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I'm kind of jealous...

Hello everyoneeee :)
So I'm new to this site and I see everyone has formed their own little cyber bonds and whatnot so I figured I'd introduce myself and hopefully get to know some of you guys.

Well, my name is <strong> Bria </strong> and music is my first love! &hearts; . I think I can tell a lot about a person just by the type of music they listen to. Some of my favorite artists right now are Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, Drake, J. Cole (basically anybody that tells a story in their music). What are some of your favorite artists?

Anyways, I'm an 18 year old college student going to school to become a dentist. I have five younger siblings, all girls -_-. I claim all my siblings even though they are all basically "half-sisters". Haha, my mother had triplets in 2007. So me and those girls share the same mother but not the same father. Then I have two other sisters that live with their own mothers, we only share the same father. However, I love them all the same as if we all share the same exact parents. &hearts;

Other than that, you guys can connect with me outside of this on twitter, tumblr whatever. lol.
my twitter: _thuggins
my tumblr:
and uhhh I don't get on facebook anymore soo blehh lol.

<strong> This may be all over the place. But that's how my brain operates ... so work with me? :) </strong>


lmfaoo ya'll are funny!

lol, excuse me!

but ohh my haha, traveling to NY? now that's dedication! :) But you're not to far from me .. I live in NC now :/

Ummm ehhhhh FYM!!! lol

I'm not a Cancer and I'm just irritated by people period lol.

Anyway ehhhhhh, I made that s*** sexy lol.

OMG she say dat s*** all the time
and i be like rolling my eyes she just don't know....well maybe now lol

dang. lol just found another common thing lol thats funny!


lol this word "ehh" erks me. lol
don't mind me tho cause i get irritated off a lot of s***
i'm just a cancer

No i do NO livee in NY
lol i livee in VA
but i'll travel to NY to see him

Venus . . you havee a point lol

Wrongnotes: Heyyy, that's cool! Atleast we got things in common eh? lmao.

Venus: haha, that's cool .. College has caused me to do A LOT more frowning than anything lmao.

Juicee: Don't be jealous! It was Kendrick's concert and he brought him out haha. But you live in NY? That's where I'm from! ^_^

thuggins & thuggie = perfect match.

it seems we may have a few things in common but i aint typing no essay so lol...

your namee is likee my other nicknamee theyy gavee me
Thuggie :)

im iiiiiiis FRIENDLYY
lol bu=t yeah i feel the samee vibee off of you

but oooh im SOO jealous !
i havee yet to see him in concert
but uuuugh i want to SOOO bad
next timee he has a concert in NY

Yeah... you see she smiled... lol.

I don't do all that smiling... I like frowning... it's fun.

Hey, wrongnotes!


Thanks guys!
Nice meeting you Venus .. I find that funny lol I have a friend who comes up with multiple names.

And Thanks for the welcome Juicee!
Yea J. Cole is one of my favoritesss ! I just saw him in concert not to long ago haha, thank god!
You seem very friendly .. I like friendlies :) haha .

I'm 18 as well.

I'm gng to school to be a pediatric nurse

I listen to any typee of musoc
tht i likee && speaks to me lol

i &hearts; J. Colee though
mmmmhmmmm ! lol

you seem cool though . . .which is always nicee

Hey Bria !

I'm Nani but call me Juicee

Welcomee to the board lovee !

Ummm................................... lol.

Anyway, I wanted to be a dental assistant... so *shakes your hand lol* Good....

I'm 18 as well.... and I don't have a particular type of music. I basically listen to all types. Except 2 Chainz and other ratchet music lol. I just CANNOT.

Ummm my name... is Venus for the time being... when I get to know you, we'll see what else I come up with lol.