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-`Rehab. (Formerly Therapy| shorts.)

<strong><em>Sex Rehab</em></strong>

<a href="">Dr. Nani Cole</a> stood in the foyer of her therapy facility waiting for the two new additions to her SA (sex addicts) Group. When she spoke with their previous therapist, who had recommended them to her, she found out that Anastasia was a slick one she’d pull any and every trick to get out of any facility they’d put her in and any trick to get into a male occupant’s room. She also found out that Breana was not as truthful as one would think; she rejects the idea that she is promiscuous and an addict. Both of these ladies actions were the cause of them getting put out of the other facilities they’d entered. In other words, Dr. Cole had her work cut out for her.

Dr. Cole’s assistant <a href="">Sofia</a> entered the facility with <a href="">Anastasia</a> and <a href="">Breana</a> following behind her with their bags. “Dr. Cole, here are the new members. Do you need anything else right now?” “No, that is all. Thank you though.” Sofia smiled while rolling her eyes briefly at the girls making Dr. Cole laugh slightly, then walked off to her desk. “Good Afternoon ladies, I’m Dr. Nallely Cole and I will be your therapist for the next year. I hope that you both were informed that I will not tolerate ill behavior nor will I tolerate any rule breakers. This is not like the previous facilities where once you broke the rules you were kicked out able to go out and continue with the same behavior that landed you in here. In this facility the more rules you break the harder I crack the whip understood?” Dr. Cole looked at the both of them with a smile. “Ooooh, you got whips here?” Dr. Cole’s eyes landed on Anastasia and squinted slightly, “Please do not take this treatment lightly. I’m sure your family does not have the money to constantly put you into different facilities. Now if you are done with the games both of you follow me?” Taking one last glance at them both she turned and walked down the hallway of the facility.

“To your right is the group therapy room, which is where we will meet three times a day. Once after breakfast, after lunch and then before dinner; outside of group therapy there will be mandatory sessions one on one sessions with me twice a week. When you all are not in therapy there are other activates that you all are welcome to enjoy as long you do not break any of the rules.” Dr. Cole continued to walk until she reached two large double doors, punching a code into the key pad they opened up slow and wide. Walking through the doors Anastasia and Breana noticed that it was the dormitory area, “During these sessions are we separated by gender?” “No, Breana but I will explain the rules as soon as I get you all to your room.” Without saying anything else Dr. Cole continued until she reached an open door and walked in.

“This is where you two will be housed for the next year. There are two bedrooms and a living area, when I’m gone you both can discuss who will get what room. Now for the rules, every patient has a 9 p.m. curfew unless told otherwise. At nine the double doors will be locked, no one will be able to get out unless I come and get them personally. While it is your responsibility to make sure your doors are locked from 9 pm-7 am there are cameras placed outside of every door that are watched around the clock. If anyone of you is caught inside a male occupant’s room you will be placed into a solitary room, where you are not allowed to interact with anyone besides group therapy. If you start to act out in group therapy or violate therapy rules you will be taken out of group therapy and only will have therapy with me. Attire in this facility is simple; no skin is allowed to be shown in therapy and little to none outside of therapy. Meaning long sleeve shirts or jackets and pants only; we do have a pool but you are only allowed to wear FULL one piece bathing suits. The males will wear trunks and shirts. You will be up every day at 7am, in your room by 9pm. Other than that, if you need to talk to me at any point outside of therapy my office is always open. If you need to speak with me after curfew, there is a phone located in the far right of the living area, dial *429 and I’ll come get you. Group starts in ten minutes, don’t be late.” Dr. Cole gave them one last smile before walking out the room closing the door behind her.

“The f*** is up with all these rules. I know we’re in sex rehab but seriously though is that really necessary?” Ana looked at Bree with a disgusted face. “I don’t know but Breana don’t follow rules. f*** they think this is?” Ana shrugged carrying her bags over to the bedroom on the other side, “I don’t know but I’m ready to see who else is here, from what I heard Sofia said we got some good looking dudes in here.” Breana scoffed and sat her luggage in front of the other bedroom door, “Pssh, all I know is some rules are about to get broke in this b****. Point. Blank.”


Um whatever... You still on my s h i tlist. I really don't give a damn at this point lol.

Ayyyee !
you better tell her Soso

But that was unproffessional of me.
I apologize, Bree.
I won't grab you again
*innocent smile*

F U C K Dr. Nani lol. She TOO unprofessional for me.

...i thought diddy had found a cure, guess not.

bree, you gon' learn today! and ana's ass. dr.
nani don't play that bullsht.

Alright, I took like two minutes to think lol. ANYWAY, this place already got me like -_________- but Lexi ass is just psycho PERIOD. And hell yeah she WOULD bring up d*** and how she'd f*** somebody up. Like, stop it madam. But these niggas and their language. They are a fool. Especially Mike lol. This nigga said some about the b****es love T-Raww. They really do 'cuz I'm one of them... I will be seeing you later Mr. T-Raww ;). Moving on, Trey and Kirko is a fool too. Ha, mayne. I love Kirko. He really gets me with his accent. I'm mad you put my f***ing whole name on her. Like cut that s*** out lol. Nallely Hollins-Carter! Anyway, I don't like the way this b**** tried me. Don't be pulling on me, she would've caught that damn reflex. For real. Don't pull on me or snatch me. I didn't like that and if this was real, I would've been kicked out of this s*** the first day. Cuz ain't NOBODY gon' put their hands on me. Ho please, you not my damn mama. You'll get respect if you give it, but right now Ion like you just for trying me. I see we will have problems soon because I'm not gon' shut my ass up. Tuh. We WILL be breaking the rules b****. DEAL WITH IT.

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correction Soso
there is NO cure for bxtchasxness lol

all the hoes call me T-RAWW AUUGHHH

lmao smh at trey and lexi.

Dr. Nani how you gon' be unprofessional
drake is a patient? yes, he's a sucka
btch but that's why he needs your help
lmaoooo. lemme tell that nigga the
truth tho, assistant soso will and shall
speak her mind since it's inappropriate
for the therapist to be exactly blunt.
i'll tell the nigga how much a btch he
is lol just say the words and i'll break
it down of how much a btch nigga he is
like he got legit btchassness in his
whole system. and it's not easy to cure

Run It

UGHHHH b**** PLEASE.... I'll come back when I have a comment for this ho grabbing on me like she lost her gotdamn mind.

<strong><em>Group Session 1</em></strong>

Anastasia and Breana walked into the therapy room ten minutes late with bright smiles on their faces, the two decided to sit between two male patients. Dr. Cole glared at them over her glasses before pushing them back up on her face. “Well now that our last two has joined us we can go ahead and start. Since we have newbies, we’ll go around the group and introduce ourselves. Stand; tell full names, name you like to be called, birthplace, reason for coming to my facility and aspirations after completing your time here. We’ll start with you Aubrey then work our way around.”

Aubrey started fidgeting with his sleeves before rising and stuffing his hands in his pockets. “My name is <a href="">Aubrey Drake Graham</a>but everybody calls me Drake. I was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. My reason for coming here is my fiancée, I don’t wanna lose her again and this was the only way I could keep her. After completing my time here I want to get married and have a family with my wife; my aim is to give her any and everything she’s asked and will ask of me.” Rubbing over his black curly fro he threw a smile at Ana before taking his seat. “My name is <a href="http://kings***">Alexis Williams</a>, don’t call me Alexis call me Lexi or I will attack you. I was born in New York. My reason for coming here is to shut my family up. They just mad because they don’t get penis on the regular like I do. I swear if they weren’t my family I wou—,” Dr. Cole cut her off before she get lost in her rant. “Alright, thank you Lexi that is most definitely enough. NEXT!” Lexi sat down still mumbling about violent thoughts she was having.

“My name is <a href="">Shad Gregory Moss</a>, call me Bow or Shad though. I was born in Columbus, Ohio. My reason for being here is my daughter and the woman I love. After getting released from here I plan to gain full custody of my daughter and live life addiction free.” Shad smiled over at Dr. Cole who simply nodded her head at him acknowledging it. “What’s up, my name is <a href="">Michael Stevenson</a>. The hoes call me T-Raww but everybody else call me Mike, its whichever y’all prefer though. s*** I was born and raised in Cali, I came here because my babymama won’t let me see my son till I get ‘help’. It ain’t me that need help though her ass is the one that be stripping and s***. My aspirations after this are to be there for my son and continue to be T-Raww. The b****es love T-Raww. Auuugh!”

Before the next person could stand and take their turn Dr. Cole was already up standing in front of Mike. “You know I do not allow ANY type of degrading language in my facility! You know you are only one strike away from solitary. Do NOT push me, Michael!” turning away from him she walked back to her seat, as she was sitting she noticed that Anastasia had rolled her sleeves up. “Excuse me, please roll all sleeves down! Thank you!” “It’s set on hell in this damn room. How you expect us to be fully clothed if it’s hot as hell!” Dr. Cole smiled sweetly at Ana as she pointed a remote at the AC control pad, “No need to curse, all you had to do was ask. I turned it to 68 it should cool off in a second. Now if there are no more outbursts and interruptions I would like to continue.”

“My name is <a href="">Kirk Randall</a>, call me Kirk I guess, I was born in Houston, Texas. My reason for being here is to get my moms off my back. She thinks I f***, I mean have relations too much so she figured I needed help. After I get out of here I plan on getting on with my life plain and simple mayne.” Kirk sat down and dapped Mike up, sharing an inside joke. “My name is <a href="">Tremaine Aldon Neverson</a>, the ladies call me Trigga and my niggas call me Trey but it’s up to y’all.I was born in Richmond, Va. My reason for being here is my best friends they pushed me into it. They told me all I talk about is sex but I mean I wouldn’t be me if I ain’t get a lil nasty from time to time ya know?” He paused to laugh then dap Mike and Kirk, “Anyway though after I leave her I think I wanna try and find the one. Ya know I wanna be one woman’s panty droppa and wetta.” He winked at Ana before reclaiming his seat.

“Tremaine, I’m just going to act like I didn’t see that because you know what kind of trouble what you just did could get you in. Next.”

Anastasia stood tugging at her sleeves with a big bright smile, “Hi, my name is Anastasia Jordan, call me Ana or Kitty. Born and raised in Miami, Florida. My sisters forced me to come here because they said I’m a freak and a nympho but I just think I have a healthy sexual appetite. s*** is normal ya know? When I get out of here I don’t know what I’m gonna do haven’t planned that far ahead.” Drake watched Ana intently as she spoke, constantly running his hand through his thick black curls but Ana didn’t notice because she was too busy making face at Tremaine who was busy sharing a laugh with Mike as Kirko and Lexi had conversations with their eyes and Bree sat watching everything happen with a look full of attitude.

“Okay last one, go ahead,” Dr. Cole encouraged hitting her knee slightly. “Nah, I’m good. Can we just start with the rest of therapy so we can get this over with?” “You must have misheard me. It was not a choice sweetheart, now go ahead and introduce yourself.” Bree crossed her arms and sucked her teeth, “No, thank you. I know what I need to know. They don’t need to know my name.” Dr. Cole started to gather her things and get up from her chair, “That’s fine. It’s what 6:15 pm,” she spoke out loud looking down at her watch, “We’ll go ahead and end this session for today. But because Bree did not want to comply with group you alls curfew is moved up. You will be in your rooms till the morning and your dinner will be brought to you.” Dr. Cole started to leave the room until Bree let out a loud grunt. “Ugh! Oh my sweet Lord! Fine I will do it but only because a nigga trying to go swimming tonight.” Dr. Cole slowly walked back to her seat, “Ready when you are.”

Bree rolled her eyes and stood, shifting all her weight onto her left hip, “My name is Breana Jones, call me Bree. I came here because I was forced point blank. After I leave here I plan on getting back to pimping and f***ing. Is that all, Dr. Cole?” “Language but other than that great job. Now can I have Lexi and Kirk stand in the middle of the group back to back, please.”

<strong><em>*After Group*</em></strong>

“You all are free to go and enjoy activities and talk amongst yourself, dinner should be served in the dining room in an hour and after that straight to your rooms for curfew,” Dr. Cole yelled as they exited the room.

Bree got ready to walk out but Dr. Cole grabbed her wrist pulling her to the side then shutting the door once everyone else was gone. Bree snatched away and folded her arms across her chest once again, “What you want man?” “Look, you may not want to be here but you NEED to be here. So you can just cut the attitude because I don’t care about it. Whatever you did to those people at the other facilities is in the past and I could give to f***s about it because I will NOT have it in my facility. Are we clear?” Bree rolled her eyes and prepared to walk out of the room but Dr. Cole grabbed her arm and pulled her back into eye’s view. “I said are we clear,” she spoke through gritted teeth staring Bree dead in the eyes. “Yes, now can I go please?” “Yes, but Breana I’ve read your file and I’ve gotten my feel for you already so I want you to know that I am watching you closely and you better be in your room at 9pm and do NOT let me catch you in a male occupants room. Clear?” “Crystal,” Bree mumbled before exiting the rrom. In her mind she had all intentions on breaking a few rules before tonight was over but Dr. Cole had plans of her on as well.

Dr. Cole re-gathered her things and prepared to go to her office. As she was approaching her office she saw Drake standing there with his hands stuffed into his pockets. “s*** not this b****,” she mumbled under her breath. “You say something, Dr. Cole?” She forced a fake smile as she opened her office allowing him to go in, “No, but I suppose you need to talk huh?”

f*** is up nani old mean ass making all of these rooms
i cant even be out past 9 what if its 9:01
she gon lock my ass up hell naw i will go crazy
but whatever i dont follow rules
and no skin plus we in this b**** with fime ass
dudes hell ima be locked in the looney room forever lol
(thats what im going to call it)
nani is trying to kill us im going to die


now you know damn well bree and ana are up to no damn good and ana just a hoe lmfaoo that aint no sex addict bree a sex addict buuuuuuttttttttttttt zaaammmnnnn the rules are a bit harsh thou lik one piece bathing suits TF?!? really smhh no bueno lol

run it

lmao aight aight chill man
the next add should be up in likee 20-30 mins lol

b****HH DON'T TRY US!!!! I'll write myself in this bish & furk you up ho lol.

Psssh !
i DOUBT tht s*** lol

You right SNEAK! We will f*** Nani weak ass up and them rules lol.

smh these heffas ain't gone follow no damn rules lol
but i like the cracking the whip thang, they ain't gonna
get out of this therapy so easily mwuahahaha good one

Run It

if yo asx would wait you in it dang !
impatient hoes !

um gotta come back and read but i skimmed and all i gotta say where tf is my name at b**** -,-

i think Emilyy is reallyy prettyy
&& plus i used her in myy other therapyy posts lol
gotta keep it gng

Ha! That's right muhf***as! No rules will be followed. Eww, why you chose to be Emily funny looking ass? But anyway, Ana had me rolling when Nani brought up how she'll crack the whip or some s*** like that. Ana just nasty and that description was on the money for Ana lol... Her ass be running and s***. KNOWING she can't hide. They will find you fool but whew! Me and Ana gon' be room mates! We definitely gon' f*** one of the niggas. All them rules though? Lol at long sleeve shirts and pants. IF it's hot outside, they will have my ass f***ed ALL the way up. And then fully bathing suits. I really don't care about that but making the dudes wear shirts in the pool? Lol.. STOP it. And of course we have a curfew. Yeah, let's see how this s*** gon' work out for us. I guarantee we gon' test Dr. Nani ass... bish please.... Might have to fight her ass. I'm ready for you! Leggo muh f u c k a. Ana is my partner in crime. LET'S f*** SOME s*** UP!!!!


Run it!

Typing up the group session righ now . . . .