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Just. {Poem}

Can I just have you to myself .. For one night? Do all the freaky things you like ..

Then hold you in my arms and just lay together, sharing our thoughts and dreams...

Forgetting about our yesterdays and living in the moment ..

Can I just ....

Just love you the way your heart desires.

Take you from heartache to bliss ... Ha, yeah I know you like this.

Can I just lead you on a journey? Taking you to heights unknown.

Can I just be what makes you happy?

Just because you do something to me.


Do ya like?


I felt you when I wrote this bestest lmaooo

Love it Bestest!!

this is all I want to do to he who shall remain nameless

Thanks ..
I think imma start writing more .. Not to sure yet

♥♥♥♥Ĭ ∟Ω√∑ Ῑ┼♥♥♥♥