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Life (11-4-12) Intro up!


I layed there thinking over everything I was about to do. Not only was I about to tell the truth about it all, but I was also about to throw my life away. Anything to keep him safe right.

"Judge I would like to plead guilty to the charge of 1st degree murder. I won't lie in court" I said as tears left my eyes, I saw<a href="">Him</a> smile before winking at me then leaving. It's for him.

The judge hit the
Wood in front of him signaling the guards to grab me. "Tomorrow will be the sentencing. We will resume back tomorrow at 2:30" was the final words I heard as the took to my holding cell.

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so she plead guilty when she wasn't
the one to do it? aw hell nah lemme
find out shad or Him whatever his name is,
lemme catch this nigga visiting i may be
a guard but i'll put the works on his ass
i'm sure i hear plenty of stories from
innocent inmates...the shameee she going to
jail for him. this some ol bullsht lol
at least her cell mate seem cool.

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Damn,but she didn't do s***. It was ole short ass SHAD probably, but it's whateva. We gon be cool!!
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Chapter One:


I sat there in my cell crying trying to figure out why I would do this for him. Trying to understand how I could let him manipulate me to this point. It was all just to much for me. For us.

My thoughts was shattered by a gaurd coming to the cell. "Come on for your sentencing" he said as he unlocked the gate. I gathered myself and started walking out.

The walk to the court room seemed like it took forever. As I grew closer I started to feel as I was about to throw up. As I walked into the court I saw my Mother she looked pretty as normal but tears stayed in her eyes as I walked to my seat. The I saw my twin <a href="">Sisters</a> trying their best to smile but it faded. My tears was visible now I'm sure.

"Please rise for the honorable Judge Michael Scott" the balif(sp) said, and everyone rose from their seats.

The judge came out and took his seat. He looked at me quickly as everyone sat back down. I looked at my lawyer and she mouthed 'its ok', I nodded.

"Okay, today we are here to sentence Emalyn Lee. She pleaded guilty yesterday to First degree murder. I've looked over all of the arguments and come to the conclusion that she will be sentenced to 35 to life" he said slamming his gavel. Instantly tears flooded from my eyes.

Before I could get a real chance to react gaurds instantly pulled me from my seat and sent me to my cell again.


I sat on the bus to the prison I was going to call home for the next thirty five years or so. It was quite, no one really wanted to speak. Of course it was some of the females who wanted to get ruff with the gaurds here and there but the rest of the ride was normal.

When we got there we had to go through a whole checking process. And trust me it was uncomfortable to say the least. They made everyone take a pregnancy test to make sure they wasn't expecting anything. They walked us to out cells and lucky me I was first.

I walked in to see a Pretty girl who looked no older than me sitting at a desk. "Umm hi" I said placing my stuff on the floor, she looked up and smiled.

"What up. I'm Rissa, you" she said putting down her pencil. "Emalyn, but call me Em" I said running my fingers through my hair. I had to admit she seemed cool but i wasn't down for making to many friends.

This is my life.

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