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Poisonous Diamonds

<strong>By: Nani && ANA</strong>


"I'd like to propose a toast to the newest addition to the group, Little <a href="">Nalia</a>. Who has brought this change to the greatest team in the world among others. Giving up the life we been living for what eight, nine years is hard but the incentives make it much easier for us," <a href="">Rodney</a> raised his glass as did the rest of the group as he looked down at the baby in <a href="">Karima's</a> arms, "<a href=" ">Reshard</a>,<a href="">Eryk</a>,<a href="">Isiah</a>, Karima and <a href=" ">Justice</a> damn we made one hell of a team but it is now time for us to enter into a new era of our lives, our late twenties will be filled with tiny footsteps, real careers and marriage. Cheers to a new beginning." They all clinked their glasses together sharing laughter as they looked from one another.

"Can y'all believe we actually giving this s*** up?" Isiah asked takings sip from his glass. "No I thought we'd always be together and running s***. But someone had to have a baby, you just couldn't wait huh, Rima?" Rima held up free hand and flashed her middle finger at Reshard, "I didn't get pregnant by myself." Rodney laughed and made his way over to Rima to take Nalia from her arms, "Alright y'all leave my baby alone. I think this was a sign that we should stop." "Rodney right. Most of the best get brought to their knees because they didn't know when enough was enough. But we were.." "You right but you forgot to say one thing, Eryk." "What's that Jus?" "We're better than the best. We Untouchable." "True s***. You never say much Jus, but you always say just enough," Reshard complimented, "But I'd love to stay and kick it a lil long but I gotta flight to catch tonight and I ain't done packing." "Come on bro. For you to look just like me you always were a party pooper." "Party pooper though, Rod?" Isiah questioned laughing. "I know bro but I got a business meeting in Cali and I gotta be there. Love y'all. See y'all. Stay safe and outta trouble, especially you Rima I know how you get."

After going around giving hugs to the girls and dapping his boys up Reshard left out heading for the front door of Karima and Rodney's house with his hood up; something he always did for precaution. The rest of the group continued to laugh and joke until they heard gun shots ring out from the front of the house and a loud groan they knew came from Reshard.

On impulse Justïcë and Karima, with Nalia in her arms, bolted for the basement to make a quick escape. Eryk, Rodney and Isiah trailed behind them after gabbing things of importance.



Oh so Reshard and Rodney are twins? I thought for a min ypu accidently posted the picturw twice. What did they do before they settled down? Did they shoot Reshard? Oh my gah! So many questions!!

They some thug ass b****es. I like that s***! Aint nothing badder than some bad b****es

Run this

Aye thats whyy it was stuck in myy head
i couldnt remember where or whyy i had it in myy head
lol my bad gua

Take Flight . . . hmmm
i LIKES that shxt . .
sound real thuggiee likee

Like, how y'all steal my post title from a while back? lol

Chapter 1:

<a href=" ">Karima</a>

The smoke from my back painted patterns in the sky as the wind blew like crazy. I stood outside the warehouse for a good 15 minutes and was beginning to become worried about what was taking so long. This was supposed to be a quick run in run out move but for some reason it was taking more than I thought. Looking down at me g shock I watched the many faces as the made eye contact with me. I was more than paranoid, “come on j” I said while kicking the steel door. As soon as I spoke the words the pigs pulled up to the corner flashing there lights on my face. I held my breath and puffed my black not taking my eyes off of them.

“Excuse me ma’am can you walk toward the car please” the cop spoke through the mega phone, without hesitation I cupped my heads over my mouth and yell out “ Take flight j” without waiting to hear if she heard my warning I took off with the cops on my tail. I would rather them grab me than j since she was inside with valuables. Grabbing ahold on my jacket I held it close and ran off down the street. Knocking over cans and people I didn’t give a damn.

As the sirens seemed to get closer I took a quick right into an alley that held a tight space I knew the cops would have to catch me on foot to get through. Booking through I grabbed trash cans and garbage and began lacing the ground with it while keeping my pace. Hitting a brick wall I looked up at the stairs dangling on the wall and grabbed a hold of it. Pulling myself up I heard the cop behind me but I didn’t want to stop I couldn’t.


I heard a loud chamber set off, the radio on the cop began to buzz through stating he was needed in another direction. Hiding behind a steam releaser I held my knees to my chest and waited I heard his feet get closer and closer to me which made me hold my breath tighter. “41 to ace 41 to ace shooting down on broad get down here” “f***” the cop shouted while rushing to the same stairs he just came down from.
I wasn’t going to move in my mind I was planning on staying right there until morning but I knew I had to find j. taking in a deep sigh the cold hit my throat and I stood up. Slowly walking to the edge of the building I didn’t see anything but was still skeptical, “take flight k” hearing the wind carry those words put relief on my mind rushing down the stairs I meet j by the front of the alley in the black rental we had purchased earlier.

“You straight” she asked while placing a plastic cup back in the cup holder that was obviously holding a drink I desperately needed. “Depends” “don’t trip we good” “we good” “for now yea”. Grabbing her cup I took a long sip and put my head back. “You don’t even understand like I was hitting that s*** dude” “respect for it but I just aint know it would take that long” justice said while taking a right on the block we lived on. “Did you set that s*** up” “what” “the shots that rang out like it literally came as soon as I was trapped” j took a long look at me that showed more than confusion. “Naw my plan had nothing to do with that” “what you was coming with then” “hell I was going to have your ass jump off the roof like on them wild ass action movies and s***” she said while laughing. “f*** out of here I would had they ass throw the book at me before I took that option”.

<a href="">Justice</a>

I couldn’t tell Rima that, that s*** blew up in my face I wasn’t expecting s*** to happen like it did inside that warehouse, reason being it took longer than I had liked. There was more connects and flips in this set up then me and rima on our own could handle, we needed stronger allies and a lot more capitol to build off of this s*** or else we won’t be getting anywhere and all this other s*** was for nothing.

Pulling up to the sticks we called home I watched closely at the scene before I hopped out of the car. Three drunks in front of the main entrance a couple sitting on the bus stop, random man talking on the phone, all windows shut on the main and second floor check. I did this every time I pulled into my parking lot so I knew if anything even changed by a hair it meant to move quickly into our place or start buss’n at random s***. Nodding at rima gave her the heads up to open her door as I popped the trunk and pulled out the duffle bag, while rima continued to look around making sure we were good to go.

Unzipping my jacket let me have closer access to my banger in case I needed, we walked to the main entrance I head nodded to a couple of young marks who thought they had this place control and held onto my bag tighter. “Meet you later” I said to rima as she pressed a button on the elevator and I took the stairs, we were going to the same place but never wanted people to know that. So as I took two flights up she would meet me on the second floor than we took the stairs to the third floor together to our spot.

Once we made it in I locked the first lock than the second pulled the string for the chain and put a chair on the nob, being hot commodities everyone wanted a piece of you, don’t be fooled though all this s*** aint mean that they weren’t coming in it just meant you had about a good 20 seconds to brace yourself. “What we f***ing with” rima asked while sitting on the floor under the window. I carried the duffle bag over to rima and dumped out the contents in the bag, which held 300 bank codes and keys and about a pound of weed along with a small pistol and razor. “This all us” she asked looking at the bank codes, “yea but I feel we gon need something bigger than us to maintain it” “why you say that” “I just don’t trust them marks to take us seriously” “so what you saying” she asked while smelling the bag of weed. “We need stronger fire arm and a bigger flock” “bigger flock f*** you mean we don’t need anybody else sticking they hand in our s***”. She was always the one with the mindset of f*** the world we get ours when we get it but I looked at the bigger picture of the whole deal, we were females, short on hand and no experience dealing with this type of product more help didn’t exactly mean less money honestly it mean it insured we had the s***.

“you trying to get this cash right” I asked reaching the subject I knew she would understand “f*** yea but I aint trying to share to get it” “picture this we get all the way with the s*** then it fails because clamps pop us or they take us for granted” rima could do nothing but look down “we need folks who can help us make it in and out of this s*** and if that mean sharing a few bucks then that’s what it is but alone we f***ed” I said while starting to put some of the keys back in. “iight iight but promise one thing” she said while helping me gather. “what’s up” “IF the s*** hit the fan we push the while blame on the newies” she said while smiling “f*** yea” I said while grabbing her pinky “take flight” “take flight”