love that? lol

ANYWAY Juicee' you's a damn lie.

NC is nothinggggg! haha.

no nigga i madee that shxt SCHMEXXYY !
Aight Venus lol

@Keria yeeeeah i put her onto tht

Bris, ikr thats myy boo
gotta be dedicated lol
aint nothing reallyy wrng w/ NC . . .
. . . kinda lol

b**** please lol @bree

Ahhh, I wanted to go to school In NC.