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I have 2 Crushes on this site..!

Maybe a few more than 2 but omg the 2 are just soooo... GOSHHHH.

The things I would do..



Kay crazy!

LMAOOOO,Kay you got me over here dying!

* makes stevie j face * aye yo ma , gimmie kiss (:

*bows* thank you thank you

Ahhh! s*** imma just leave it then *shrugs*

Ohhhh you likey !!!!

I Like that name too... Them hips are crazy..

So creative Lele..

It can mean anything really.

In that case it means ur always BSing u no them pics be kewt. s*** just pik one.

What exactly is jiving??

That's gone be my name!



IcanmakeyoHIPStir (just cause you have a sick body I keep thinking that)

Thankies :)

Ummm Bre Fancy lmaoo

And All LELE pics are kewt.. she be jiving lmao

I truly don't know lol.


Your pic is so pretty!


Charm that's a possibility!

Anymore suggestions!

Me no likey ... Imma just go with the bday pic ... I think


@Bre Umm I got one

CharmsFuture... lmao

Mmmmm *thinks* me no know

*Hugs Kay* Imymoreeeeee *blushes*

* hugs & jumps on you * Imy lucky Charms :-*


I wanna change my name!

But to what though!


I see grey dress @kandi

"Fall into my bossum" lmao I can't

@Cee ;) ... Yayy! Im away boo lol

Agree I was feeling the gold kandi

I see balck and gray on you noe @ Kandy

@Bre lol.. You heard that right

I still see Tremaine.... but when I clicked on your pic, I see you in a grey dress. I like your dress lol.

There goes my OTHA BABY...!!!

C'mere Kay.. *arms wide open* fall into my bussom.. lol

Yall heard that right!

*looks around*

I'm Charms home boo!


But Kandy!

You got some game!

Everybody got alil game!

Gold? Lol. Which one is up now?

* runs through this post with my shirt up *

Hey Everybody ! (:

@LELE you be wooing my ass. lmao

@Bre just cmon and shoot me them digits

@Kandy I personally like the one in the gold. MM had my ova faning myself. lol

Lmbo. I dont even try to pretend that I got game.

I think Ima change my pic every couple days till I settle on one I like.